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Despite all the methods of communication available to us these days, unless your idea of a good time is a visit from the cops and a restraining order, it’s still not super-appropriate to spend your days phoning, emailing, texting or visiting anyone you like armed with a barrage of tough questions that need answering.

That’s why we’ve asked long-time friend of Speedhunters, Formula Drift champion and all-round professional fun-haver Vaughn Gittin Jr. to put some time aside this week to answer any questions you might have – AMA-style.


Does he still get nervous before a battle? Is there one simple trick to a flawless entry? How about some advice on taking your career to the next level through branding and sponsorship? Maybe you just want to know how this mere mortal deals with having such a hilarious dog on a day-to-day basis? So whether it’s about driving, business, politics or anything else you can think of, feel free to ask away.

Leave your questions in the comments section below and we’ll pick the best of the bunch to be answered by Vaughn himself later this week!

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1. What cheap car today, do you think, has the greatest potential to be weaponized for maximum hoonage?
2. Rallying or drifting?
3. Sonoma or Talladega?
4. BBS or OZ or Volk?
5. Do you think drift cars make for excellent grip-racers? GT3 beaters? How do you tune them to do so?
6. Recommended BBQ and deep-fried recipe. NOW!!! Now, I beg of you, please.
7. 10 minutes, LA traffic, nuclear launch codes. Get a car.
8. Do you think this world deserves more rallying supercars like the Lancia Stratos?
9. Last one: Go to and make the best downtown/city center circuit you can make. I'll make one myself, then we compare. You'll win, I concede, but I'm curious as to what your dream street race is.


Hey Vaughn! So what happened when you were chasing Kenny Moen at Atlanta? Just gave it too much welly? Also, why do you love mustangs so much?

(also can I go rip up some mud with you at your rally course? :D)

sandpaper condom

Why are euro cars so unpopular in this particular motorsport?  How come bimmers aren't more popular amog pro drifters?


Can you drift anything? If so, drift my minivan its all wheel drive


Any idea when you'll have your 2015 mustang ready for Formula Drift?


Also, my son is two and a half and a bigger gearhead than I am. Please drive past our house


Would you play NFS 2015 ??
Will you be in middle Europe this year ??


I have three questions.
1. When and how did you start drifting?
2. Do you have a drift missile/beater? If so, what is it and what have you done to it?
3. Can we see more of you and your hoon together?


This is going to get nuts.


Why don't you bring Brody to the track with you?


Did you Prepare the New Chassis for Next Season???


When will Aasbo get a rematch in the destruction derby?
Are you coming back to Gatebil ?


What do you feel before the run?


Do you own a Volvo? if not.. why not?


before you start drifting What was your goal in life ?? and make sure all tunisians fans support u champ ;)


If you could try any other motorsport what one would you choose?


What is your favorite car you have ever drifted and why? :)


What is your favorite car/vehicle you have ever drifted and why?


When's the next Club Loose event your coming to so you can drive my fox body?


VaughnGittinJr will you please do joerogan podcast with kblock43? You two compliment each other so well.


Is it hard flicking the car into a drift


whats your vision on your ultimate drift build ?


Not saying I agree with them, but at FD;ATL there were a large number of people giving you a one finger salute every single time you drove by. Did you notice them, did it effect you? Why we're they doing that?


Can u drift with a live axle or leaf spring rear suspension (such as your fox body), or do u need to have IRS to learn to drift in a car? Also, can u drift with rear drum brakes? If it's possible, what modifications do u need to make, in case of brakes and suspension, in to be able to drift? Also, what is the minimum amount of horsepower required to learn drifting?


Hope someday you can do a show at or near buffalo n.y.!


It has been a while since we heard anything about the RTR-X. Do you still drive it? Are you ever tempted to use it in competition? Can you PLEASE make some more RTR-X videos for us to get excited about.... Please?


JesvinJoy i built a foxbody for drifting. There's no reason you wouldn't be able to drift with a solid rear axle. IRS handles better but you can get a solid axel working real nice with a panhard bar. Drum brakes should be fine. you're better off learning with a low horsepower car, everyone says it makes you a better driver. First modification to any car should be a LSD or welded diff. Then start driving!


that means to you car?


VaughnGittinJr you've always been awesome at every event I see you. Nice to know some ford drivers aren't all bad people


since all the questions are a bit dull, what is your favourite colour of socks?


Is an SN95 a good chassis for drifting ? I know you said fox body's are the best kept drifting secret


When you're younger, when you were at high school, what did you want to do for living? You thought you would become a pro driver?


Did you have any input or say for the new #s550 chassis and how did you come about driving a #s197?


What's a good, cheap car to learn the drift basics in?


Got any spare s197 parts you don't need?


Luke Stogden 240sx


KMG_LUSH No. It has a terrible suspension design. If you want to make it remotely good you need a $4,000+ Maximum Motorsports suspension package


sandpaper condom They're expensive!


my favorite color of socks? I understand what you're getting at) Then answer to another question,how do you see your old age?


I thought so, was just wondering !!! Thank you!


Hey, Jabbar Ramos,
Was the mustang your dream choice for a drift car?


When you started in drifting, what was your major fear?


How tall is shelf?
How many photo's has Larry Chen taken of you; that you don't know about?
When too long?


When would you look at making a trip down to New Zealand and compete or a demo for everyone down here?


Buckminster Citizen, that is classified information.......


Larry Chen Buckminster subtext lots...?


Buckminster If I had to make a guess.... I'd say it's around 100,000 from over ten years of shooting him. Maybe even more.


Larry Chen Buckminster That's one big mural.


How do you start your drift career what you have done to become pro.How can i find some sponsors to drift like you i live for drifting but a car like yours need so much money that i havent. @Vaughn gittin jr i am not a regular guy i am a big fan of you and i want to drift every day but i only can train need for speed sometimes in reallife in karts but sometimes.Thank you a lot biggest fan ;)


Are you in the new nfs game?


Buckminster Sorry that is total. So maybe 75% of those are outtakes.


Dear Vaughn How do you like your steak to be cooked ?
Personally I like mine to be will done


Any chance of bringing the 'Stangs over to the UK and having some fun down here?


Would you ever work together with other Formula D/WRC drivers for a Cross country quasi illegal speed run? Do you also street drift?


Do you have an extra large bed in your house, where you spoon with the mustang at night and read it bed time stories of ponies running free in New Zealand until it stalls and falls asleep?


Have you gained any driveing expirience from driving simulators like Live For Speed?

Michael Linder

what do you think about gatebil rudskogen?


What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into Formula Drift, but is only just starting to drift? Things such as where to practice, how to be ready for Pro-AM, what obstacles there are along the way, personal experience, etc.


Vaughn, it seems like you are intentionally spinning out in chase runs when it looks like you can't win. Will you actually finish runs or are you going to keep being a poor sport?


Hey Vaughn. When are you gonna come to colorado to come drift with us Colorado boys.  Matt Powers did, where you at bud? This is us kinda calling you out


Hey Vaughn! When are you going to drift your new chassis in FD?


Why did you cop out in osw leading forseberg? Has it become that kind of sport where championship points between friends go before driving Your hardest like you mean it? I sat on turn 4 at osw, you let me down man.


Do you pack a lip before you drift or during?
Does your pony have cruise control?
Please tell us any unique/embarrassing vehicles you have owned. (like a Honda C50/cub w/ wicker basket)
What does your wife drive and does she hit things (like racoons) on purpose?
Thanks JR - these have been on my mind for quite some time!  XOXOXOXOXOX


VaughnGittinJr A scale from 1 to 10 how nervous do you get till this day right before a run?


Dear Vaughn Gitten Jr.
Would you rather have Vanilla ice cream with anything you want to go with it.. 

Or would you rather see someone you dislike get shot in the nuts/vag with a powerful paintball gun by a midget riding a lesbian Alpaca?


Can I please have a ride at Irwindale for my wedding present?????


Will your buddy Ken Block lend you the keys to the Hoonicorn?


baiermitch Me Too!


How's it feel to absolutely flub on a run and still move on?


Connor Cham
Sort of an addition to this question - how do you mentally recover from a bad mistake on the track? I know from bmx and driving that after a hard hit / close call i don't feel as comfortable. Just curious.


What was your first car and your opinion on it then and now? How did you modify or change it overtime, and do you still own it (or pieces of it)?


What does it take to become part of a team working on the cars? I'm going to school for auto body and always wondered what you had to do to be part of a pro drift team .

Martim Peixe 18

Hey Vaughn, what is your favorite car?


Do you have plans to compete in FD Japan, at Fuji Speedway, in a July? If yes, will you be shipping a Mustang there?
Do you have any plans to compete in either Ireland or New Zealand sometime in the next few years?


Whats going with the '69 rtr mustang probs the greatest car ever?


Hey Vaughn, I've recently bought my 1st RWD car which is an R33 GTS-T Skyline. I love the feeling of the power under me, but getting the tail out always gets my heart beating fast & even though I enjoy it, it scares the crap out of me.

Have you any tips for a complete amateur, on calming down & relaxing so that I can focus more on the slide & not so much thinking "Oh s**t, oh s**t,oh s**t!"?



Vaughn I'm from India ,I'm big fan of drifting.......but in our there's nothing for drifting not drifting school or drift race..,.. So where do I start to become a pro like you

shawn Gallagher 238

Hey vaughn. Whats it like having mad mike back in FD? Whats your take on his driving ability and do you think he could yake the championship one day? From another #flyingkiwi


Hi Vaughn, How was your week?


Vaughn, since you have collaborated with Ken Block in his Hoonicorn build, will we be seeing you doing a Gymkhana video with him in the near future?
Also, any plans to compete or even visit Malaysia? As a huge fan, I'd really like to meet you and get your autograph!

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner



Vaughn, When will you shoot a video with Bj Baldwin?


hi Vaughn, you're the second from the right that appears on the cover of the new Need for Speed, right?


Vaughn, are you coming back to Bob Davidson Ford again for another drift demo?


Hey..! Vaughn who's the inspiration for your racing.....


Hi Vaughn I'm 16, parents against what I was engaged in racing and I have a little money, how difficult it is to build a car from scratch?


What do you think the biggest hurdle was for you in advancing your career in drifting from a IT tech support worker and would you have gone a different route now with the knowledge you have of the industry


As a huge Mustang enthusiast, I follow a lot of your activities on social media and in person at car shows and race events (That makes me sound like a stalker doesn't it?- Sorry).  Anyway, with all of these sponsorship appearances and expos, I find myself wondering how you manage juggle it with the drift season?

On a different note, as a driver, how hard is it to dial in a new car, your 2015 RTR, and then drive your 2014 car in competition?


you haul in your turbo apex rzr. any chance we'd ever see you in a rally/rallycross car?


How do you like the setup of the new 15 for drifting? What were the big changes you made suspension wise to get it where it is?

Alicia Williams

Dunkin Donuts or Bel Air Bakery??


why not give a step by step process on how you became who you are... nobody like us, knows how to and I'm sure all us race and drift lovers would like to know


You probably get this a lot, and I don't doubt it. But how is it possible for someone to joing the Drift Team? It's been a dream of mine to become a Professional Drifter, and to be able to drift along side you is an even bigger dream! So any type of tip/advice would be great!


What does it take to become a professional drifter? Drifting looks so fun but it messes with my mind thinking of ways to become a drifter. How did you become a professional drifter?


Vaughn, It's no Ae86 but I'm trying to squeeze the most I can out of my na/240sx. Any recommendations on how to make this thing slide effortlessly... Swaybars/Alignment/Tirewidths? I come across a lot of misinformation online. I'm guessing it'll be about the opposite of your insane fd setup lol


Like most of us, when you started off you didn't have money for everything the car needed. From your experience, what are some essentials that NEED to go into the car first in order to build a successful drift car? Basically if you had a stock 240sx, what would be some priorities?


Between the truck and your RTR witch would you rather have as a daily driver


Would you consider a Foxbody mustang a car that is able to be drift competition worthy? I have been spending a good amount of time building mine in hopes to get it to that point.


How do you become a drfter


As we enter round 5 of the Formula Drift Championship is it still possible for you to climb back up to the number 1 spot?


What would have to be your all time favourite car?


Does a solid rear axle drift better than irs? Does the irs hop?


Hey Vaughn, what's your all time favorite meal? Sorry, I couldn't figure out a any good questions lol. I wish you all the best though.


Hey Vaughn, what's going to happen to your 2013-14 competition car when the 15 is ready?? Are you planning on having another livery as well??




Start drifting with your friends. Give your group of friends a catchy/edgy name...presto, your very own drift team.


Besides a Ford or (any American) what would you love to drift in a competition?

Fernando Flores

What are some things that hold someone back from becoming a professional drifter in Formula D ?


Hello senpai, i want to ask how drifitng depending on the wallet?..or so much talent? i mean if you have skill in gokart racing you may level up to formula series...etc... for drifting if someone a newfound talent can be sposored by a drift team??


Hey man! So, I know you build a lot of Mustangs, which one has been your most and least favorite (if any)? Is there any that you particularly miss?

Fernando Flores

What are your thoughts on Same-Sex Marriage now that it's legal ?


Unlikely. Drifting isn't a big enough sport that major sponsors are looking at helping develope drivers, not like they do with karting formula racing. Hell, as it stands now, guys like Chelsae Denofa have a hard enough time scraping funds together...and Denofa is one of the best chase drivers in all of FD. If Denofa, a very well known and highly highly skilled driver, can't find sponsorship, I kind of doubt some no-name amateur with unpolished/unrefined skill is going to have better luck.
If you have deep pockets though, you can buy your way into FD, just like in karting / formula racing. I believe Matt Coughman is a great example of that.


Need a car with a minimum performance level, that takes money.
Need to be able to ship the car across the country, with crew and parts. That takes money.
In order to earn sponsorship, you need to perform well. To perform well, you need the car (see first point), and you need seat time in said car. Testing and track time is expensive...takes money.
Gone are the days when a guy could come up by drifting his street car, slowly upgrading it along the way, until he reached the top level of competition. These days, in order to be competative at the lowly regional level (Vegas Drift, Lone Star Drift, etc etc), you need a purpose built drift car making at the very least, 500hp. To be competative in FD Pro2, you need to be making anywhere from 600-800hp and up. Anything less than 800 is useless in Pro1 these days.
I know a couple people in Texas, and they tell me that pretty much everyone at the top level of that drift scene is a spoiled rich kid who's daddy pays for everything lol. It's just people's opinion, so I'm sure not everyone agrees...but thats my take.
I'm sure Mr Gittin will have some standard "work hard, believe In yourself" type of answer >.<
To be completely honest, if you want to be a FD driver today, you'd do just as well taking a business and marketing course as you would hitting the track for some practice time.


MrKnister I'm gonna guess crabs.


I've rendered the baddest '15 Mustang yet..Old School. Pen&Ink ...Interested?
Sincerely mastervisionary


Met you over the weekend where you were staying, (was there tending to an issue.....and checking out / talking about the truck.......) but didnt realize who I was talking to until much later in the night. Just wanted to say it was a pleasure to see how "normal" and easygoing you seem. Take it easy.


Whenever in the follow position what is your personal favorite technique to get on some ones door and hold it(handbrake dragging, left-foot braking, inside line, etc.)?


In the new Need for Speed trailer it shows a 2015 RTR Mustang along with a lot of Speedhunters references. I was wondering since has a significant role in this new instillation, and since you have been a part of an earlier Need for Speed title, if you have anything to do with the game as well?


Do you have any advice for a teenager looking to get involved with cars? It just seems like everything is so expensive and unattainable, especially with college and loans approaching fast!


What are the biggest differences in driving feel between the 13-14 car and the new 15 car? Are these differences beneficial or are they making certain things a little harder to do?


I just bought a car for myself. What modification you will recommend for me to buy first ?


Are you coming to Gatebil next weekend?:)


Question - Why do you think that is cool to be seen as a aggressive red redneck/ irresponsible driver/ silly looking in all photos?
Also - do think that Europe is a country?
What is your opinion about inbreeding?
Do you speak other languages?


If you had to pick any other car than the Mustang what would it be? 

Whats your favorite car, truly? (And I mean model, year, all that)

 Plus, whats your ideal race track? Mine would be a perfectly paved inner city track like Yas Marina, or Mount Panorama.


Question: I am from a country where cars are expensive and grassroots drifting is in its infancy (Brazil), we (the average guy, without sponsors, living of regular wages) have to stick with really old cars or make crazy things (convert FWD to RWD, or AWD to RWD) so we can be able to drift, this makes the end results far from the ideal weight distribution. That said, if you had to chose (or recomend) a bias, you would preffer a front-heavy or rear-heavy car for drifting ? thanks for your attention and good luck on the rest of 2015 season!


What are the wheels on the 1969 mustang RTR


the car was very good 
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