Project EcoBoost:</br> Has Ford Built An S16 Silvia?
 The Joy Of Boost

I’ve got a distinct memory regarding the Ford Mustang that I want to share with you. When I was about 15 years old I tagged along with my dad during one of his business trips to the Pacific Northwest. We were driving through some rural area outside of Portland in his company-issued Chevy Lumina when we pulled up at a light next to a teenager in a mid ’90s Mustang V6.


The teen, being, well – a teen – and driving a Mustang, decided he’d demonstrate to us the capabilities of his pony car. The light turned green and the Mustang kid stomped on it – and so did my dad. Sure, he was driving his company car, but he wasn’t about to be shown up without at least putting up a fight.


What happened next is something I’ll never forget. And if you’ve ever driven an old V6 Mustang you’ll know it isn’t so shocking. The rental car-spec Lumina not only hung with the Mustang, but actually started to pull away just before the impromptu drag race came to an end. My dad and I both laughed hysterically, and the Mustang guy conveniently turned away at the next light. I think my dad also told me never to engage in such immature behavior myself.


In any case, my image of non-V8 Mustangs was cemented. They might have looked the part, but their performance was disappointing – if not outright embarrassing. And the sound they made was no better. I’ve always thought that there’s nothing sadder than a V6 Mustang with a loud exhaust – because why would you want to let everyone know that you have the most uncool version of the car? Should have got the V8, as they say.


Now it’s 15 years later and as you’ve read recently I’ve just become the owner of a Mustang that doesn’t have a V8, and I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a new car before. So how did this happen?


It almost started back in 2011 when Ford decided to give the V6 Mustang a major update. The car had been significantly improved with a new DOHC V6 that made over 300hp and could be had with a 6-speed manual and a limited slip diff. It was a major breakthrough for the base model Mustang as it now performed as well as many previous GTs did, while being significantly cheaper in terms of sticker price, gas and insurance.


I’ve driven S197 V6 Mustangs on a few occasions and was quite impressed with their power along with the rest of the improvements made to the package – but I still wasn’t completely sold. There was still the less-than-pleasing sound, and despite the fact that the V6 Mustang was no longer embarrassing, I knew that if I ever got one I’d always regret not stepping up to the V8.


But a few years later with the redesigned 2015 Mustang, Ford decided to add a new engine choice to the lineup. It would be a turbocharged EcoBoost four cylinder that would slot in between the V6 and the 5.0 V8, and it sparked my interest from the moment I first heard about it.


In my initial post I already went over the reasons why I decided to swap my 2013 Scion FR-S for a 2015 Mustang EcoBoost, so now I’d like to talk a little bit more about the car and what it’s like to drive. But before that, I’d like to address the subject of V8 envy…

No V8, No Problem

While everything I read about the EcoBoost Mustang suggested that it would be capable performer and would likely offer a lot of aftermarket potential in the future, I was still worried that the car would feel subpar compared to the GT and its Coyote V8.


Even after I drove the EcoBoost and found myself very impressed with the power, chassis and overall feel of the car – I was still concerned I’d feel like I was in the shadow of the V8. But the more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that the EcoBoost stood on its own.


Even the sound didn’t bother me. Sure, it didn’t have that distinct V8 rumble, but the turbo had a soundtrack all its own. Having owned a several turbocharged cars in the past, I’ll gladly take the noise of boost over that of the V6. There’s just something fun about hearing and feeling the turbo at work.


And while the base model Mustang always seemed like a car for those who didn’t care about performance or couldn’t afford a GT, the EcoBoost feels like something unique. No, it’s not as powerful as a GT, and if you think a Mustang needs to emit a V8 rumble you’ll be better off going straight for the 5.0. If ultimate performance is your final goal, then the 5.0 is still likely your best bet too. I still love a V8 Mustang and new GT is a better car than ever.


But what I personally like about the EcoBoost version is the way it feels like a different take on the Mustang experience. Part of it’s the motor, and part of it’s the sixth generation car’s greatly refined chassis and interior, but the whole package just seems to work. Ford is going to be selling the new Mustang in countries across the world now, and the turbo option is a big part of that marketing strategy.


On one hand it has the styling and lineage that has made the Mustang so iconic over its 50 years of existence, but at the same time it feels like an entirely new car. From an enthusiast’s perspective, the EcoBoost Mustang also feels like a throwback to a bygone era of performance cars. Not the V8 pony cars of the ’60s mind you, but the turbocharged machines of the ’80s and ’90s.


I’m not just talking about the EcoBoost’s Mustang SVO ancestor, but cars like Mitsubishi Starion, Toyota Supra and Ford Sierra Cosworth. Even with all of the great performance cars being offered today, it’s still hard to find an affordable rear-drive, turbocharged coupe with a manual transmission and a limited slip diff.


And as I’ve become more acquainted with the EcoBoost Mustang, the one car I keep drawing parallels to is the Nissan Silvia, which hasn’t been sold since 2002. And sadly, despite the positive reaction to the IDx Concept, it seems that Nissan has no immediate plans to actually build a new rear-drive coupe. So the question I’ve been asking myself is, could the Mustang EcoBoost take the place of the the non-existent S16 Silvia?


Initially, your answer might be ‘no way’, after all, the new Mustang is much heavier and larger than the old S15 and, even if Nissan did bring back the Silvia with modern conveniences it would likely be smaller and lighter than this car. But I still can’t help but notice some similarities.


Given the affordability and massive aftermarket following that both cars have, I’ve always considered the Silvia to be Japan’s version of the Mustang, and now that the Mustang has an independent rear suspension and a turbocharged four cylinder, the two cars feel closer in spirit than ever.


There’s just something nostalgic and almost comforting about popping the hood and seeing a longitudinally mounted turbo four cylinder engine with a lot of open space around it. It’s like it’s just begging you start having some fun with it. When I look under there, I can’t help but think about S13, S14 and S15 engine bays occupied by SR20DETs in various states of modification. It might be the newcomer to the Mustang family, but I have good reason to believe that the EcoBoost aftermarket support will not disappoint.

Off To The Dyno

So rather than just being a big update to an iconic model, the EcoBoost Mustang feels almost like a whole new car – and an important addition to a segment that needs some more action. Aside from the Toyota/Subaru twins and the Hyundai Genesis, there isn’t much out there in terms of affordable, rear-drive coupes that still deliver reasonable fuel economy and insurance rates. Believe it or not, the Mustang is actually a few bucks less for me to insure each month than the FR-S which had over a hundred fewer horsepower.


So while it might not be the exact modern version of the Silvia that everyone’s been waiting for, the EcoBoost seems like it could be the machine to pick up the slack and help reinvigorate a genre of performance car that needs to be revived. It may come with a historic nameplate and a familiar shape, but the idea behind this car feels fresh and exciting – and that’s one of the big things that sold me on it.


In addition to pondering the EcoBoost Mustang’s place in the enthusiast car realm, I’ve also been spending a lot of time in the last couple of weeks thinking about how I want to approach the car as a project vehicle. The response I’ve had so far  has been overwhelming in terms of interest from both the readers and from aftermarket representatives telling me about their plans for the EcoBoost platform. It’s been exciting to say the least.


I actually have a few initial upgrades in the works already, and you can expect to hear about them soon. But before that I thought it’d be a good idea to get some baseline power numbers for the car. It would be important to have the information for comparison’s sake later on, and I was also very interested to see what sort of numbers this thing was putting down straight off the showroom floor.


So last week I made an appointment to take the car to S.S. Motorsports & Fab here in Central California to run the car on their Mustang dynamometer. I was actually joined by another local EcoBoost owner named Nathan who was also looking to get some baseline numbers for his car.


With 1,200 miles on the odometer, my car was strapped to the dyno for a couple of fourth gear pulls to see what the stock 2.3-liter turbo motor was putting out.


This was the first time for me to put one of my personal cars on a dyno, and I have to say it’s quite the experience. It’s actually something I think everyone should do with their car once, even if they aren’t interested in power output or engine modifications.


Having seen some results for other cars online, I had a rough idea of what to expect, but there was still plenty of anticipation as the Mustang made its way through the powerband and got the rollers spinning. What would the numbers say?


Well, in bone stock trim the car put down 263 horsepower and 273 pound feet to the rear wheels – not bad figures considering that this is a more conservative Mustang dyno and the factory crank ratings are 310hp and 320lb/ft. None of the guys at the shop had seen an EcoBoost Mustang yet, and were quite impressed by the little four banger’s output.


Here’s the dyno graph so you can get a better idea of the car’s power delivery. As you can see there’s plenty of torque right up to 5,500rpm, which is where the factory setup begins to fall off. It will definitley be interesting to see if the aftermarket can improve power up top. If anything it’s the polar opposite of the FR-S, in which you have to wind the engine to redline to extract its power.


Nathan put his car on the dyno next and came up with a numbers almost identical to mine. The only difference was that his car had been equipped with a cold air intake system – albeit one that had not yet been adjusted for a revised tune.


So there you have it. A whole lot of excitement and some decent baseline numbers which should soon be improved upon thanks to the help of the quickly-developing EcoBoost aftermarket. Things are moving fast, so expect another update soon.

Until then, let’s just hope I don’t get smoked by any dads out driving around in their company cars…

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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The weight is way too much for me to think of it as a silvia. A mustang will just be a mustang. It's about 700 lbs more than the silvia... I would much rather say the frs is closer.


No, they didn't build a new Silvia. They built a new Mustang. I understand the need to compare, but don't diminish Ford's accomplishments. Both cars are admirable and stand on their own merit. This is not meant to be scathing criticism. I hope you truly enjoy the Mustang and I'm eager to see what you can accomplish with it, but a Silvia it is not, because it doesn't need to be.


I'd say the closest thing to an s16 silvia in the US would have been the Genesis coupe 2.0T.


sorry to say but i think i will stay with my challenger thank you theres just something about a v8 that seems more attractive than a 4 banger. Another thing i can't see this thing ever having the key point of a silvia. I mean think about it that car stretches from drag racing to drifting the togeu, time attack,missile car and in some cases very few but rally racing!!!  Mean while lets address the animal in the room how much heavier is it than a s13? With that being said your car still looks awesome and ill try to hunt you down in my moms prius company car XD. Great article Mike .



As I said last time, your photographs are great, you capture angles that make the car look great.  Angles that I'm not seeing other media outlets on the internet find.

The story of your Dad reminds me of my Dad losing a race while driving *my* car.  The short version is that about 17 years ago my Dad was driving my '94 GT convertible with me and a friend in it.  In an impromptu, rolling start, drag race with a Ford Lightning, my Dad short shifted and slowly lost the race.  Sometimes that's how you get the stories of "I beat car XYZ", when in reality a driver mod is required.

Anyway, I also caught the '70 Mustang driving by in one of the pictures, nice work.


gundanium2002 Lots of cars weighed less 20 years ago, who knows what an S16 would weigh if they'd kept evolving the vehicle, probably within spitting distance of the Mustang.


The thing I love about this new Mustang is that its styling makes it look less like a machine and more like some kind of biomechanical creature. 
Every time I see a new Mustang, particularly in silver, it just reinforces my desire to get one as my next new car. However, since I'm not planning to put thousand of dollars in upgrades into it just yet, I'm going with the GT. I've test driven both the GT and the EcoBoost (stupid name, by the way) several times, and I'm sold on th GT. Just can't deny all that extra power, but it was a tough choice, believe me.
To your main point though - yeah, I think there are several direct parallels between the S15 Silvia and this current car. Both are rear wheel drive, turbo-4-powered coupes with six-speed transmissions. And oddly enough, both seem a little too big for a turbo-4 plant.




"With 1,200 miles on the odometer, my car was strapped to the dyno for a couple of fourth gear pulls to see what the stock 2.3-liter turbo motor was putting out."

You do know 5th gear is your 1:1 right?


It's more like Capri than Silvia.


Apart from the rear drive, much closer to the 1986 Saab 9000 Turbo t16 HOT and derivatives. (2-2.3l, 165-185kw, 265Nm stock) 5 dr.
Fast, economical and more room than the Mustang.
Mine ended up with 225kw, 310Nm with just changed to air and exhaust...


It may have the some similarities. but IMO this car deserves to stand on its own. Ford is putting out a lot of interesting stuff lately.

Looking forward to see what you do with it!


Awesome article! Really like S550 and I think ford has made a great choice with the ecoboost, it will definitely be popular worldwide.
About the beginning story, what generation of v6 mustang was that? You can definitely make a v6 mustang sound good,though it does take more effort than a v8. Its important to focus on tone rather than volume. My v6 definitely surprises a lot of people, though to be fair it does have some more displacement (4.2 from f1-50) and a cam.
As for the power, sometimes the v8s didn't make much for than the v6s. For example 94/95 gt makes a little over 200hp while the 3.8 v6 made around 150hp. Both aren't fantastic.


for the fun of it why don t you get to make a 3d rendering of a kit he would doe for the mustang and tell him about you're thought that its a american s16


joabotman That could be interesting. Will the S550 become the next TRA Kyoto recipient?


SN95 Lover That's cool! Love the blower. If I recall the car we encountered was an early SN95 automatic.


Option13 Thank you!


@Difinity That sounds cool. It's def great to see turbos making a big comeback these days in all sorts of cars.


960 Never thought of that, but now that you mention it there is plenty of resemblance.


@Steve The dyno operated checked and said 4th was best to use, but perhaps I'll try a 5th gear run next time. Even in 4th the run seemed to last forever haha.


Ice Age Can't go wrong with either I'd say :)


dougbunge Thanks much! Yeah driver has a big effect obviously, but I think the stats for a stock SN95 Mustang V6 will show that it didn't perform much better than the family sedans of the day. Nice to see that things have changed since then.


jacobherman14 Well, I think any new car will be a lot heavier than a S13 given the added comforts, crash protection etc. Just like the Silvia, Mustangs have been built to do pretty much everything and that's one of the reasons I keep making the connection :)


@ETG Have they discontinued the 2.0T? But yeah that is (was) one of the only cars that helped rekindle the spirit of the S16.


ChrisMcNamee No worries, not trying to diminish anything. I just noticed some the similarities between the nature of the two cars and the type of buyer they might attract.


gundanium2002 Yeah it would be hard to compare against an actual new Silvia since it doesn't exist, but I would still hope an S16 would be lighter and smaller than this car, but until we actually get one who knows?


Its a shame they didn't go with the 2.7L Ecoboost engine. The 2.3L will always be in the shadow of the 5.0 or 302CID. But its safe to say that the 2.3L will be cooler then just a 3.7L but they make almost the same power... And thanks to Fords poor cams choices once again its all mid-range power. I really want to see how Chevy will counter Ford in this market.


Mike Garrett SN95 Lover 
Ah, well the auto was equally part of the problem then haha.


Mike Garrett ChrisMcNamee Oh I can definitely see how that would happen.  I guess it almost feels like when you ask "Has Ford built a new Silvia?" it sounds like you are saying the Mustang can't stand on its own merit.  The Mustang has always stood on its own.  If a new Silvia was built, would you be asking "Has Nissan built a new Mustang?"  It just doesn't really make much sense.
Both cars are fantastic, like we both said, and will probably attract similar buyers.  The question just seems odd.


Mike Garrett ChrisMcNamee I'm also looking forward to more amazing pictures :)


they should of designed a new car.. the way you say it feels different and everything, it shouldnt be a mustang... give it a new body or something


ChrisMcNamee Mike Garrett I guess I could have said "Has Ford Built the EcoBoost for the Silvia Buyer?" But that would have been a bit wordy haha.


I like it... Don't worry about being underpowered to the V8, plenty of tuning companies will start developing aftermarket upgrades for these and you will have an easy 500 streetable horsepower machine before you know it!! cheap and easy fun motoring right there!! well done Ford. Look at the popularity of the 86 and BRZ's. Everybody loves them but every single owner says "needs a turbo".


@niko_si Hmm. Well the Mustang certainly has plenty of history to it and its not like is always been a V8-only car. Then again, it would be very cool to see Ford introduce a new lightweight FR sports car with an EcoBoost motor. A new Escort or Capri or something?


jackal426 V6 turbo Mustang would be cool, but I think that would be too close to the V8 GT.


I have no issues with four pots......but it's still kinda like driving a diesel Ferrari isn't it? It's just wrong. If they called the car something else it might work.....something with a name junior to a indicate from the get-go that the car isn't pretending to be something else, that might work. But Shetland or Hack don't quite work.....


RobJacksonseun that same thought of a diff nameplate specifically for this combo just crossed my mind. Its a mustang but a mustang supposed to be yada...yada...yada...
time alone will tell if the buying public grabs onto it, esp since v8's are still considered the norm from the domestic least ford made the attempt at something different and that is what enthusiasts can applaud....A+ for effort


So Silvia shouldn't be mentioned in the title IMO because this car is about 600lbs too heavy to be even classified in the same league as a Silvia of any kind.


To quote Shakespeare, "no."
I like this mustang a lot actually, but the 4 banger can't take the 'murika out of it. 
Nissan should, however, develop a new Silvia to match brz/86 type cars that are on the rise.


Good read! Excited to read the soon updates.


I think here in Europe we'll be seeing 375BHP + offered by tuning companies in the near future with just a remap, new header, exhaust & intake system and intercooler. Great and all the EcoBoost engine range is (the 1.0L is supposed to be a fantastic engine too), a Mustang really needs a V8, simply if for no other reason than history. The Mustang was an original muscle car, muscle cars have V8's.


Please keep the updates coming Mike, I cant wait to see what else you have in store and I'm really enjoying reading about your impressions and experiences with the car. Ive been following a lot of articles and videos on the web in anticipation of the new mustang arriving on Australian shores later this year. I can't wait to drive one of these cars myself and appreciate whats been created. 
I used to own a 95 2JZ-GTE Supra and although I don't think the Eco-boost will ever compare to the power, I do however hope that it will be on par with regards to comfort, handling and driving experience. For someone who's predominantly been interested in Japanese RWD cars, this is the first one that's really caught my interest that doesn't fit that demographic and yet somehow captures a similar sort of spirit.

All the best with the project mate. :)


i am in love with the ecoboost. who needs a gas guzzling v8. turn up the wick a little bit and enjoy the added performance in the corners, weight is the enemy and the ecoboost has less weight.


Mike Garrett They could've got nissan to design the exterior too. - Though I guess you can't see how ugly it is from the inside!


ErnestJohansmeier I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more EcoBoost swaps in the coming years. Have you seen the V6 Turbo Factory Five cars? Pretty damn cool,


@Johnny Gat Thanks much! Many more updates on the way :)


John Ireland I'm really excited to see what sort of stuff the European tuners can come up with. The fact that the same motor will also be used in the Focus RS should mean even more interest.


JoeyChaves Thanks Joey!


decripple If only one could actually go any buy a new Silvia...


RobJacksonseun Well, non-V8 Mustangs have been around since the beginning and they've always made up the bulk of sales. It's only lately that there are non-V8 Mustangs to be excited about. Don't forget the SVO either :)


Mike Garrett John Ireland

Yeah, Mike by all accounts the new RS will have over 320BHP in standard form from the factory. No doubt some tuning companies & customers will go crazy over here, like they did with the previous RS, I've seen several cars with 500 and 600BHP engines (but some of those needed the motor freshened up after 15,000 miles, track work I presume?) . So, it shouldn't be long now before you're whipping the V8 boys with your turbo. Enjoy the car.


First of all, Mike has penned an excellent article explaining HIS affinity for the new boosted Stang. The modern Ecoboost power plants are a marvel of modern engineering. And not just the aforementioned 2.3L either. Also, it should be mentioned that Ford is the only major US auto maker looking forward in tech rather than clutching tightly to engine progress that has been eclipsed for years and years *cough-pushrods*. Albeit the Blue Oval has surprised me with their engineering of the Coyote series and the flat-planed twisted eight in the forthcoming Shelby, but this sentiment is besides the author's point.

Second, why all the whining on a very indirect and minimal comparison to the S15? Take three examples: 6sp manual, turbo lump, and a LSD from the factory. Now unless any of the other commenters had been fortunate enough to live in Japan during when the S15 was sold new, who cares? If you haven't realized Speedhunters always has shown what ingenuity world tuners have done to differentiate their cars from the pack. Why when a major OEM shows it does it make any difference? You cannot and will not please everyone, ever.

Lastly, good on Mike for doing something different in the forever saturated, over-fendered, stance-crazy, car culture that has rooted itself firm in the last few years. We are living in an amazing time ladies and gentlemen to be car enthusiasts, gear heads, and innovators. I say, kick back and enjoy the ride. It's only going to get better.


I wanna see this competing in a drift event!


You know what i don't like you mike....we was cool till you shoved a four banger mustang in my face. Now im reading whole articles about a car i have always hated... Guess you doing something right....still i'm mad at you sir good day! =P


check out my screen name. i would take an frs over this mustang, but along the line of this article, theres a place for this mustang in my garage if, big IF, ti ever do get it. now silvia...mustang....i dont agree but i do see the similarities. Great points. Mike, your awesome and thanks speedhunters!


Mike, I'm not saying this often, but you are right on the money! I support everything that you just said. This will be epic. Ford has shifted the game in 6th gear.


Mike Garrett Not really a Ford guy but I would totally go for a new Capri especially if it got the 2.7 Ecoboost  V6. Great article, man, its going to be fun to see what you have in mind for the future


Seems like Ford just found success with a car that Nissan's Carlos Ghosn said  there wasn't enough market interest for. So as far as it being an S16, might as well be, 'cause Nissan ain't gon be building one.


Well Hello there ~ !!!


It's just so big.  And ugly.  Please paint the wheels silver at least.  It looks like that Civic on steelies.


It's funny, I immediately compared it to the FT86. Just looks too similar IMO. I've been trying to keep an eye on the aftermarket before I trade in my Focus ST to see how the aftermarket takes off.

So far I've seen some promising things from COBB, Roush, and MAPerformance. I love MAP's catback!


whats with the muscles around the Mustang?!... that (i think) Olds 442 (05732) & the Mustang boss (21/32) 

does anyone of them tried to race you or something? Mike Garrett


did u guys purposely try to get the yellow Mustang in the background


Redline @ 6500?


John Ireland Mike Garrett The thing you have to remember is that the old RS was a 2.5l 5banger.


There is no way 2.3 sounds better than V6. V6 engines have beautiful sound (even though mustangs don't sound as good as other V6 cars, for example 350Z) l4 is just a plain noise.


I enjoy reading reviews like this as I'm in the target market for a car like this. Especially being a previous owner of s13's and a currently have an s14 with an sr.. I find an article like this a valuable read. Do I ever wish Nissan came back with a Silvia for the North American market...


Trentworth Found success? It just came out.


@j_kouki Glad I could give some insight. Unfortunately it looks like a new Silvia is a pipe dream but this at point, but nice to see some alternatives eh?


XTad Hmm. I personally prefer the sounds of a turbo four over most V6s, but then again everyone will have their own opinion on that.


MrSOLOMON85 Just drove by randomly actually. Gotta love the streets of SoCal :)


GilbertoMenchaca Mike Garrett The gold one is a Chevelle actually. Just typical cars you see driving around LA on a Sunday!


mrkollos Agreed. Considering the car's only been out for a couple months now, it seems the aftermarket is off to a great start!


@Beany For every person that says they don't like the black wheels that come with the performance package, another person says the love them. Either way, the factory wheels won't be on there for a whole lot longer ; )


KennedyCao Good eye! Haha.


greenroadster Glad you are into it! Haha. I think you'll like what's coming next :)


86_4_life Thanks buddy. I loved my FR-S but it's kind of a different animal. Lightweight, low power and agile vs more power, more comfort and more weight. Can't really go wrong with either choice. If there were to be a new Silvia, my guess is that it would slot somewhere in between the FR-S and Mustang in terms of power and weight.


LavarBowers Hahah. I SAID GOOD DAY SIR!


@MyLifeAsLouis Not sure about "competing" but I would love to get in some skids at some point :)


kaizen_motorsports Thank you sir!


@Mook Genius Thanks for the kind words. I know it's not quite the second coming of Nissan Silvia but I do think it offers a lot of the things that would appeal to people who came up driving S13s and other turbocharged imports.


Thanks for the article Mike! Really happy to learn more about this car through your experiences. I also got a glimpse of something you shared on Instagram recently in terms of upgrades, I like what I heard :)


it's just me or the roof and side windows of this new Mustang looks very Silvia-y?


kurko John Ireland Mike Garrett

Indeed so, but an old (Volvo iirc) motor compared to this new 2.3T EcoBoost. So, I don't imagine 200cc down and one cylinder less would really hamper getting similar gains above stock? Only guessing of course, so stand to be corrected. Worth bearing mind the performance boys are now getting 380BPH @ the wheels (without any internal modifications)  from the Merc A45 AMG and that's  only a 2.0L.


Mike Garrett MrSOLOMON85 bombed!


XTad You are definitely in the minority on that fact for my ears at least; that's the first I've ever heard of someone saying V6s sound good!

It's always, V8s, V12s, or Inline 6s that get all the love.


@Mike Garret @Zebra P Knee haha just the right car for the topic!


@M The early sales figures for the new Mustang indicate that 24% of new buyers are going for the Ecoboost I-4 at the same time a report shows the V6  is making only a little over half the splash Ford expected it to make with only 2000 models sold out of the total. Add to that the fact that the V6 won't be available in Europe, can't (at least for now) be bought with the premium package and is missing some of the Mustangs most popular options like Recaro seats and TrackApps, you can make your own conclusions.


XR6 falcon anyone?


Ford Falcon I reckon the Mustang would be better in every way.  If the Mustang had the Falcon's I6 turbo engine then hhhnnnnnngg.


Zebra P Knee Ford Falcon The XR6 Turbo's engine or even better the larger turbo'd engine from the FPV version...


The stock turbo is efficienlty dead past 21/22 psi from what I've seen.  I have been following closely and just the day before yesterday saw an EcoBoost put down 408!!! Lbs/ft tq at the rear tires @ 23 psi!!  That was with a custom tune and before that what I have seen is the limited tuning options being the Cobb AccessPort.  They only have 1 option, "stage 1" map that is relatively mild and the average pick up, bone stock, is 35 rwhp and 100 (!) lbs/ft tq at the tires!  These things are going to be super fun with full bolt-ons/exhaust/intercooler/and custom tunes.  That's not even getting into turbo upgrades, which aren't even available just yet.  I'm a diehard V8 guy who has always had a love for the SVOs and even some JDM turbo cars (own a 2005 WRX for my daily) but am more excited to see how the 2.3s turn out/respond than I have been for any car in quite a long time!  Check out FullRace's SEMA car.  First EcoBoost I've seen with a turbo upgrade... and they did it right, rocking TE37s.  A match made in heaven.


XTad This thing sounds much better than a V6.  Mustang/Camaro V6s sound absolutely AWFUL.  They are disgusting.  The noise they make is offensive.


Mike Garrett greenroadster  What? Bigger turbo? :)))


inb4 smoked by V6 Altima rental.


@Mike Haha!


BottlefedGT500 Very impressive all around. The potential is real!


trikstapaul Hmm. I guess that could be said :)


matthewyaa Much more on that soon ;)


It's a sweet car. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the exterior styling let. Me I'm stuck with a tuned v6 putting 300 hp at the wheels. It's not bad but getting a super charger will be nice and I will be proud to say I have a v6 supercharged Mustang.


How this car can be compared with S15 without a word about handling and brakes?
Does it even turn?


Only right hand oval turns. Lol.


It weighs over 3500lbs. Sorry but it'll never be a Silvia. At least it's not as slow as the FR-S, i guess.


I've got a Taurus sho with your name on it pal! Hahaha kidding.


Get used to these tail lights its the new company car.


Mike Garrett gundanium2002 
i think it is a nice car, and also have tons of potential to modifie.
but its not like a new silvia for me .
why does it have to be the new silvia? 
its the new mustang, no v8? doesent matter its 2015
soon all of these cars will have electric motors.


What happened next is something I’ll never forget. And if you’ve ever driven an old V6 Mustang you’ll know it isn’t so shocking.
i like play games


mrkollos This video + good speakers is giving me tingles.


I think it's be really cool to see it modified as if it were an S16 Silvia in Japan. Lowered, Rays wheels, mildly aggressive engine tuning, aftermarket seats, and some mild aero upgrades.


Tiohouette Zebra P Knee Ford Falcon Larger engine? Both are based on the 4.0L I6…
On another note - I cannot wait to see what numbers EcoBoosts with simple bolt on mods will produce! Weight could be an issue though.


True that. I totally agree with you point. Thank You Images with dogs


BottlefedGT500 XTad Most definitely! ESPEACIALLY the older push rod 3.8s and 4.0 V6s.
And I will even be THAT guy and toss the newer VG series motors (3.5-3.8) into that heap. One of the few engines that I actually prefer stock vs aftermarket exhaust. A very blithery, hollow, laborious,  sounding engine note from that particular V6. Nothing about it sounds performance bred at all.


@Kernelpanic Quite well actually.


After watching Moog philosophize about buying a car that you've told yourself is off limits, and looking for something different from my FB RX7, a turbo Mustang might just be what I go for next. I've had the idea that I'd like a WRX as my next daily after college but the fact that the Mustang is about the same price, RWD, more HP, an option for Recaros from the factory, and the potential for a huge aftermarket, maybe I should try something different too.




Mike Garrett MrSOLOMON85 I was lucky once, too. The day after watching Halicki's Gone in 60 Seconds, I went to Köln in Germany, and guess what I saw? A '71 Mach 1 Mustang cruising the streets. Germany needs more muscle.


I feel that the genesis coupe 2.0t beat the mustang as the spiritual successor to the Silvia line by 6 years. Though the new mustang is bad ass I feel that it has a lot in common with the genesis coupe now.


If Nissan made an S16 today, it could possibly weigh close to that due to all the mandatory safety gear it would need


totally agree


I'm new to all of this! Got my Ecoboost Mustang and want to know what gear did you Dyno test? was it 4th?


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