Lexus Brings The Muscle To Detroit

We’re just a few days into 2015 and already the excitement is flowing thanks to a couple of big events to kick off the new year. One is the Tokyo Auto Salon which will be going down in Japan this weekend, and the other is the North American International Auto Show which will kick off next week in Detroit. Some very impressive machinery is set to debut in Motor City, and Lexus got an early start on things by dumping some info on its new 2016 GS F.


Like the RC F Coupe that came before it, the GS F is aimed right at its luxury performance rivals and looks to mate the go-fast goodies of that car with a roomier four-door sedan platform.


Power for the GS F will be supplied by a 5.0-liter V8 making 467 horsepower and 389 pound feet of torque. The transmission is an eight-speed automatic and there’s also a multi-mode torque vectoring system on board.


Perhaps best of all, Lexus has said that with a weight of just over 4,000lbs the GS F should have a significant weight advantage over its competition.

You can expect to hear a lot more about this car after its official debut next week.

Mike Garrett
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Lexus is the only manufactuer that makes new cars that i like. Sweet


Why can't they make poverty pack lexus's and badge them as toyotas


GregFentonHNHS they do but only in Japan the Lexus IS is a Toyota Mark X in Japan but with better looking design compared to the Lexus


4k and weight advantage do NOT go together =P


Finally a Lexus with a nice looking interior, the one on IS F looks way too busy. That frontend need some work though..


No clutch pedal = no interest at all.


I think a manuka option ahold be present


One of the only set of factory wheels I've liked in at least 10 years. Not too excited about the rest tho.


My wife messaged me at work to tell me that she wanted one. Lol.


that front end is ugly AF. Why so my mesh???????


DaGuy I wonder the same thing about Audis.


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since when is 2 ton light!!!!


Kwong GregFentonHNHS v8?


I like Toyota/Lexus' recent sporty resurgence but this one seems like a half-effort. If it's supposed to be Lexus' answer to the M5 and E63, it sort of falls flat, even with a minor weight advantage. It seems like Lexus is building these cars without benchmarking them against their natural German rivals (the weight of the RC-F is a bit appalling and the chief engineer has said he doesn't pay attention to benchmark vehicles). I don't know why Lexus believes it has the pedigree to pretend like it doesn't need to play the catchup game with the Germans. This is the first GS-F whereas BMW has built its 5th generation of the M5 now. Same with the RC-F vs the M4. 

The GS-F needs to undercut the M5's and E63's of the world not just in terms of weight but also price. Customers in that market buy the highest spec version of the mid-size luxury sedan for bragging rights and unfortunately the GS-F's powerplant is the same one in the RC-F which would make more sense in a new generation IS-F (to mirror M3/M4). If Lexus prices this in the realm of the M5, it'll be a sales tanker.


Smiggins DaGuy agree Audi kind of started that trend with huge grills... I know cause I once owned a 05 A6.... but several auto makers are going overboard with it now


Sport car with Automatic transmission. LAME


Chris Nuggets very few people will use these cars on 100%, why bother by comparing benchmarks, 0-60 acceleration, etc? If you going to drag race someone every light signal or stop sign, no matter what car you have, it will not last long. It's like overclocking in computer world - people measure who can do the best, but still , they utilize only up to 30% CPU 97% of the time unless their are gamers and do nothing other than play games, but even then GPU is what you want to upgrade, not CPU.


Chris Nuggets No matter if RC F lose to GTR or M5 or E63, it is a great car and fun to drive. I like the interior, dashboard, features and technology Toyota put in RC F even if M5 will accelerate in 1-2 seconds faster 0 to 60. People don't choose a cars only because it's faster, there are many other reasons to choose one over another.


Just left Japan. It seems the RCF is quite popular there. I dont recall seeing a single M car during my visit. Maybe Lexus isn't concerned with rivals because by the looks of it, they're doing well.


Ask her how many cylinders the engine has, and what is so special about this car. If she can't answer get her GS 350 F Sport :) maybe she just liked the color?