11,000rpm+ In A Kiwi-Flavoured Lemon
JUN Is Back

Just when I thought that nothing innovative could be done with the ZN6/ZC6 platform, this brightly coloured thing comes along! It’s been years since we’ve seen JUN in the limelight (if you get it, pardon the pun) – a shop famed for not only creating some of the wildest and fastest cars to ever come out of the Japan performance tuning aftermarket, but one that never bolts on catalogue parts, Oh no, JUN created the catalogue, because as well as having their own workshop and garage, the long-established company has a machine shop that churns out forged billet cranks, connecting rods, camshafts and all sorts of other tasty engine components.

For their newest project, however, they have gone and done something completely different…


The JUN BRZ really screws with your senses. Look up at this image and imagine the compact little Subaru coming towards you. Being a tuner demo car you would probably assume it’s running a less restrictive exhaust, maybe unequal-length manifolds for some old school boxer engine burble, or maybe the tell-tale sounds of forced induction. But all that couldn’t be further from the truth.


I’ll return to that train of thought in a second, but first I want to talk about the look of the car. It often seems like style comes before function these days, but the first thing I thought upon seeing JUN’s car up close was how fresh it looked. But wait, what – no overfenders? What an absolute travesty! Jokes aside, to me this BRZ has all the hallmarks of a JDM demo car from the ’90s golden era – that is, factory-proportioned bodywork with a few select aesthetic additions to set it all off.


Simple is usually always best and I think that what JUN have created here looks so right. I mean, isn’t this what 95 per cent of ZN6/ZC6 owners would do to their cars?


ings supplied the carbon fiber vented bonnet, which not only looks the part, but more importantly helps rid the engine bay of unwanted heat. Function dictates form it seems.


I keep coming back to this, but light customisation is enjoying quite the boom lately. Valenti collaborated on the project with JUN, supplying their new headlights with integrated orange LED turn signals.


The stock BRZ front bumper remains, but its look has been improved upon with the addition of an exquisite JUN carbon fiber lip.


The lip flips upward as it makes its way around the corners of the bumper adding slight aerodynamic effect, and more carbon is used on the JUN skirts and the JUN rear bumper finishers. Again we find a Valenti touch, this time in the form of concept car style taillights.


It’s a nice ensemble of parts, all geared towards performance. And that was the intent, because this car was actually built to attack time at Tsukuba and Fuji.


How low it sits is testament to this; the fender wells consumed by Yokohama Advan Racing GT wheels in a purposeful fitment. The 18×9.5-inch alloys run Advan A050 tyres, the stickiest compound available.

A Dream Engine

As JUN’s Tanaka-san watched over his new baby, it was time to lift up the bonnet and reveal what this BRZ is all about.


Imagine if you were tasked with coming up with the best engine configuration for a specific chassis. It would need to have all areas covered, which for the ZN6/ZC6 means compact dimensions, light weight, a high specific output and a decent amount of torque. Of course, a sweet soundtrack wouldn’t go amiss as well. Now, what if I told you that this motor exists? Meet the Synergy V8 – possibly the ultimate 86/BRZ engine. Period.

So what on earth is it, and where did it come from you might ask. Well, to make a long story even longer – because it’s just so damn interesting – this compact V8 actually hails from New Zealand. It was here that Synergy Power came up with a great idea to take two Kawasaki 1,200cc four cylinder motorcycle engines and combine them at the crank. As you might imagine, that’s something easier said than done, which is why they have gone full out. This is no backyard hack job – it’s a pure, top-level competition engine that features a billet crankcase with eight high-spec connecting rods and forged pistons, connected up to a fully-counterweighted forged billet flat-plane crank. Do I have your attention now?


The engine was initially developed for midget car speedway racing in New Zealand, but the idea to drop it into a street car was always something that Synergy wanted to do. So after a good couple of years of testing, planning and development, they’ve come up with a 100 per cent complete, drop in and turn-key solution for the ZN6/ZC6. Imagine that, an engine swap that just slots in place, bolts up to the stock transmission and allows all of the electronics – ABS, traction control, cruise control (if you have it), stability control – to function just as they do in the factory-spec car. All of this is yours for $70,000 – a price tag indicative of its high-end components and hand built quality.


Fitting this little V8 in a stock 86/BRZ has multiple benefits. You shave 30kg off the factory curb weight, lower the centre of gravity, shift the front-to-rear weight distribution 2 per cent rearward, and of course have more power to play with. And this is where things get really fun, because this particular motor develops 356hp at 10,300rpm and 271Nm at 8,000rpm. The redline? 11,600rpm.


Are you frothing at the mouth yet? Thanks to an adaptor plate which is included with the kit, the V8 bolts up to the stock 6-speed transmission, but you do need to alter the final drive to align the ratios with the high-revving capabilities of the engine. That’s unless you want to do 240km/h in third gear! JUN have addressed that aspect in this build with a SARD Torsen Racing LSD running a 5.125 final.

Looking at the above picture you can see just how compact the Kawasaki ZX12R heads are, and how easy it would be to change a spark plug in comparison to the FA20! The heads are fed air through eight 46mm throttle bodies breathing through beautifully crafted velocity stacks. On the lower left side image you can see the electric water pump that is employed in the system, and since the engine runs a five-stage scavenger pump for its dry sump the oil tank is positioned in the right corner of the bumper and can easily be filled up through the stock oil filler.


Nick Rogers of Synergy Power is currently over in Japan working with Tanaka-san to help get the Subaru running just right. Aside from their own development car back in New Zealand – which Speedhunters Editor Pedey will be borrowing for an all-out, limiter-bashing test on some classic Kiwi mountain roads next month – the JUN BRZ is the only other ZN6/ZC6 in the world using this unique engine.


Which of course makes it a very special car.


It’s incredible seeing just how compact this unit actually is. I mean, look at the complex design of the exhaust manifolds, which are able to be used with plenty of room to spare. These dump gasses into a 3-inch stainless steel XForce exhaust.


I really like how JUN has chosen to retain the stock tail pipes to emphasise the plug-and-play nature of this high-end engine swap.


The induction noise, however, is just as intoxicating as what comes out the rear, although it doesn’t really start to sing until around 7,000rpm. Mind blowing!


The velocity stacks are closed off against the bonnet and are fed air through a carbon fibre intake that connects up to the stock air intake in the grille. The throttle bodies are actuated though a modified GM motor and everything gets controlled via a MoTeC M150 engine management system. The latter explains how the car is able to run an engine like this, yet still retain all its stock features like traction and stability control.

You can hear what the car sounds like in this clip of it being set up on the JUN dyno around a month ago. The numbers achieved on this run are the ones I’ve quoted in the spec list below.


So, you can kind of imagine what the car sounds like at full chat. Forget all similarities to a flat four engine – it’s like a pair of angry Kawasaki Ninjas coming at you!


There are many neat details with the conversion, but I really like the strut tower bracing solution. With the airbox in the way a conventional bar couldn’t have been used, so this is what’s been come up with.

Built For The Track

Like me, you are probably seeing this BRZ in a whole different light now, right? The idea is to take the car to Tsukuba Circuit late next month and see what it can do. Tanaka-san is pretty confident that it will lap in the 58-second zone. That would be damn impressive, but I’m just glad to see JUN getting back out on the track.


Tanaka-san has preferred to keep the car as stock and street-friendly as possible, which for the interior means modifications only extend to a pair of Bride bucket seats – the driver’s side fitted with an RH9 harness.


This may well be the second coolest addition of the kit – Synergy’s 13,000rpm tachometer. Just what you want to show off to your friends!


The JUN BRZ runs a set of race-oriented Zeal coilovers which have been set up to attack Tsukuba, taking into account the high levels of grip that the Advan semi-slicks will offer.


Since there are 165 extra horses to play with, it was obvious that a serious braking set up was needed. Enter Endless with their 6-pot monoblock calipers and E-slotted 2-piece rotors running high friction brake pads.


The rear gets Endless’s yet-to-be-released 2-pot calipers, which were developed especially for smaller and lighter cars like the 86 and BRZ.


With high track speeds at Tsukuba a given, an ings carbon fiber rear wing has been fitted to add a little rear downforce into the aero mix.


When perfectly nailed, a lot of time can be made up on the last corner as well as the section after the Dunlop bridge, so even if it isn’t as big as some of the massive wing we’ve been seeing on more extreme builds, the ings item will definitely add some rear end stability.


It’ll be fun to see how this project develops and what sort of numbers JUN will be able to achieve at various circuits. For the time being at least, it does make this one – if not the - most unique ZN6/ZC6 in the world!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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That engine.. Delicious :D


I dare to say that this is epic!


I love everything about this.


I haven't even read it yet. But Dino that opening picture is beautiful. Absolutely perfect.


This is REVOLUTIONARY build!


Nz is pumping out some great content lately. So stoked to see such a small quiet country go so far with engine building, great write up! The noise teaser was appreciated too, great stuff U0001f44d


WOW, finally some uniqueness in the BRZ/86.... hell the whole tuning community for that matter.
I love how the car wears proper camber (more in the FRONT) and has subtle exterior and interior modifications. Leaves it to the mechanicals to define the car. Brilliant.  This thing is a pure function creation and takes the form of a wonderfully unique and custom ride and that folks is why we love our performance cars. Makes me fall in love with tuning shops like JUN all over again.
Thank you Dino. Again, you deliver great "to the point" story and beautiful pictures. Cheers!


I want :) That is all.


A very light and small displacement V8 that really rev's in an already light BRZ,  got to be better fun than any 1000bhp GTR.  All I'd do delete the wing, change the colour and lose the decals. Love it.


This.  This is fantastic.  No widebody, wonderful V8, great color, simple body modifications.  Just outstanding!


Now that's smart to take a pair of Kawasaki engines to make a compact V8. 
I probably missed it but what's the weight difference between this and a Ford or Chevy engine? 
And can anyone build one with the right parts/equipment? 
Will this be the future of V8 builds...via the motorcycle???


That engine is also used in pro midget race cars. They are insane! And cost somewhere around $30k... I read somewhere they have a Hyabusa version that makes ~500bhp.


Dino, holy shit is this awesome.. I haven't seen ingenuity that impressed me like this in a long time.
Also, thank you for that video; that was icing on the cake.


Had to comment again just to say I want to see more about this engine!  It sounds absolutely brilliant!  It seems to me like there is probably a market for V8 engines like this, and the more we know and can spread the word around the more readily available they can become.


I wanted to love this car till i saw the engine reveal.  $70,000 must be the budget for the whole car because the midget community is throwing around the $27,000 number for the engine alone.  Radical has been offering the GSXR 1300 based RP V8 since 2004 with the same concept. A 2.6 to 3.2 liter V8, approximately 380 to 500 hp starting around $30K with no help mating it to a road car gearbox. I think the $27K for 156 more HP which is $176 per HP sounds silly.


This may be a rebirth of Takumi's race-engined AE86.


I do believe there is better V8 out there produce more power without gaining much weight , but I can tell you , this 11,000-rpm+ V8 is what I want , if I'm looking for a rather unique built ... by the way , swap that engine & get 30-kg lighter , that means the V8 is only around 100-kg ? But then I don't know the weight of FA20 though .


A sequential gear box would take this to another level.


Rad car? Yes. 70,000 rad? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooononono. 356hp and 200ft/lb tq are nice, the car is awesome, but $70,000?!?? Yikes. I hate to say it but SBC this car and be done with it. Also, to all that would call me a hater, I'm not, the car is awesome, just laughably overpriced.


The great JUN !!!... You built so many CRAZY subarus over the years, then you stick a V8 in it ?.... It's still a crazy BRZ but JUN you new all the Subaru motors !


Will there be an update on this after JUN has done some racing and a bit more testing? (Please say yes)


The Ford GT should have gone this route. Small displacement V8 goodness, instead of dropping in a V6 that does not fit in into it's personality.
as of this 2.4 Synergy V8, I want this motor dropped in a 240Z, so that the numbering label 240 represents the engine size as well


There is plenty room for turbines I guess ^o^. Awesome post mister..!!


RokStacker Yeah, I've seen Fiats' and Mini's going that route and tearing up the 1/4 mile.


You could drop a SBC and be done for $15k and make more power. You could also buy a Dodge Neon for $3500 and do everything this car does (point A to B). The point is to push the boundaries of what's possible. If JUN/ Synergy make this and it generates interest then *boom* 10 years down the road, after selling many of them and perfecting the machining process, the average consumer can get one for $5k and so forth.
It's not a numbers game for all people, myself included. It's about a sum of the parts and soul the car gets from a combination of modifications. Honestly say you have this car and a 1000whp BRZ with a huge twin turbo LS motor. Which would you drive on a Sunday in the mountains? I know I'd pick the light, rev happy, playful car over the sledgehammer power, never get traction, straight line one.


Great article Dino as usual.
Synergy is not the first company who try this. As a former Pro R&D Test driver for a few undisclose motorcycle manufactures I have seen test and abuse a few vehicles of this nature as engineering exercise as they call it over the years that well never made it to the public due to a few As#$%*-% on the share holders board that thought it was not a profitable idea.
In my humble opinion the idea is very clever indeed and a obvious choice. Is not really about making a small or light engine, I mean nissan has a 4 cylinder engine than can fit on a luggage bag and weight less than 80lbs and yessss theres plenty of cars engine outthere...but you miss the point of what if? This Its about exploiting the motorcycle technology that is very unique advance and impressive from the car tech. Because less face it...for high performance application motorcycles engines are better than cars engines because motorcycle engines are specifically conceived to be the most high performance and efficient available for they're sizes. When designing a performance engine, one must consider where in the rpm range they want the power to be optimized and design the entire system around that. We know that If you want a real wide power-band, supercharging or turbo charging is well the best option. But because of the nature of a motorcycle this is not really a option so for years motorcycle manufacture have push the envelope to create the most lightweight compact ,high rev, fuel efficient, most powerful and torquish engine they could without force induction despite a few exceptions in the 80's and until now the Kawasaki H2. And the result has been well pretty dam good. You can't even compare motorcycle engines with lets say car counterparts of the same litres capacity cause they will put cars to shame. The amount of hp and torque and rpms that the current crop of motorcycle engines are putting considering is size is simply mind bogging even when you compared the engines with carbs on them..Why? Simple cause pretty much all the high performance motorcycle makers Follow the same philosophy. (WIN ON SUNDAY, SELL ON MONDAY) And when you consider that they do all this with the Grip Area about the size of a credit card. Cause bikes don't have the benefit of 2wd or 4wd.. is one wheel and Rwd. You gotta take your hat for respect.
So to me the idea of converting a already excellent powerplant bike engine to be a V8 and power a car is obvious. And Im sure there's way more power to extract from that engine on NA form before going to force induction. And I would love to see more examples of bike tech getting down to cars.


Speedhunters, ye really need to check out this San Francisco car ASAP. An Irish spec AE86 road car with a full carbon interior and wait for.......a full on Formula Atlantic 4AGE 16v https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afXKI6CDdpQ&feature=youtu.be


kphillips9936 maybe, since joining two bike engines into one single V8 unit offers some advantages such as lightweight (the JUN BRZ's engine only weigh 92 kg), excellent power for a small size, and great high-revving fun. It is great for lightweight sports cars.


Is it Takumi's dad?


lost my jaw when it fell down, still looking for it :(


why flatplane and not crossplane crank?


Flatplane crank offers better performance, less weight, and better balance than crossplane crank. Also, it enhances that high-revving sound you'd want to hear out of that V8.


THIS is how a BRZ/GT86 should be modded, not with 20" wheels and airbagged.


In the dawn of the turbo/hybrid era as the dominant high performance powerplant it is refreshing to see a manufacturer create such a jewel such as this low displacement V8 screamer.  So. Much. Want.


"to me this BRZ has all the hallmarks of a JDM demo car from the ’90s
golden era – that is, factory-proportioned bodywork with a few select
aesthetic additions to set it all off."

WELL Said Dino ! 
I can't wait for seeing this thing on mountain roads.


Except the v6 engine the ford is using is as much for homologous on purposes as CAFE ones, so there's those 2 key details


Homologation...sorry typo


By the same token, the "logic" of dropping 50% of a depreciating cars new price into mods is a ridiculous concept, when that same money (new car cost + mod cost) always can get you a used car of a higher performance level. Depends why you mod - to keep up with e-friends and give e-high fives, or because it's your true hobby and passion.


For the BRZ owner who has it all... supremely awesome but quite impractical for the average BRZ/86 owner. 

Since I don't have $70k lying around, I'll have to sell my BRZ and buy a gently-used 911 Carrera S to get 360hp.


@Corey K Maybe you can get 360hp from Carrera but RPM is the key ! 11,000 RPM !!!


Need more videos...you guys are falling behind the other blogs...


My first thought when i read the title was, they put a Rotary in that Lemon.
But this is even more awsome!


I used to love high revving NA, but then tested a two liter diesel. Lol..
Unique, thats true.


The engineering that has gone into that is simply staggering!  Very much a case of 'if you have the money....'. but i don't see why that should be a boundary for bringing it to us. The spec sheet is to die for.

On a side note, there's a pic in there that contains a Mitsubishi GTO. It looks badass. Any more info on it? Or on any 3000GT/GTO's for that matter. I can't help but feel they are one of the 'forgotten' cars.


fcukin sick. i overlooked it at 1st cuz it was like oh well another 86 "build" that all about poise. But that engineering is epic. i can't get enough of that vid now


Have the owner shoot us an email! We'd love to set something up!


JJJ saw a similar motor in super street nearly 10 years ago. Wonder if it's the same guys just perfected.


@daniel_iser JJJ RPE has been making a v8 like this for a while now for Radicals maybe that?


@wanker Thanks for the feedback. Photo coverage will always come first, but more video coverage within our stories is definitely something we're working on!


So much awesome this car is. My eyes are like, wide open! Maybe it's because of that yellow. Love it!


Get a carrera engine, bigger displacement, less stressed, more torque! Better reliability, better parts availability, likely much cheaper to and does the same job. No a better job. Porsche builds the finest boxer engine, period!


tkohearns How can you compare an engine that weighs twice as much and probably doesn't even fit? Less power too, unless you opt for a GT3 engine - please show me your budget where this a cheaper option




GregoryS It is, no question!


Leebea W Thanks man :)


AdamL_Nz I agree, those Kiwis are nuts!! ...in a good way of course!


Popcorn22 Glad you liked the car and story :)


John Ireland it will be more fun for sure!


ChrisMcNamee Simple is best!


kphillips9936 Not sure on the Chevy but I'll take a wild guess and say it won't be lighter than the stock FA20


RokStacker Yeah and the package for the BRZ can be specified with more power...and turbos...


@researchisyourfriend :)


ChrisMcNamee Hopefully I can join JUN at Tsukuba this month when they time attack this lemon


AZMIDLYF Perfection level 10 lol


Brentonmartian Hoping I can join them at Tsukuba when they time attack it....


@Kart Works It's an option yes


Mike Garrett Yes, that is NUTS!


EvolveWRC Amen.


@Corey K Get a Cayman...


Masterwana Haha yes, but say a NA 20B in a ZN6 would be pretty cool too!


J45ON It's probably an abandoned customer car lol


speedhunters_dino ChrisMcNamee I'm sure it will be glorious listening to 11,000 RPMs spinning around that track.  I don't even care what time it makes, I just want to hear that engine!


tkohearns It's not a boxer engine, so I'm not sure why you bring that up, period!  This isn't about what's available, it's about doing something DIFFERENT!  Porsche makes beautiful, wonderful cars, but this is something different altogether.  Enjoy what the creative genius of others have wrought.
This coming from a muscle car loving, red-blooded 'Murican.

turbo BEAMS ae86

love it..but..no air filter??  rebuild 3000km?


speedhunters_dino AZMIDLYF

perfection level 11, why 11? because its one more than 10.


@turbo BEAMS ae86 It's built for time attack....


@turbo BEAMS ae86 The velocity stacks are closed off against the bonnet and are fed air through a carbon fibre intake that connects up to the stock air intake in the grille


I want to be impressed I really do but i just can't wrap my mind on how its a good engine swap especially for time attack. Like seriously why now put a 1 jz in it and call it good. Or you could just be normal and drop a 5.0ltr or more v8 in it for real performance. Cool build though i guess it definitely seems original


AZMIDLYF o nice one


JacobHerman1 1jz?  aka..the boat anchor..


MOU89 I want to see this battling the Touge Monster on Gunsai!


Dino do you know about what type of Oil they are using? And if they found any problem with oil viscosity retention or any other problem oil related? It would be very interesting to know since this is in essence a ZX12 engine. I'm assuming that at some point along the development of the engine the talk about changing oil came up..since there's no longer a wet clutch or transmission needing the specific motorcycle oil.


Now someone need to do a Hayabusa engine swap in a ZN6 ;D


@MyLifeAsLouis Wouldn't that yield less power than stock?


EhruMejil No I don't sorry but I can find out if you like


JacobHerman1 Let's see what it can do at Tsukuba first?


Only wat this car could be any better is if it was black.




simplyraka By virtue of flat-plane V8s not requiring balancing shafts, they can be made with a lighter rotating mass and therefore are better suited to high revving implementations. The downside being much higher secondary vibrations which make them less well-suited to modern road vehicles. Well, aside from a few high performance ones.

I imagine that mating two I4s at the crank is easier done with a flat-plane than a cross-plane too.

Gianluca FairladyZ

One hell of a car..!


Thanks for the great write up Dino. I knew as soon as the car showed up on your instagram that seeing a feature was only a matter of time.

For those interested, here is the Synergy V8 installed in said midget race car for size comparison:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/QlBRAILZK18" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

and an article on how it was converted to be used as a stressed member (cough) in a Dallara hill climb car:


speedhunters_dino @turbo BEAMS ae86 Some people don't get the concept of having a well-handling car with a usable power-to-weight ratio I guess. If you want to go faster, add lightness.


RayHMKishimoto sitting in the passenger seat with drift professionals drifting would be awesome!


cswasaikou Or you can drift this car in a large empty no-obstacle parking lot!


RayHMKishimoto I don't wanna wreak it ^-^; you can do it! Do you have snow storm today? Perfect day for such feats :D


cswasaikou Not really, a bit of snow, a bit of wind, but feels very icy cold. -21 but it's -36 with windchill.


Beautiful in every way.


Speedhunters Video's deter me. Photographs intrigue me!


I wonder how the power delivery feels, I'm guessing this will feel like an S2K on steroids......


NIIIIIIIIICE... If i had the money!!!


Thanks mate that would be awesome.
By the way....Please tell me you saw the New Nismo LMP1 contender for Le Mans this year and that soon you will have a featured!!


Thanks mate that would be awesome.
By the way....Please tell me you saw the New Nismo LMP1 contender for Le Mans this year and that soon you will have a featured!!


Francis M Very linear, until it starts pulling hard!


EhruMejil Seen it, but that thing is in Europe, not Japan. And Nissan wouldn't let anyone close to it...


westhave speedhunters_dino Quite


Lol!! By the way Dino how can I get in contact with the Editor in Chief: Peter Kelly or Director of Partnerships: Fred Chang ? Or you in a more business like & private way. I try to use the speedhunter commercial partnership area but my msg did not go through. Is there any other way? Its very important.


Superb car. Watch and learn Bryn


I can't wait to see and hear this lap Tsukuba!!!


I have always been a fan of JUN and how they build and set up their cars. It's nice to see them do something a little different too. I looks forward to seeing their results.


nice to see a ZN6 without a rocket bunny kit!!


How refreshing to see one without a wide arch kit on it, a much more real world looking BRZ and a look that is within reach of most owners. That engine though! WOW!




Need more videos. 
Signature: http://www.games2girls2.com/ | http://www.kidsgamesonline.net/


I have seen the future, and it is powered by modular engines (but specifically V8's) derived from motorcycle engines. First came the Hyabusa V8, then some air/oil cooled 8's and 12's on YouTube, now we have a the Kawasaki V8 from JUN. This is a beautifully balanced, compact, and powerful engine designed from the get go for multiple-vehicular use through trans-adapter plates. If they could get the price down, I could see this engine being swapped into STi's and maybe even a heavily modded SVX or two.


I wonder if JUN could use the current design to fast prototype a 2.0 liter V8 based on the 998cc supercharged 300hp mill of the new Ninja H2R. 2 inline 4's joined by a common flat plane crank , yet each bank retains it's own supercharger. I can see this, with proper engine management, producing around 650hp and still utilize the factory rods, pistons, and assorted components.


Simple y sencillamente los Japoneses están locos...... pero tienen mi respeto.....


I am going to sound like a purist, but I was expecting a flat engine @ 11000rpm, kinda disappointed.


It is a same it is almost 100k to build this beast. 350 N/A hp would be a blast in the BRZ.


screaminogre Its never enough is it?


Nope. It's okay though, because I don't believe you can have too much of a good thing. I have to admit, the sound this engine makes as it screams through the power band towards red line sends shivers up my spine.


Nice show piece but that engine is not viable for the real world. You could get that flat 4 built and turbo'd for half the price and with better numbers. By the time lightweight internals are in I doubt theres a difference in weight either.


Wow.  I think this is my favorite FRS/BRZ build so far. Light, high revving, not too crazy with the horsepower.  Nice and clean.

Also, those headlights look great.  Does anyone know where to find them online?  I can only find the Valenti tails.


Deadass - This car needs to be DLC in Gran Turismo


@Tim Wrong - Engine has been in testing for some time and they recon 60k miles before rebuilds etc - or 40hrs of full on hard racing!
Our shop will be getting one soon....


@Tim Wrong - Engine has been in testing for some time and they recon 60k miles before rebuilds etc - or 40hrs of full on hard racing!
Our shop will be getting one soon....


JacobHerman18  As badass as the 2jz is, it weighs a ton compared to this engine a pushes the weight way out over the front axle. This engine is lighter than the stock boxer and lowers the center of gravity.
If you want to drop a full size V8 in one the GM LS is by far the best choice.


Or you could get the holeshot 2.8L V8 weighs under 200lbs with a potential 500-950HP depending how hard you want to push it. For less money with a greater upside. F1 has shown the way for years when it comes to the power to weight ratio. We should follow suit.


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Great to see light weight naturally aspirated engine application well matched to 86/BRZ platfrom


tkohearns A carrera engine is a boat anchor in this application. its all about weight.  weight savings comes at a price.


This is an amazing car with an amazing engine! I really love this car!

Enrique Segarra Detres



how did u do it, shes a beauty


The perfect V8 swap besides having to be rich to buy it lol just gotta settle for a 1UZ.


If i wasnt so obsessed with rotaries, this would be my dream build!