The End Of Cars & Coffee Irvine?

Cars & Coffee Irvine is one of the greatest automotive events on the face of the earth, and if circulating rumors are true it may be coming to an end. According to a report from Millionaire Club and word from several event regulars, it seems that there will be no more Cars & Coffee Irvine after the end of this month

The story is that the owners of hotels and condos being constructed near the Mazda/Ford HQ in Irvine have complained about noise, and if the event is to continue a new location will need to be found. While I would hope a suitable new venue is able to be secured soon, this is not good news for the Southern California car community. The question now is, where to relocate it to? Perhaps a local business will offer up its parking lot? Some have suggested a move to the nearby former El Toro air base or local shopping mall. Any ideas?

This is the event that stared the Cars & Coffee movement across the world, and to see it shut down would be a huge blow for everyone. Here’s hoping this gets sorted out soon.

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I'm actually more impressed at the nerve of some people to complain about the C&C for noise where in fact heavy construction equipment can pump out more dB.

And I am even more astounded that the Irvine Company even WANTED C&C to be shut down for good. I mean, I thought the Irvine Co. has made this part of them.

If there's anyone to blame, it's Irvine Co. Just read the things Jalopnik commenters had to say:

If this isn't private-company tyranny, I'd say Marcos was kind during Martial Law!


What the hell?  10 years from now you won't be able to sneeze without someone filing a noise complaint. Come on, people; we have to learn to live beside one another and be a little bit tolerant now and then.  SMH.


Slappy Pistons I've read enough speculative fiction to get what you mean.


I've never been to a C&C (hooray for living in the Midwest) but even I know that getting rid of this event is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Noise complaints? What do you expect people to do, stick a muffler on their cars that are worth millions of dollars? Some people need to realize how stupid this is.


Irwindale speedway parking lot?


...and I never got to go:(
Buy all the people in the condo earplugs.


DaveT  Or tell them to suck it up and deal with it. Granted, that probably would make the situation worse.


Billy J DaveT  Probably. Sadly it probably comes down to who has more money/clout.


DaveT Billy J  unfortunately that's probably true. Money rules everything.


I hope the rumors are not true Mike. I'm originally from the L.A. area, but live in Vegas, and I always make the drive to L.A. for events like these. I'm actually going to the one coming up this December 27. El Toro air base would be great, also maybe the parking lot outside of the LA Coliseum, Irwindale Speedway, Fontana Speedway or even the Home Depot Center also known as StubHub Center home to the LA Galaxy futbol (soccer) team. Big open space, for many cars to attend. Just my opinion.




unfortunate circumctances, i hope everything works out!  ...dat celica doe


Assuming the cars are street legal, and doing nothing illegal (like burnouts and other reckless driving) is there really anything they can do about it? I mean could I have my car kicked out of a parking lot for being too loud even though it meets the all of noise/emissions/safety requirements set forth by the govornment? Now, I haven't been to any Cars and Coffee meets in Irvine, but I have been to one in Colorado and there was only a little noise. Sure, there were big rushes of loud cars leaving/coming at the beginning and end of the meet but that lasted like 15 minutes. All the other cars came/left individually causing only the same noise level as they would driving down the road. 95% of the time the cars were parked and making no noise at all!


I used to attend the original cars and coffee when it was at Crystal Cove on PCH between Laguna and Newport. It was 630-930am and about 40-100 super cars and mint classics would come and really drink coffee from th local Starbucks in the shopping center.


I used to attend the original cars and coffee when it was at Crystal Cove on PCH between Laguna and Newport. It was 630-930am and about 40-100 super cars and mint classics would come and really drink coffee from the local Starbucks in the shopping center. After a short period of time (month or so) it became a mad house at 930am when there would be a line of super cars waiting to get onto PCH heading for Newport. They would do a good 0-80mph run while men women and children stood by experiencing the sounds, smells and sights of priceless cars being run to high rpms. It was all fun and was quite the way to spend a Saturday morning with your father/mother. But then some people had to be idiots. They would loose control and endanger people's lives on a public hwy. the complains came and so did the cops. There were rubber marks all over a beautiful hwy and accidents from reckless hooning out of the parking lot.
It moved to a few locations after management shut it down in Crystal Cove and then landed at the Mazda HQ in Irvine (30min drive away but closer to the wealthy Newport crew). Should C&C be shut down? YES. Why? Because to the non car enthusiate it is reckless, loud and can pose a serious inconvenience to the locals. We need to educate the C&C populous to let them know that not everyone is into 9k redline bouncing and backfires and burnouts. For those that are, it's amazing. For the vast majority of non car enthusiasts, they behavior untollerable and it should be for cars enthusiasts as well. WE WANT TO GROW OUR PASSION by introducing children to car culture and the overall beauty of such simple and complex machines. Set a good example to everyone and stop your hooning. Your ruining it for generations to come. Until we can find a venue that will not tolerate such behavior, and educate our fellow (wo)man we need to shut it down and have a bit of a "time out" to realize what we have done wrong.


Billy J Where in the Midwest are you located?  Many larger cities have a C&C event or something similar.  I live in Dayton and we even have a C&C event during the summer.


Sorry, hit post before I was done and can't delete now :(


I say right in the apartment complexes of the people complaining. Like seriously people get a life and find something legitimate to complain about. Can we go drift through them.
I'm just sick of people complaining about noise or cars, so go sit in a hole people and knit your own earmuffs.

I would say Greddy HQ in Irvine, but that place is way too small, it definitely needs to continue though.


XtremeCookiez It's probably just a bunch of rich old farts, who don't work for a living and live off their families old money. I work down in the area a lot and people throw money like its free. Example, last week I did some work at someones house and as I was leaving someone down the street was having a Christmas party with a valet! and the house was small...


El Toro runways would be a great replacement, but it also is becoming a housing development really soon. I always attend the SCCA autocross events there, and it's a terrible shame that this venue won't be around for far too long. On that note, I recommend Speedhunters come to an autocross event at El Toro before its too late.
As for C&C, I've never been, but if it's bigger than Supercar Sundays events in Woodland Hills, then I can imagine that it would be harder to control the idiots that want to speed and rev and generally ruin it for everyone else. At SCS if you do that stuff, you are never allowed back.


UWerqxTeam_MJ To be honest I wouldn't be surprised. That company runs Irvine, hence all parking lots they own have green lines so that when Capt. Douche is in his helicopter above he can see all he owns. If it doesn't mean he makes money then he doesn't care for it. I say Mazda give him the finger.


It only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for all. Its not all too surprising given how much it has grown over the past few years that noise and idiotic behavior would soon follow in greater volume along with the shutdown.
People dont seem to get theyre in someone elses neighborhood on a saturday morning. The least they can do is be respectful and not perpetuate the stereotype that all car guys are inconsiderate knuckle draggers. You really want to make someone mad? Wake them up early on a weekend.


Is there a WalMart close by?
Just call the cars RVs- they love RVs!


Two thoughts:

1.  This was inevitable.  The Irvine Company wants to control everything in the city, especially property values and perceived safety.  It's an incredibly sterile, vanilla place to live and they intend on keeping it that way.  

2.  C&C Irvine's quality has gotten pretty terrible.  For those that go, it's really just nothing but R35 GT-Rs, newer 911s, some Lamborghinis, and some Ferrari Californias.  Oh, and now there are a ton of FR-S and BRZs.  That's pretty much the extent of it.

It looks like a Nissan or Porsche dealer there now.  People bring their brand new 2014 GT-Rs there as though they are something interesting to look at.


From the other side of the planet...


Coca Scola IDK man, I really don't think that was the issue.  There are always tons of cops there, and people don't want to get pulled over in front of 200 people.  Tons of the cars probably aren't even 100% legal and they don't want to draw attention.


@silentninja123 El Toro hosted its last autocross not too long ago. Looks like it's too late!


Project 350ZTT Sorry dude, when you pay taxes and own something and people are revving up and doing burnouts on the 1 or 2 days a week where you get to sleep in and not wake up at 5, 6, or 7 in the morning hustling out the door you have every right to complain about noise. 

Maybe, just maybe try and comprehend people being respectful and not dip shits and this kind of thing wouldn't happen. I know it's pretty hard for people to imagine, but just try and wrap your mind around it. When you pay taxes and own something, you get to call the shots. That's why people pay taxes. 

If you don't, please post your address and I will come outside your house every night at 2am, fire up my 2 stroke racing kart and rev it to 17,000 RPM until 8am every night. Would love to see your reaction after a few years of this.


@Chris I thought so too, but the lease with El Toro was renewed for the 2015 season.  Plus the 2015 CSCC solo2 schedule is already out with seven El Toro days!


Always wanted to visit this event and never got a chance to.  I am surprised, however, that a so-called Millionaire club couldn't afford a lawyer to fight this nonsense.  Hotels and condos can have sound proof windows installed. What's next? They gonna ask the freeway to relocate?


If this is an annual event it should have no reason not to continue. Other cities shut down for marathons, world cups and all kinds of other events. If your not interested in them then you find them nothing but an inconvenience but you put up with it because it makes other people happy. Events like this a part of what makes cities exciting and vibrant, instead of crushing them people should just be encouraged to respect one and other an hopefully enjoy whats on offer.


@Chris Project 350ZTT There's nothing disrespectful or "dispshit like" about it. The event was there YEARS before they moved in. It's simply a matter of one group of people enjoying something they have always been enjoying for years now being forced out by a new group who don't care to make any concessions to those who were there before.

It's not anyone's fault, but if blame must be assigned it lands squarely on the shoulders of the city planners, real estate mavens and the owners of the land deciding to sell out in the 1st place.

Either way, the enthusiast will adapt. We always do.


Popcorn22 arguing about how enthusiast should not tolerate 9 thousand rpm revving and backfires and over run noise is the most idiotic crock I've heard in a while. I would not care a lick about cars if it weren't for seeing and experiencing revving engines, burn outs, exhibitions of speed and etc. If you don't get Some of the most BASIC elements of auto enthusiasm, then you will NEVER get it.

That's like arguing against parades because they block streets and cause people to fill the side walks...oh and marching bands are to loud, and floats are tacky. SMH

Sorry, but you are no car enthusiast.


Implying I would want to hang out with "car guys" anyway, no thanks


Project 350ZTT XtremeCookiez How dare they enjoy their Christmas with a party and a valet for christ sake? What are these people doing having fun and spending their own money in a way that they want too? Careful, you may catch a glance of them seasonally smiling as you drive past hunched over your wheel envious at their lifestyle and angry at their total lack of respect for your feelings. The champagne-quaffing, elitist bastards...


Project 350ZTT 
'Can we go drift through them. I'm just sick of people complaining about noise or cars, so go sit in a hole people and knit your own earmuffs.' 
Yes - that'll sort it out. So, reading between your lines, I think you're saying: a considered and mature understanding of the need for dialogue between the two parties would ultimately come to an agreeable situation for both drivers and dwellers alike? Exceptionally well put.


dadecode Project 350ZTT dadecodeProject 350ZTT  It's the same thing with the roads I frequent. Every 4 years theres a bust because of kids doing donuts or burn outs. Guess what? The road has been there since the 20s. Guess what else? No one cares. Welcome to the real world. People are building things, population is going up and residents are moving in more and more places. 

"I should be able to make noise and do donuts because I've been doing it for 10 years" is a pretty rudimentary way to think about the world. The new group pay taxes, they are supporting infrastructure and politicians paychecks, schools etc. When you start doing that you will have some say in the matter. Only a very simple minded person doesn't understand the role of money and how it moves in a society and what influence that movement has on needs and desires of its people. 

I'm not even going to elaborate on this because I can tell at this point you're part of the donut crowd. Yes, blame the city planners...not your friends who want to try and look cool by dropping the clutch of their Honda and banging off the rev limiter because race car while people are trying to sleep at 7am on a Saturday.


@silentninja123 Very interesting! Maybe I will have to come check it out sometime next year. Very cool!


Turdburglin Haha well said. The C&C crowd have never appealed to me. You know where real drivers are on the weekend with their cars? He's a doesn't involve coffee!


dadecode Popcorn22 Well you're no rocket surgeon Dade. I suppose we all have our flaws. Merry Christmas, heres a gift:


That's a pretty overblown comment to be making at the event. While there are some newer cars like GT-R's, newer Porsches, Lambos, etc.. There are a lot of amazing, very rare cars that show up on a weekly basis + who ever said that looking at Lambos and GT-R's was boring??
I'm fortunate enough to live 15 mins away from this event, and it's worth walking up early to go check it out.
On top of the cars being some of the best in the country, it's a great place to meet car enthusiast. As a member of the industry, this has become a meeting spot for all of us to meet up and talk about business and debut our new shop cars, etc.
I've been here when Buggati brought two of their 1st cars from the early 1900's, when Toyota brought their Ft-1 concept, and when Mclaren 1st debuted their 650S to the public.
This is amazing, and I hope it will continue somewhere locally to where it is now. Maybe a public school parking lot??
Good luck C&C Irvine.


SRT FTW Billy J  NW Indiana around Chicago. Haven't seen anything about them since I moved here, but I haven't lived here that long.


We'll , I am from Australia and dropped in to C and C on September 20 this year. It was a cool , very laid-back affair with a genuine variety of car types. This is a truly enjoyable way to spend a few hours while the Missus is sleeping-in . There was no noise to speak friend and I waited at the exit for any stupid behaviour and must say everybody was very subdued. Sorry to tell you that we were hoping for...something. Enthusiasts should have a place to meet-and-greet without having to prepare their car for two days and this place fit the bill. So ; I really hope the event remains unmolested. Just my two cents worth.


No car enthusiast? Ha, let's just have a hypothetical situation. You own a bad ass rev limiter installation shop. All you do everyday is watch cars spirt fire and bang backfires and do burn outs. Life is exceptional for you and your neighbors don't care one bit. Then one day your DJ shop neighbor has an outdoor music festival every Wednesday at noon. It's a 4 hour outdoor party where kids drop acid and some end up throwing bottles of beer through your shop windows. They are making it so customers can't enter your shop. That effecting howuch people respect your shop and pay you. Sooo you..... Just take it like a bad ass and say ok DJ people don't give a f* and I'll work around that on Wednesdays from here on out? YEA. RIGHT.
Learn that we need to respect one another make it so OUR love of cars is accepted by many. That way maybe your neighbor doesn't mind the occasional get together.
If you want 24/7 but outs and rev limit spikes, go to a drag strip. Is real cars guy invented sanctuaries that we can get away to to gain our fix of everything that is right with performance automobiles. You just need to learn to go to the appropriate place to have your giggles.


Popcorn22 For him to understand that would require the ability to actual think and comprehend problems solving. I think you're asking too much of him. We should go in together to get him a dictionary and some books for Christmas.


Billy J SRT FTW Chicago may have something...  I know a few local GTR owners who deal with AMS... I'll ask them if they are aware of any events.


@Chris Turdburglin That's why events like C&C are early in the morning - to meet up and socialize and then head out to events that start later in the day (shows, track events).
My only gripe: detailing my car at 7:00am.


SRT FTW Billy J  Alright,cool! Now, to get a car I can take to a C&C event...


misalignedhatchback Project 350ZTT XtremeCookiez hahaha, there is nothing I am at all envious about their lifestyles, other than the cars. There are so many spoiled rotten child adults there and I am happy that my parents raised me to work for my own. you must not know what old money is also or live in the area for that matter. You also missed my main point being that they have no concept on the value of money and what it means. It's much more satisfying to build your own empire than sit on top of someone elses..


@Chris Turdburglin Last weekend,a 1963 Peugot 404 was at C&C.  Why do I mention this?  A week before, that same car was lapping Sonoma (albeit slowly.)  
The same is true of me, but I drove a normal Miata to C&C and left the LeMons car at home.  People who go to the track don't do it every single weekend.  There's no need to invent mutual exclusivity in this case.


It's not an annual event it actually happens every Saturday morning


TokyoCarGuy Millionaire club has nothing going up against a multi-Billions dollar company such as the Irvine Company who control most of the land developments in all of Orange County.


Us Charlotteans had our C&C "cancelled" due to an idiot in a mustang, but then it  came back the next month at the same venue (albeit with a needed police presence). I'm sure this will get worked out one way or another shortly.


PDyerHB, too bad there is so much angst among supposed car enthusiasts.  It matters not who shows up but that they do! If your into bringing your ride to a car gathering at 5:30 am on a Saturday anyone should be welcome.  Problem with the event is it became too successful and the dedicated people who organized it every Sat morning at 4:30 am got tired.  Ford paid for the police, Taco Bell opened their parking structure and both were constantly rewarded with trash and disrespect of their property.  Additionally, the police presence ultimately didn't deter the fools who would be boy racers between 5:30 and 8:30 am revving whatever they brought, including Moto's,  to all levels of high RPM's.  Stupid.

There are, however, some key people who are not Millionaires working to find a new location but it will be difficult.  Those of us who go regularly are hopeful that we can find another location and that the real enthusiasts will prevail.  It is a social event.  If the G-R's, Porsches, Ferrari's, Lambo's, and VW Beetle Club are the ones who honor the event, so be it.  It does not matter.  Bye the way, most of us clean our cars Friday night in anticipation of seeing something new every week!


What I'm surprised about most is that none of the obscenely wealthy participants hasn't offered a replacement venue. The medium-sized parking lot was ideal. One way in and out (no traffic running through to get to a store), limited space to keep the stock accord with tons of stickers out in the parking structure, and being close to the freeway were part of what made that venue great. I hope someone steps up with a place in an industrial setting so we don't have to go through this again. The Great Park would be OK I guess, but it would have to be rented. Oh, and it's in Irvine.. let's not.


Popcorn22 Your argument falls flat for one reason, I have no problem letting a neighbor live his life. I DO have a problem with people destroying my property. So how should adults handle such a situation? I'd go by on a Tuesday and get to know him. I'd talk music and see what makes him tick. I'd see what he drives and get some cross pollination of interest going, and then I'd let him know that some of his "guest" got a little out of hand last time and It would be cool if he would do his best to make sure the crowds acted responsibly.

It's literally that simple.

As far as I'm concerned he could blast his music and 'Block Party it out' as loud as he wanted on Wednesdays from 12-4pm. Just so long as he understands how I get down and has no problem with what I do. If he did have one; come by and talk to me and we'll see what we can do.

In america these days, all anyone wants to do is call the cops and get litigious. and 90% of the situations are simply between two people who refuse to get to know their neighbors - never mind give them a first crack at solving a "problem" that they are causing.

As to your solution of "just go to the track" well I hate to tell ya, but the number of tracks are shrinking by the day. And to a tee EVERY track or place of refuge that "car guys" had for some good automotive fun; was there LONG before the complaints started or the apartments went up, or the new sub-division was planned. And EVERY time it was the track, drag strip, drift pad, or isolated back road that was given up by the enthusiast. 

Back when I was stationed at Luke AFB, they built a nice autocross pad and road course at the end of the runway just outside the fence of the airbase. It was closed in less than a year! Guess why? NOISE COMPLAINTS!

Noise complaints about the cars and bikes. REALLY?!?!? When you have 200+ F-16 fighter jets taking off 3 times a day 5 Days a week; from 6am-8pm!! Plus regular visiting aircraft activity all weekend as well. Now let me add this. People have been complaining about the Air Base for years as well. But guess what, that base was there when NO-ONE lived within 20 miles of it. and if the US GOV has anything to say about it, it will continue to be there for years more.

In the end the owners/operators of the Race track simply didn't have the clout, or the money to legally fight with the surrounding home owners associations, and local gov when they revoked their permits, so it closed.

Just like all tracks and car meets; those who don't get it or aren't interested, simply say "F you, get lost" to the car guys and we simply deal with the fact that it gets more inconvenient and more expensive to enjoy our hobby.


SeanStott C&C isn't for mind blowing car builds. It's for people to go and talk cars and meet car people. That's why it's called a car meet, not a car show. It's supposed to be social. If you don't like brand new GTR's then just wait for the next SEMA or whatever show.


dadecode Popcorn22 
Pump the brakes big boy, what if no matter how much you liked you neighbor and his guests continued to destroy your property. They endanger your family when they come by etc and no matter how much you try to talk your way into civility, his patrons continue to be dip shits? Hmm, I bet you wouldnt take to that behavior.  

C&C is a beautiful event. It is peaceful for the most part but you have those select few that act like idiots. Those idiots make it so the whole event is considered loud and obnoxious. Wrap your head around the fact that a V12 Ferrari at 8k rpm is great to you but not the average joe/jane. Especially when its at 5am in the morning while people scream and holler after he/she revs it. 
Ok so you say that since it was there years before the development went up its ok? Hello, IRVINE CA is a complete development. Its a hybrid of Industry and Housing is a strange combo. People who live in Irvine get to decide how Irvine is opperated. That is why they moved there. Its NOT the property of wealthy folks from Laguna, Newport, Costa Mesa, Corono Del Mar, and lower LA/Long Beach/ Huntington. They get to decide how their local community is run with elections, taxes and meetings. These people are traveling to someones back door and fireing off burnouts and YOU have the audacity to claim the venue is yours forever no matter how you behave in it.
We need to educate the common car enthusiast that  you need to follow road laws and noise laws WHILE ON A PUBLIC ROAD. I bet your the same guy that loves watching street races of Supras and Streetbikes while they swerve through traffic because F THE COMMON FOLK they can afford to loose a child or two because RACECAR!!!!!!!!!!  Race tracks are shrinking because the younger generation isnt taught that we need to drive carefully on public roads and PAY our money to drive "recklessly" on the track. If we did that, they would not be closing their doors. Hmm, thats a novel concept isnt it???


SeanStott Coca Scola Yeah I've been there plenty of times and I don't recall ever seeing anyone do anything too crazy. If they do, they are usually dealt with pretty quickly.


Popcorn22 dadecode  I'm getting the feeling you're just arguing to be arguing. No sense in going further with you. 

I'll just say this. I've been messing with cars hanging with like minded folks for over 20 years in the US, Japan, and Europe. And as I said before, those who get it get it. To the rest -  it's simply "obsession", by some mechanically minded weirdos.

No matter what we do, tracks will continue to be closed, and for those who aren't into it; complaints will continue to be filed. We will just continue to adapt and find new ways to enjoy our "obsession".


Does anyone know any info about the old MCAS Tustin base next to The District? You know, those two humongous hangers in the distance? There's bound to be some space in those acres.


@RustE They should have it inside the hangars, at least now because all that area is being swallowed up by crappy vanilla apartment buildings - that's a shame.


Check one or both of the Cars and Coffee facebooks for an organized effort to restart the event at the Aliso Viejo Town Center.