GoPro In The Streets Of Japan

GoPro has just released its latest demo video in glorious 4K, and as luck would have it, it showcases various street scenes in and around Tokyo. So click the 2160p quality mode, plug in your headphones, turn the volume up to 11 and prepare for 10 minutes of pure, unadulterated happiness from the land of the rising sun.

Bosozoku, exotics, monster Porsches, girls on bikes and plenty of flames – if this video doesn’t make you want to sell everything you own and move to Japan, we don’t know what will.

Peter Kelly
Instagram: speedhunters_pedey



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Some of these cars are still stuck in the 90's. Makes me wanna throw up.

But Oh my goodness, what beautiful sights!



Yep, this ain't fantasy land, seen it all with my own eyes!  People should really come and visit. Period!


i love japanese car culture, they will take cars to extents others would never dare regardless of make and model. Although i don't exactly like some customization done, its something to appreciate.


Man, tell me Chris Tucker's driving that Ruby Rhod-edition Murcielago up there in the header picture!


Man, tell me Chris Tucker's driving that Ruby Rhod-edition Murcielago up there in the header picture!


The driver of the Lamborghini with the "052" decal is the same man from this video:

Gianluca FairladyZ

i can't watch the video right now because i'm at work! But i'll go there anywhere :D Even if i have to wash plates in a shady restaurant to get extra credit!!


This is the best thing I've ever seen such great attitudes from enthusiasts.I need to leave my job of driving big trucks and work at getting to Japan starting a car club and never coming back ,well done speedhunters for bringing this to us,keep it coming!


great video!!!! great sound!!! I would love to visit Japan one day.....


géniale !!!


Good guy GoPro production team: lists every song played in the video


Good guy GoPro production team: lists every song played in the video


Nice video but the cars?... so ricer, awfull


Haha oh dear!


I need to go to Japan.


Just WoW !


only in japan...!


They don't care what other people think of them, it's what makes them different from the rest of the world that just follow trends.

Gianluca FairladyZ

It's Bosozoku style biaaaaatch..! *sry....*


I think this video is highly misleading. For any who has lived in Japan, it's more than apparent these groups of people are a minority. Car culture is not booming in Japan, if anything it's shrinking. Unless you seek out these meets, or actively look for people who are directly involved in car scenes the chances of seeing these cars is close to zero. A lot of people don't even drive compared to Australia/NZ/US and if they do it's usually a shared family car. Per capita I'd say there are more 'petrol heads' in Australia/NZ/US. Hopefully some people that have actually lived there like myself can back me up on this?


vontetris Yes, of course, but what would you like people to do? Film flames coming from a Honda Fit? Or a Nissan Serena? ;)


vontetris Yup, you are correct. However, that is exactly what GoPro was trying to show, albeit not very clearly stated. They went to Japan to capture this particular underground/counterculture scene. Note that their story pieces are of interesting and ultra compelling themes. Not necessarily what is mainstream or commonplace.


Dat symphony of V12s tho.


Thanks GoPro...Turned 4K on and my computer exploded. Writing this from my hospital bed.


Thanks GoPro...Turned 4K on and my computer exploded. Writing this from my hospital bed.


vontetris I agree with you as well. I lived in Okinawa from 2000 to 2004 and the car scene was somewhat pretty big for such a small island. It also helps that a lot of  military bases are located in Okinawa and a lot of young soldier take advantage of owning cars that they are not able to own in the US. 

But when I visited last year the car scene was somewhat non-existent. I was lucky enough to know a few people and was able to see what was left of the car scene. There are still private events but you have to know someone to actually attend. 

I want to say thanks to social media there is kind of a second wind to the car scene in Japan. It was dying but with everyone looking to Japan for the next car trend it has kind of helped the car scene regain popularity. I can't speak for mainland Japan but as for as Okinawa goes its getting smaller and smaller.


Artsee vontetris That's a fair point! Cool vid and credit where credit is due :) I didn't mean to single out this video for it, I just think there are a lot of videos/images portraying Japan as something that's it really no longer is. Maybe it was one of the opening lines from Nakai Akira? "Japan is car" crazy that made me think it was a tad misleading.


Was Luke Huxham involved in this? Totally feels like his work


3m 59sec WTF is that a kid???


I would never personally modify a car to that style or taste but you have to hand it to them for being different and standing out from the crowd. And they sure as hell know how to put on a show. Awesome footage. And those V12s on song. Epic short film!!


vontetris Artsee I feel ya. No doubt that the automotive scene has taken a hit, as more and more folks move to the city and leave cars behind all together. However, Japan IS "car crazy." The enthusiasts in Japan are some of the most passionate and dedicated (to car culture) people I have ever met. I have been going there for 13 years now (lost count of the times I have been lol) and the creativity and craftsmanship from everything going on in the classic to hyper techo, hashiriya madness scene,  never seizes to amaze me. Like these folks, I live and breathe automotive culture, but mostly vicariously. I immerse myself whenever I can, but I still have a corporate job behind a desk. I really admire the folks who have dedicated their entire lives to running their ultra niche little shops that keep us all inspired and in awe at the global level. The Japanese car scene is a perfect reflection of Japanese culture as a whole--ultra modern and extreme, yet unremittingly traditional and dedicated to specialization. 

One more thing, car fanaticism is still alive and well in the major cities, despite the limitations and costs associated with such a lifestyle. It's all about the neighborhood :) I see more variety of sexy metal on an hour walk in Aoyama or Daikanyama than I do in a couple weeks in San Francisco. Ask Dino...I think he completely fills up his phone weekly, with nothing but pics of awesome cars.


So much ruined italian supercars.. Japanese clearly has no taste for nice things.


@Frozenstar Don't hate donate.


I loved this GoPro vid. I've watched it a bunch already.


I loved this GoPro vid. I've watched it a bunch already.


I loved this GoPro vid. I've watched it a bunch already.


The crazy japanese ...... ;-) 
but good, i like i´t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've wanted to go there since 2012...still no luck.


@Frozenstar Dont hate...... uhhhh...... bitch


hearing any Japanese gear head speak with the passion of modifying cars makes me feel less crazy as a car guy in such a sickeningly stagnant car scene. amazing video


@Frozenstar Haters gonna hate and otters gonna ott


Loving 4k stuff. Poor lambos though. Great look at the neon culture though.