Scion Tuner Challenge: Your Help Needed

Voting for the 2014 Scion Tuner Challenge has just gone live, and our Cosworth-supercharged, ’70s IMSA-inspired Scion FR-S track day warrior needs your help.

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Follow the link above to check out all three amazing builds in contention and vote for your favourite (ours, obviously!). All it takes is a couple of clicks from you, and we will be that one step closer to glory.

Speedhunters Scion Tuner Challenge 2014 Maximum Attack FRS Otis Blank 071

We’re extremely proud of our retro racer-inspired machine and the talented team that made it happen; this isn’t a car built just to look the part, it’s set up as a genuine, well-balanced track performer, too.

Speedhunters Scion Tuner Challenge 2014 Maximum Attack FRS Otis Blank 041

Those after the finer details on this beautiful piece of workmanship need not worry; we’ll be running a full feature very soon. For now, check out our full list of specifications to whet your appetite:

Builder: Keith Charvonia

Designer: Andy Blackmore

Make/Model: 2015 Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0

Power: 300hp

Engine: 2.0L 4U-GSE  boxer engine; Airaid intake; Raceseng a/c delete, lightweight pulleys, oil cap and oil filter cover; ChaseBays tucked engine harness, clutch line, fuel lines, battery cables and coolant overflow tank; Delicious Tuning ECU tune and Flex Fuel kit; CSF radiator and filler neck; Charvonia Design shaved engine bay; Cosworth Stage 2.0 supercharger kit; JDL UEL header, overpipe, front pipe and 3-inch single exit exhaust; Odyssey PC680 lightweight battery and mount; Down Star bolt kit; HPS silicone radiator hoses

Suspension/Chassis: Raceseng Cascam Plates; RS*R Black-i coilovers; SPC Performance rear lower control arms; SuperPro front/rear sway bars, sway bar stiffening plates, SPC Performance rear toe arms; Charvonia Design rear seat cross-brace and lightweight front crash beam

Brakes: Wilwood forged Narrow Superlite big brake kit (6-piston front/4-piston rear with 12.88-inch rotors); carbon fiber brake ducts; ChaseBays brake booster delete and brake line relocation

Wheels/Tires: Custom 17×9-inch and 17×11-inch Rotiform BLQ wheels with brushed step lip and matte gold centers; ARP wheel studs; Nitto NT01 235/40R17 and 315/35R17 tires

Interior: JPM Coachworks custom leather trim; Charvonia Design shaved seatbelt mounts/airbag text, brushed aluminum trim, custom door panels and half dash; Takata 4-point RACE 4 ASM harnesses; Stack Pro Control boost, oil pressure and oil temp gauges; EIS Fibercoating interior flocking; Cusco 4-point roll cage with harness bar; TRD/Speedhunters custom Cobra RS Classic lowback bucket seats with headrest; custom Speedhunters-engraved Raceseng shift knob; Raceseng e-brake handle; Grip Royal steering wheel with laser-engraved Speedhunters logo; NRG steering hub/quick release; vintage Indycar and custom-fabbed pedals/footrest

Exterior: KM4SH overfenders with shaved screw pockets; Charvonia Design fender vents, rear diffuser, side window glass delete, shaved door handles/mirrors; custom front splitter; TRD Release Series 1.0 headlights; Grimmspeed hood struts; BASF R-M BC194 high hiding white paint with body work by Colin Stevens at Elite Auto Creations; Autotuned red-tinted Lexon taillights; Speedhunters/Takata tow straps; AeroJacket trunk; 3M 1080 vinyl graphics by Vinyl Loft; vintage Indycar dry break fuel filler with HPS silicone plumbing; Hot Rod Central hood louvers

Thanks to: Dan Gurney’s All American Racers, Gary Donahoe (AAR), Toyota Garage, IMSA; Eastwood, Joanne Leigh, Marshall Pruett, Kendall Charvonia, Travis Ohlhausen, Colin Stevens, Patrick Plehn, Zach Eyman, Andrew Clock, Dan Clock, Keith Ross, Matt Myers


The Speedhunters

Photos by Otis Blank



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Can't wait for the full feature!


My vote is in!
Why? Because yours really stand out. THe other two seem to blend in with other FR-S's around.

Go at it, boys and girls, pile them votes on the tribute to American racing Toyotas!


Update: SS has 46%, SH at 35%.


every vote helps, so appreciate the time any of the Speedhunters collective can give to vote. Luckily no registration or logins required.
vote at :-
Keith and I are massively appreciative of your support.


Love those wheels... would look perfect on my DR30 Skyline


Got my vote.


That supercharger makes the engine bay look sexy.


First it looks amazing from every angle, esp compared to the mock ups for paint picking.  Now I have to find something I don't like...
Those wheels - brake cooling ducts should make up for the lack of air they let through but I'm not expert on that so I can't really hate on them.  Wheels are so sick.
Ok, I'm just going to point out a lack of color in the engine bay.  Maybe intentional but it is partly a show car right? So I wish for more colorful eye candy (the supercharger looks insane). A little color goes a long way as was proved on the exterior. But there is no color in the bay.
No strut tower bar.  This is interesting because they are so common.  Why was it not necessary? I'm very curious. I see the bracing behind, maybe it has something to do with it.  Or proximity to the firewall.
Gotta vote for this because I'm sure I can find many more faults with the others.


superstreet almoust took my wote, tghou in the end SH FR-S ticked the most boxes for me :P
gonna be tight between those two, GT channel FR-S was bit disapointing, no offence


You definetely get my vote. Amazing job!


NICE! SpeedHunters just took over the lead! Your FR-S is seriously one of a kind. Awesome job.


Job well done. The only thing I feel could be improved on is if you had someone fab in a nice custom cage rather than just bolting in a Crushco one.


bluestreaksti The engine bay would have been left white because even though it was built for a show, it's a track car theme, and in a track car colour in the engine bay is the last thing you think about, and my guess is they didn't have a strut bar because they couldn't find anything that cleared the intake piping for the supercharger or just ran out of time to source something that would fit.


bluestreaksti The engine bay would have been left white because even though it was built for a show, it's a track car theme, and in a track car colour in the engine bay is the last thing you think about, and my guess is they didn't have a strut bar because they couldn't find anything that cleared the intake piping for the supercharger or just ran out of time to source something that would fit.


Love the vintage TRD/IMSA design.


SleeperSim RIght? I really liked the SuperStreet one but overall this build is much better (and timeless, theirs already looks a little outdated) but the GT Channels was so boy racer, not in an Evo or STI way but in a civic with a wing and body kit way. Not cool.

Good job guys!


The interior is really awesome. And the matching helmet is a nice touch.


GT Channel is losing pretty badly haha, but a close fight between Super Street & SpeedHunters! Wish you guys all the best!!!


Have to vote SH all the way. Completely unbiased as I frequent all builders sites/channels. The SH build brings something fresh to the FR-S/BRZ/GT-86. The SS and GTC builds are un original but built well but I've seen better from your average Joe. The  has a solid theme and executes it flawlessly I wish I could vote a thousand times for this car. Good luck guys you built a car I wish I could replicate.


The other 2 strike me as just another show car. This beauty makes me want to get in it and run some hot laps!


Looks soooooo good. The Kick plate is so perfect.  Also, seeing the 17s locks in my wheel choice for KM4SH. Great Job!


SS 38%
SH 47%
GT 15%


Holy crap the details...  "FL" "RL" on the tires.


Well I just placed my vote (for you guys of course) and was pleased to see you currently in first with 47% of the vote. Great job on the car!!!


Voted. And I did have a close look at all the challengers. As someone said already, great theme and great execution.

Now we need Turn 10 to feature this car on their next DLC.


I think we ended up with +8 front and +5 rear. Could have gone more aggressive but we didn't want it to look too hellaflush as it would have killed the vintage look.


Compared to the rest, you guys put in SO much more work by the looks of it and thought over it so much more, so you guys better win aha


Not to be critical of the other bulids, but every car represents the magazine or medium it's based on perfectly, Gt Channel is just your typical car channel so they went with the typical revamped frs, superstreet is a magazine focused on showing the jdm american culture, which often includes trashier builds built for the show, which is why they went with shaved bay and ITB;s ... and SH ... it's a class above... based on speedhunting, so they built a car perfect for doing just that... plus the tribute to the history behind this and other toyota cars , which is something SH appreciates... the story... a class above...


We worked all 90 days!


We worked all 90 days!


And I salute you for doing so really well done mate its amazing! Speedhunters are currently winning with 50% of votes!


So much goodness, the car is a cut above in every respect. Voted.


SH has it in the bag.


Thanks for your support @Whoshot!


Thank-you @JDM_Luca


@zz We agree!


If only yours had t tops and louvers like the T1


think you guys got the right balance of everything...without it looking over done!
pretty sure that SH will take it!


I'm SOLD! Balanced so perfectly and love the livery on this racer. 
Awesome choice of wheels and tires, a true racer! And that supercharger, when do they go on sale?


Super Racer 86. I absolutely love the 70's 80's racer themed GT-86. Great job guys! Solid build. JDL UEL header and pipes are the way to go. I will be doing the same. Love the wheel tire setup. Perfection!


nice work!  you've got my vote!  It was your attention to the little details that set yours apart as well as the solid, cohesive theme.


Good job, but I want video of this running


51%. not bad =B


Only problem with your 86 is.... I was going to give my Z33 retro race interior, nascar style wheels, same type of hot rod-style hood and fender mirrors to tribute the S30s, this next winter months but now itll just be a copy of yours no matter how long ive been planning it :'(
And also... awesome job, will vote :P


you're setting a trend here i think


PMalavasil I love our commenters.


I know I'm really splitting hairs here, but couldn't Speedhunters get some custom made Takata harnesses with red/orange/yellow detailing? The green clashes with everything else in the interior.

Everything else is on point though.


Only thing I didn't like were the fender mirrors. I would just go race mirrors, dunno if retro ones are any different to draw from.

But the fenders mirrors... not a fan. Otherwise you have my vote I think, nice job doing it mostly in a small garage.


This is sooo good.  I love the livery the way it works with the gold mesh and the mirrors.The over fenders and body mods are all cohesive and give it a more serious look without detracting from the original looks of the car underneath.


Gorgeous car, love the stance, meaty tires, stripped interior, diffuser, supercharger.... everything. WHY CANT YOU FEATURE CARS LIKE THIS lol


All 3 cars are great, but I voted for this car. Not just because I'm an avid follower of the site, but there's just something about this car and the build that stood out from the other two. I feel there's just a lot of "heart" on this build. Good luck guys!


Voted. Of course for Speedhunters but like a lot here have said already. Not just because I'm a follower. I love the style of this car, I feel like you gave it soul in a world of soulless FRS builds.


Me too


I just noticed it doesn't have the rear window louvers, it needs that part!


davidfryklind  do it anyway! it sounds like an awesome z33 and you did have the idea before :) don't worry about what others might think, do what you've always wanted or you'll regret it in the end.
Just my 2c


Believe me I tried but not enough time to have them made. TAKATA doesn't do custom work in the factory, so they would have had to be patches sewn over the logos. At least the red SH/TAKATA door pulls have the little green logos. :)


I posted a short vid on Instagram.


Interesting insight


Thanks all. 
Speedhunters and Super Street are neck and neck as we enter Sunday, so if you like our vote, we could really do with your support and vote. No registration, dont have to leave you email etc and takes 2-3 seconds.
Thanks all. we appreciate it and thanks for all the great comments.


davidfryklind quite a few things livery wise you could do. There is the traditional BRE or Sharp (didn't know until recently, that was TUDOR and WEC racer Scott Sharp's Dad) liveries, or you could push the boundaries and do the original CAMEL GT livery. Very 70's ....if you dare


LukeEVOVIII Keith is the Alonso of car builds. super quick!


Larry Chen I love you.


Thanks thats encouraging, like your 2 c's! Might as well do it since as you say ive had the ideas for a while. Its actually great to see someone pull it off like this too, getting even more ideas out of it tbh! Off to the garage to continue my vintage quest!
(^o^) /


If you put it like that i have to heh!
Ive got a few of those in mind, havent really decided yet but you gave me more options, have to spend a few hours in front of the computer testing them out, thanks :)


davidfryklind Sounds like a sweet project man, have always wondered if it could be pulled off well with BRE graphics etc


Thanks, Im getting stoked here! Ive seen a stockish Z34 running BRE livery, can definitely work with that, following the body lines of the Z33. I find the colors hard to pull of on a Z33 though. The Camel GT livery is more my taste, works well with wood steering wheel, shifter etc but the colors are more Toyota then Nissan. Will have to do some more brainstorming.


Thanks meal stub, much appreciated!


Love those fat tires


AndyBlackmore Voted not because you told me but because it genuinly is the best looking car. I bet it does the trick on the track too.


you guys currently in the lead


This is the way i would build my widebody car if I ever had the chance to! the car is simply beautiful, functional and is the more original and inspired of the contenders, you are the winners to me.


davidfryklind dont just limit yourself to Datsun/Nissan. Look at other racers of that era as well.


KeithCharvonia Takata may be very trendy, but they're not the only game in town for race harnesses.  I'm sure someone could have done color-matched harnesses with no problems at all, if that's actually something important to fixate on.


Thanks for the advice! Always been a fan of the old black and gold Lotus liveries, thinking of bringing that into a Datsun livery. A not too dark base, maybe brown of some sort, with a BRE type livery where red is replaced with gold and the blue is a bit lighter... would work really well with the Camel GT graphics too. Ideas flowing now, thanks man!


I almost feel bad for GT channel...


But, we still need more votes!


You had me at "Cosworth"...


Completely blown away the competition, this isn't me being biased to speedhunters, it's just of the three it is stunning to look at


@Fabrik8 KeithCharvonia SH is sponsored by Takata, they're going to use their harness no matter what. Correct me if I'm wrong though Keith.


CSAlltrac Oh, I agree! Put on a TRD rear window louver!


The clear winner, especially the stripped interior. The flushed but not too flush engine bay and the black intake and blower are also nice. Just a couple of miscues. Should have painted the back part of the front wheel center black. I'm sure it's for structural integrity with the width/backspace but it's distracting. And the red/orange/yellow graphic colors are boring but that's more personal preference.


Well, since the Evasive build isn't on here, no choice but to vote for SH.


davidfryklind  Awesome! you're very welcome. At least now you know the vintage race look works on a newer jdm car, and like you said now you got more ideas for your build :) That's the beauty of the car world, its never copying, its getting inspiration which is what drives the ever evolving custom car scene. Have fun!


What's going on? SS 54% SH 37%  :(


Can't believe I doubted this, jeez. Definitely voted for you guys.


Regardless of the final outcome, I felt the SH build is the most creative. The overall build with the combination of cultures and attention to detail is just fantastic.


@flushpoke I don't know, but if SS does something like that and it gets votes, GTChannel should have been close second.

Put SS's car in Offset Kings or StanceNation events and not many will look at it.


@flushpoke It is 60% for SS and only 33% for SH as of right now.


Is it me or does the first shot make this Scion look like a toy? (No pun intended)


oldschoolcat Thanks. btw SS have fired their car up and it has been tuned, as has ours.


oldschoolcat Thanks. btw SS have fired their car up and it has been tuned, as has ours.


Just submitted my vote for you guys. All the cars were nice in their own way but your build was the most functional and paid a nice respect to classic imports, meshing the retro styling with a modern car perfectly.


Love it but id own the mines..


The votes will add bonus points for judging according to the fine print on the site. I wonder what else needs to be judged.... Are the cars going to be tracked? Drifting competition? It would be nice to see the cars go head to head... SH frs looks like it would out gun and out muscle the rest.


Thanks for the feedback BigNickel! We appreciate your support.


I love Speedhunters. Favorite site on the web. I clicked on the link a little nervous though since i had not seen the SH car yet but had seen the SS one. You guys killed it by far!!! Great job! You got my vote.


Love it, inside and out!


Great build, love the livery. Harks back to when i was a kid and watched the AAR Celica's race at Riverside. I would love to see this car on different wheels. maybe a simple black 5 spoke like the AAR Celica had or maybe some Watanabe's


I love Speedhunters, but I'm not going to vote for you guys if someone else did it better.....So I'm glad to see yours was the best!


d_rav I do think our car would destroy the others on the track, but this is only judged using car show rules. There are three judges (impartial and experienced) who will judge each area of the car. The voting points are then added to the judges' scores. We have not been told how things are weighted, so we will see how this affects things!


d_rav I do think our car would destroy the others on the track, but this is only judged using car show rules. There are three judges (impartial and experienced) who will judge each area of the car. The voting points are then added to the judges' scores. We have not been told how things are weighted, so we will see how this affects things!


Speedhunter's Maximum Attack all the way, but it's kind of strange, overnight SuperStreet jumped up so high... I am wondering how ScionRacing is validating only one vote per person...maybe a bot is cheating the system.  The only reason I am bringing this up, I haven't seen them advertising anywhere.

106 I haven't even warmed up a ton to the FR-S/BRZ but this car really brings it. I dare say its close to perfect.


oldschoolcat ITBs aren't always a power adder if the intake manifold and throttle body are fairly well optimized from the factory, and sometimes gains are from shifting the power band by changing the runner length instead of the individual throttles.  The throttle response is really the best advantage.

I'm not really a fan of the SS build, it isn't original in its style and seems to be another copy of the shaved/tucked engine bay that has become so cliched in the VW and Honda world over the last however many years.  It's great for a show car, but sucks for a race car or street car because everything that you need to repair or maintain is...... hidden.
Plus that big triple bend in the roll cage around the front of the dash is a bad example of roll cage design and is painted yellow to really draw attention to it.  Guess where the roll cage will likely buckle if it's ever called into duty?


@Pudding_Time I like doing interiors. :) Too many people forget about them when modding a car.


@Pudding_Time I like doing interiors. :) Too many people forget about them when modding a car.


azmedaj Your comment made my day because that's exactly what we set out to do - build a car that represented Speedhunters vision as a whole.


ca_bimmer KeithCharvonia You're right in the sense that certain parts were just an email away. However, if you look closely at the build you will see that we didn't just use our partners as many predicted. 

For example it's sitting on RS*R coilovers (KW is a partner and many of us run them on our personal projects) and Rotiform wheels when we have Rays and Vossen as partners too.


AndyBlackmore davidfryklind Free design consulting from Andy Blackmore! :)


oldschoolcat Chri5 Duncan ha ha. I wish I was a nube. What's wrong, disagree with the opinion so calling names?


@Fabrik8 oldschoolcat Agree about the roll cage in the SS build. And having a roll cage in a street car, compared to a roll bar (behind the seat only) is downright dangerous if you're not wearing a helmet. And the shaved engine bay is for looks only, it detracts from function. ITB's are limited, they look pretty but you can't pump things up like you can with a turbo or blower.


Best of the challenge, by a LONG SHOT!! I really hope you guys win this.


MattyMatt81  I'm all for the SH team, but if you haven't seen the SuperStreet showing up anywhere then you're somehow oblivious.


AceAndrew2 I guess it's my exposure to anything SS related, I haven't been really into their scene these days.  I was just surprised at the huge swing from SH being up about 50% of the votes to around 35% for SS and then overnight, the numbers almost reversed...almost a 30% swing!


Its even better in person. I think the SH car has the most presence and personality of all the cars. Hopefully the judges feel the same. In the past the more show oriented cars have won the scion tuner challenge though. Good luck!!


Congrats guys!


Hey guys I was wondering where I could get that rear diffuser from? Any help would be appreciated! Looks aggressive!


NickSilvia Shoot me an email. :)


where do i get the single exhaust?!


Interested in the details about the rear diffuser also.


What's your email? I'd really like a rear diffuser. Best I've seen yet.