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Race At The Base

Speedhunters is a global operation and we take great pride in being able to bring coverage from all around the world. But this past weekend I couldn’t help but be proud of the good old USA.

That’s because I spent two days in beautiful San Diego, California, capturing the action at the 2014 Coronado Speed Festival – in my opinion, one of the greatest automotive events you’ll find in the States, if not the world…

Coronado-Speed-Festival-71 copy

It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to attend the Speed Festival, so when the opportunity arose to be there this year I was right on it.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-98 copy

Why do I love this event so much? Well, there several reasons. First off, it includes some of America’s greatest vintage race cars. But that’s really only the start of it.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-65 copy

It also gives you to the rare opportunity to watch racing on the runways of an active military air base. Not just any base mind you, but Naval Air Station Coronado located at the tip of beautiful San Diego Bay.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-43 copy

The Speed Festival is one of the most popular parts of San Diego’s annual Fleet Week festivities, which celebrate the massive military presence in and around the city.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-97 copy

Visitors to the Speed Festival can not only watch great auto racing, but can check out naval aircraft displays, military demonstrations and tour a selection of the high-tech US Navy warships that are ported in San Diego.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-110 copy

Whether it’s the men and women of the military getting a chance to check out some cool cars, or petrolheads getting the chance to see the latest military vehicles up close – it’s just a fantastic weekend through and through.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-9 copy

The Speed Festival draws local enthusiasts of all types.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-94 copy

Along with the full weekend of racing, there’s also a massive stretch of tarmac that’s opened to local car clubs and filled everything from Ferraris and Porsches, to Camaros and Datsun Z cars.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-96 copy

This view of a Sublime Green Plymouth ‘Cuda absolutely dwarfing a Subaru 360 gives a perfect idea of the of the eclectic mix of cars you’ll find among the hundreds of machines that gather in Coronado every September.

History Unleashed
Coronado-Speed-Festival-59 copy

The real highlight though is the race cars – a historic line-up of machines ranging from early ’60s open wheelers and sports cars to ex-Winston Cup stock cars.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-104 copy

After watching the action for just a few minutes, it’s clear that the West Coast vintage race community absolutely relishes the chance to unwind their machines and put on a show for San Diego’s soldiers, sailors and airmen.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-33 copy

Many of the cars that run at Coronado also appear at events like the Rolex Historics in Monterey, but the Speed Festival definitely seems to have a more inclusive atmosphere. More hot dogs and beer than wine and cheese, if you know what I’m saying…

Coronado-Speed-Festival-85 copy

But that’s not to say that the racing is any less exciting than what you’ll find up at Laguna Seca. If anything, the unique setting might make the drivers push their cars even harder than they normally would.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-29 copy

With all the spectacle and excitement that comes with the racing, it’s easy to overlook that these cars aren’t just here to put on a show. They are legit pieces of motorsport history.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-82 copy

Each one has a great story behind it too – like this 1970 Camaro originally purchased by GM employee Bob Clemens, who prepped the car for the SCCA Trans-Am series after first using it as family transportation.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-79 copy

Another historic machine that was ripping around the airbase over the weekend was the legendary Ford Torino Talladega, once campaigned by Lee Roy Yarbrough during the 1969 NASCAR season.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-102 copy

The big Ford was just one of the colorful, thundering machines that made up the Historic Stock Car class. The group included everything from late ’60s race cars to those campaigned as recently as the early 2000s. Legendary names were plastered on their sides: Elliot, Waltrip, Earnhardt and Johnson.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-100 copy

One of my personal favorites of the weekend was this ’69 Camaro Z/28 which was built and campaigned by a group of Florida sports car enthusiasts during the early ’70s. As its array of Marchal fog lamps hint, the Chevy was raced in a endurance events at tracks like Sebring and Daytona.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-55 copy

With its steam roller rubber and overall badass vibe, the ‘S-CAR-GO’ Z/28 symbolizes everything I love about race cars from this era.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-109 copy

Of course, it’s not all about big thumping V8s and fat rear tires. Some of the most exciting racing always comes from the group of ‘small bore’ sedans. This is the realm of Alfa Romeo, BMW and Datsun.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-118 copy

Some of the more unusual cars running in this group included a couple of Datsun 710s – the model which succeeded the legendary 510 as Datsun’s competition sedan during the mid-1970s.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-23 copy

Another rare machine was this Bob Sharp prepared 200SX which was once driven by Paul Newman and is now owned by well-known Datsun fanatic Adam Carolla.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-50 copy

The Mk1 Escort might be a legend on the other side of the Atlantic, but here in the States most people were wondering how the strange little Ford was making quick work of its more powerful rivals.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-84 copy

When it comes to outright entertainment though, I’m not sure if there’s anything that can beat the Vintage Trans-Am class. The sound, the look, and the fact that many of these guys were holding nothing back made it feel like 1970 all over again. Pure magic.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-88 copy

Along with the well known Boss 302 Mustangs and Z/28 Camaros, it was great to see the Bob Estes Cougar out there. The Mercury is unrestored and looking exactly as it did when its original racing career ended back in 1968.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-34 copy

If I ever need to convince anyone that ’70s brought about some of the best looking race cars of all time, all I have to do is point to machines like this ’76 BMW CSL in full Castrol livery. I could have watched it run all day long.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-45 copy

Equally beautiful was this ’67 Alfa Romeo GTA, seen here mixing it up with some of its 1960s sports car rivals.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-126 copy

I’m often asked what my favorite events are, and it’s never an easy one to answer. But there aren’t many that can match the overall experience of the Coronado Speed Festival.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-124 copy

I might be biased with my love of classic race cars and motorsport history, but the Speed Festival never disappoints.

Coronado-Speed-Festival-58 copy

Military aircraft overhead, sail boats cruising by on San Diego Bay, and some of the greatest racing cars of all time racing across the runways. Can a day get much better?

Coronado-Speed-Festival-67 copy

Loud, proud and diverse. To me, the Coronado Speed Festival is American car culture at its very best.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Cutting Room Floor
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These cars are amazing and I love that buick


Do you guys have anywhere on the site that you list some of these events? It would be cool to know about them before they happened


@Nate A Speedhunters Calendar of events would be so rad.


That mk1 does it for me!


Theres something about 3 box racers that really gets me going! Properly cool little cars across the board!


Tinj  +1


Love this, thanks Mike, and happy birthday.


@Nate Not currently. But you might be onto something there...


You know SpeedHunters we are not friends anymore. I wanted to go so bad but, I could not make it to this. Maybe next time.


Speedhunters might? ........  hahahahahah


Dammit it was my birthday this weekend and I ended up spending it at two childrens parties instead of this. WHY MUST WE GROW OLDER?!?!?!

Deriously this is one of the best events in Socal. More people should go to this. In fact, Speedhunters should do a car show/#featurethis at the next one. :)


To-see list for next year: Updated.


Ooooops... sorry Porthos1984. Next time!


There is some serious beauties out there. I need to make it to this event next year.


Speedhunters It's a win-win-win scenario. These events rely on attendants to generate revenue to be able to continue holding the event. Giving a calendar so people can plan attendance accordingly would be awesome. I'd buy a print calendar if it listed the events.


Merc You won't regret it!


Jagdroach Do it.


D1RGE EXE My birthday was the Monday following. Couldn't have been a better way to spend it :)


Larry Chen Thanks breh!


JakWhite Agreed!


LukeEVOVIII So tough looking.


iProGam3r Thanks!


Thank you for the great pic of the 710. We are glad to see it has a good home in California.


Awesome oldschool USA cars...On each of them you can find a look of "badass"!


AWESOME, but I'm still waiting for your JCCS coverage. What gives!?


earmenau Coming soon!


Old car is always COOL, AWESOME see a lot of these cars and better is racing cars...