Scion Tuner Challenge: Let’s Get It Started

Based on our tattered and note-riddled calendars, the 90-day Scion Tuner Challenge is just about half over, but the videos and images are just beginning to surface. We are participating with our own radical creation and we cant wait to show you the progress.


Scion Racing’s video crew has been racking up the miles visiting all three builders on a regular basis to capture as much as possible, but of course it takes time in the edit bay to turn all that footage into something for the masses to consume. In the newly released clip below you can spot just a tiny sliver of the action that’s taken place so far, but in fact, the Speedhunters FR-S build is much further along.

Look out for more video coverage on the Scion Racing YouTube channel loaded with details about the builds and builders.


We thought about holding back our photos and just letting the video do the talking, but secrecy be damned! Instead we’re going to go ahead and share a little more, and as you can see, we wasted no time tearing into the car. Within 48 hours the front sheetmetal and engine were pulled.


We’ve also done quite a bit of fabricating and bodywork, because a Speedhunters car will never be a ‘bolt-on’ build.


Elite Auto Creations has come on board to handle body and paint, and they’ll have plenty of high-end refinishing materials thanks to R-M Paint.


We’ll be posting more project updates here on Speedhunters, but of course we don’t want to show too much before the official unveiling at November’s SEMA Show.


We’ll just leave you with one last image, which might be giving too much away already. Let the speculation begin!

The Speedhunters

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Please make it a quad turbo or something insane.


I'd personally make a Shooting Brake out of it......


wow a rocket bunny kit! ive never seen one of those on an frs before... how awesomely original.


Please tell me those weren't overfenders
I SWEAR if those were overfenders I will kick something


so you wont be bolting on the overfenders?


I like the Charvonia Design stickers on the lift!


I was thinking the same thing. I trust that true originality like this could still be excercised on the car while paying homage to sponsors.


SS6K those were overfenders. go kick something


The insane lack of originality has made me give up on this idea already. Way to go, overfenders! Never seen those on a FRS before.....


They're popular because they look good. Of course they're not original by speedhunters standards, but I have never seen a widebody frs in real life.


austintpeterson I can't say I like the way they look. All they symbolize to me is ruined suspension geometry, and a lack of functionality. But the build is for SEMA, so that's pretty much all we are going to get.


I don't think they necessarily ruin the suspension. Definitely different, but not ruined. Plenty of race-built cars have to go lower/wider tires to improve lap times.


austintpeterson I agree, what I'm saying is I typically associate Rocketbunny/LW-style overfenders with the stance movement, which means airbag suspension and crazy camber.


Please put a Ferrari 355 engine in it


CarlLawhon Give it some 18x11 Speedline 2017's to top it off, and that would be awesome right there.


It's gonna be, turbo, km4sh kit, Airlift suspension, and Vossen's. I'd put five on it.


You got one out of four


KM4SH kit for sure. Nice one on Chase Bays in the mix. Much as I would like to see something original, I know 90 days and a realistic budget are probably going to make this challenge a yawn.


KeithCharvonia Suprise us. Seriously.


4-point rollcage, rear mount radiator, twin turbo, bucket seats.


"because a Speedhunters car will never be a ‘bolt-on’ build"
Bolt on overfenders.
Having said that the show scene was flooded with the 86 since it was first launched and despite the fact it's been done a million times, overfenders seem to be the best way of making it look staunch. KM4SH is a good fit for what you guys are about at the mo too.


D1RGE EXE KeithCharvonia My guess is Supercharger, KM4SH kit, KW suspension, and Takata (either straps, a tow hook or both)
Not sure on wheels yet but could be an old school vibe?


LOL at all the people bitching about 'bolt on over fenders' and you're comment about it being not being a bolt on build. I mean, seriously. It's a figure of speech not a literal representation of the work. I'm pretty sure you 'bolt on' suspension, but is that also cheating? Must SH now WELD the suspension in place so as to keep to their 'no bolt on' promise?.... some people... *face palm*


I love that all flat black engine


MrSOLOMON85 yeah manufacturers like to use plastic more and more now a days.


Brett Allen Except if you look carefully, you can see the 'bolt-on' holes in the fender have been smoothed out, so these will have to be mounted some other way ;)


Put an ez36 turbo in it! That'd be original...


is that plastic I thought it was powder coated black?


MrSOLOMON85 Yeah the stock manifold is black plastic, that's what you're seeing.


shiftyXTI Brett Allen Good eyes.


D1RGE EXE Believe me, we're working very hard to make this build original, and I think people will be pleasantly surprised. This build is much more than choosing parts from a catalog and bolting them on.


shiftyXTI Oh wow you're right. Still was a funny choice of words to me when they said "no bolt ons" :) 
Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Robo_No1  Although serious semantics is always rife in the comments, I think you are taking it a little too far. Im pretty sure everyone is talking about the bolt-on overfenders that have saturated the interwebs. If I remember correctly all the frs' last year in the Scion challenge had rocket bunny bolt on kits, and by all accounts it looks like the same will happen again this year. Also the bolt on turbo kits are a little lame at this level. A couple bends and a few pretty tig welds on a custom setup speaks volumes imo.


shiftyXTI Brett Allen  Probably just bondo filled over the rivets. Its more than likely still bolted on.


oh OK thanks


I've never liked the term "the masses" when referring to your own readership. It's not an eloquent way to quantify your audience.


Brett Allen The next video (which is coming up shortly!) will reveal a whole lot more on the overall vision we have for this build. Yes, overfenders are a very popular modification for the 86, but we think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see where we're going with this...


ca_bimmer The next video will reveal a whole lot more on the vision we have for this build. Sure, overfenders are a very popular modification for the 86, but we think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see where we're going with the overall look...


muhammadilham 4 cylinders and 2 turbos? lol. I guess mazda's FD rx7 had the same overcomplication though


ca_bimmer A lot of air equipped cars handle better than stock by a good margin, so I'm not sure where you're going with this. Yeah excessive lowering makes for weird geometry changes on compression but I have a feeling speedhunters won't be cutting corners and doing things the easy way


Look at the cut outs in the front fenders! Drift car FTW!!!