High Octane DRIFT:</br> A Short Film From FD Canada

SYLVANIA Canada has released the trailer for a short film titled High Octane DRIFT – presented by SYLVANIA SilverStar® zXe. Produced by Feast Interactive and Revolver Films, the film takes viewers through the trials and tribulations of the drift world, highlighting the particular experience of Canadian drifter Brad Carlton.

Filmed at the first-ever Formula DRIFT Canada Challenge, at Autodrome St-Eustache located just outside Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on September 1, High Octane DRIFT focuses on the struggles Carlton faced as a Canadian privateer going up against some of the best sponsored drivers in the business, including Daigo Saito, Kenny Moen, Dean Kearney, Charles Ng, Robbie Nishida and Forest Wang. It’s a story about passion for drift and never giving up on a dream.

The Speedhunters



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root for the underdog.

because at one point, even the biggest names started there.


The struggle is real.


FD Canada this video is from a Town near me :) St-eustache Quebec ;)


Finally the legendary track of Saint-Eustache reveal to the world!!!!!!!!


And so the Ontario/Canada invasion begins.


DaveT (Finally)


everybody in this video has an LS sawp....booooooo!!!!!


This video is tremendous and I want more. Dope.


why do people hate LS swaps? It's a good engine that can produce impressive power for a comparatively cheap price, you're pretty much TRIPPING over replacement parts if you want or need them, it's got a very smooth and wide torque curve so the drivers don't have to do any fancy shmancy techniques to keep the cars in their power band, allowing the drivers to focus on, well, DRIVING, and the engine fits in pretty much any car with a decently sized engine bay with only minor modifications if any! STOP HATING ON LS SWAPS PEOPLE, IT JUST MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE IDIOTS!!!!!!


Tristan Lawrence Because everybody has an LS and they're not unique.


Tristan Lawrence Those "fancy shmancy techniques" are what makes a good driver. Also, when a car has an LS swap, it is no longer the same car. LS swaps take away from the character of many cars, and that is especially important in cars loved for their character. An LS1 is a great, cheap way to make a moderate amount of horsepower, and should be treated as such. To many people, there are lots of much better options than an ls1, options which allow the character of the car to remain intact, and often that make more power. STOP BEING IGNORANT, IT MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT.