F-Body Mash Up: The Cambird Z06
Long Live The Third Gen

Are there such things as automotive guilty pleasures? Absolutely. Just like there are those bands we like to listen to when no one’s around, there are cars we love even if many might look down on them.


For me the third generation GM F-Body is absolutely one of those guilty pleasures. Sure the build quality was far from great and the cheesy ’80s image is hard to ignore – but there’s always been something cool about them.


The angular styling is typical of 1980s sports cars and while they didn’t leave the showroom with a ton of power, aftermarket upgrades are plentiful and cheap. The biggest problem today is finding an example that hasn’t been beaten within an inch of its life.


Even outside the US there are those who have a thing for third gen F-Bodies and one of those people is Norway’s Øyvind Eikså, a young man who drives one of the most radical third-gen Camaros we’ve ever seen.


The story begins when Øyvind came across a 1985 Chevrolet Camaro Sport Coupe for sale at the reasonable sum of 10,000 NOK (about US$1,600). The Camaro was in rough shape and came with a boat anchor of 2.8-liter V6, but Øyvind saw the potential. Right there he started scheming about how cool it would be to transform the dilapidated Camaro into a drift car, and the only thing left to do was convince his father that it would be a worthwhile project.


Fortunately this didn’t take a whole lot of work as Øyvind’s father is also a gearhead with a love for American muscle cars. So with dad’s approval the Eiksås rolled the Camaro into the garage and began the transformation.

Camaro Meets Corvette

Initially the plan called for a basic rebuild – swapping in small block V8 and upgrading the suspension. But as Øyvind began to do research he realized it might be cheaper to find a complete donor car and start from there.


And what better starting point than a wrecked 2003 Corvette Z06? The guys quickly swooped in on the totaled ‘Vette knowing that it would provide many of the parts they were looking for. Plans continued to grow more ambitious and eventually it was decided to actually mate the entire Z06 chassis with the ’85 Camaro body.


Now this wasn’t as simple as just dropping the Camaro body over the Corvette chassis, but Øyvind and his father welcomed to the challenge. For starters Corvette’s wheelbase is 5cm longer than the Camaro and that meant new suspension mounting points had to be fabricated up all around.


After some old school fab work, the Camaro and the Corvette were successfully mated – retaining the C5’s rear mounted gearbox and most of its suspension.


One thing that Øyvind wanted was to add steering angle and that meant replacing the Corvette’s leaf spring and shock set up with a more traditional set of coilovers. With the extra clearance, Øyvind was able to tweak the ‘Vette’s steering setup for more angle. The car was also fitted with an OBP hydraulic e-brake to help in the drift department.


The next item to tackle would be the engine, and like the rest of the build the powerplant would grow more ambitious as the project continued. Prior to getting the Camaro, the only engine building experience Øyvind had was a 15hp moped motor, but he ended up building the Camaro’s new engine with minimum help from his dad.


The engine is based on 6.0-liter LQ9 block and its spec list reads like a ‘how to’ guide for modern GM V8 performance. Upgrades include Eagle rods, 9:1 Diamond pistons, LS7 heads, a Comp Cams camshaft and valve train, plus an intake manifold and fueling system from FAST.


Providing forced induction is a ProCharger P-1SC-1 supercharger currently running at 0.5-bar (7.35 psi) of boost. There are also twin intercoolers, a ProCharger blow-off valve and a heavy-duty drive belt.


Even with floating valves limiting the RPM, the motor put down 690hp and 950Nm of torque. With harder valve springs, Øyvind says it should be capable of plenty more.


Let’s not forget the car’s radical exhaust setup which dumps out from long tube headers into a custom three-inch setup with Borla mufflers on each side.

Cambird Rising

Those familiar with third generation F-bodies will likely notice the body of this car doesn’t look a whole lot like the 1985 Camaro it once was. That’s because the Eiksås ended up replacing many of its body panels with lightweight fiberglass pieces. The front end is actually made for a similar era Pontiac Firebird, which has led some to dub the car ‘Cambird’.


Because the Firebird nose is designed for retractable headlights and the Camaro hood is not, Øyvind ended up going with a custom set of Biltema LED headlights.


Other body modification include a Lexan windshield and a custom trunk lid made of aluminum and Lexan. There are also homemade fender flares.


Sitting under the rear flares are a set of 19-inch TSW Interlagos wheels with 295/30R19 Toyo Proxes R888 tires.


Up front are 18-inch SR1 wheels with 245/40R18 BF Goodrich G-Force T/A rubber.


Given that the Camaro was built exclusivity for the track, it’s natural that the interior would be completely stripped out. Everything from the original car has been removed except for the steering column, which has been extended by 20 centimeters.


The QSP steering wheel is also fitted with a quick-release hub for easier entrances and exits.


Not wanting to skimp on safety, the car has also been fitted with a full rollcage. Like most of the other stuff on the car, this was fabricated at home in the garage.


Both driver and passenger sit in OMP bucket seats with QSP six-point harnesses.


While the factory Camaro dashboard and instruments have been removed, there’s a full suite of Auto Meter gauges to keep an eye on all of the Camaro’s vitals.


While it might be some time before third generation Camaros and Firebirds are looked at with the same nostalgia as their older counterparts, it’s awesome to see what this young Norwegian has done with his.


It’s part Camaro, part Firebird and part Corvette – but whatever you want to call it we just can’t get enough of cool homebuilt projects like this one.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Photos by Alok Paleri
Instagram: rennworksmedia

Story Produced by Elizabeth White
Instagram: @itswhitenoise
Email: elizabeth@speedhunters.com

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I am seriously blown away - what a badass ride and one I never thought i would see on Speedhunters. Yup. Love these old F bodies from when I was a kid. Thought i grew up in my taste in cars. After seeing this I guess i never did. Thanks!!


Just WOW! Shred the rubber and make the concrete scream for mercy! 
This one is truly basass, I'm really diggin the front suspension setup. 
Tip my hat to the builders and SH!



ProTouring Potato

Spot on about the comment on this gen of Camaro and Firebirds. My father used to have a black on black '90 Camaro RS with a 305, so I definitely (secretly) find these appealing . Not much actual power and everything leaked on it, but man do I miss that car. Loved the exhaust note on it (I think it had a pair of Flowmasters on it).


how can you be there at a track with these guys and not have video?


I almost love it. The wheel set up just throws the whole car off in my opinion. And those gauges are ugly. But other than those two easily replaceable things, this car is absolutely badass. Props to Øyvind for building a fantasy car of mine!


Now that is just too rad.  If it had the KITT lights up front I might just lose my mind.


A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.


AZGhost623 We try to take video footage when we can, but that's not always possible. Making sure that we get the perfect shots for our stories has to take priority. We hope you enjoy them!


Awesome build all around. My only criticism would be wheel fitment but the front end was an amazingly creative idea.


Finally, some motivation for my project RS!


Didn't anyone notice Magnus Walker peering into the car on the last page? :)


K's Well, usually I got 19x10 SR1 rims in the rear, so I agree that it looks better with them on. But i had no tires left on those rims, so I had to take the rims i could find that was closest looking. 
I never dreamed that Speedhunters would want to take pictures of my car!


AZGhost623 Heres a little video of it on the dyno! Its not that good, but Its the only footage I have of it with the new engine in place. More videos will come later! :)


@SomeGuy He was our very helpful photography assistant!


Oyvind_Eiksaa K's I HATE F-bodies. I LOVE your car. It looks mean and has all these original little touches that make it a beautiful thing. Keep on motoring, friend. You've got a bad ass car.


Want to see a crazy thirdgen, look up
Polly trans am. 1407hp and it goes 240+ mph




I have a question; I've heard the LS7 heads don't work too well with the LS1 and its variants (LS6, LQ9, LQ4) problems including the water overflow, oil systems and the fact that the LS7 heads flow way too high and too fast for the stock 6.0 blocks. I wonder if he's having any of these problems. Most guys I've heard/read about go with the LS3/L92 heads for their projects.

And those LED headlights, the car doesn't look like its street driven, but; do they actually work at night?


SpeedhuntersIm glad Oyvind responded with some kind of video. Even if you guys dont get a chance to do a video, it would still be nice if you asked them if they have any videos online you can link to in your article. Would love to hear these beasts!


Trentworth I'm pretty sure that the LS7 heads have a total different port style compared to the LS1 cathedral port heads.


bmxatv10 Yeah the LS7 has the narrow(?) rectangular port heads


badass car but holy wheels spacers that cannot be safe


Love it !


Trentworth bmxatv10 Until now it works great with these heads! they have an incredible flow. I believe thats why I can't get the boost over 7 psi, the engine just "swallows" all the air, so it doesn't get enough resistance to build up the pressure!
I have some problems with the engine  running hot, but I am pretty sure it's not because of the heads.

And btw. it is not stock LS7 heads, since they need a 4.1" bore or more i think, and my engine only got 4" bore. The heads I have is these if it is of any interest :) http://www.racingheadservice.com/rhs/small-bore-ls7-pro-elitetm-266cc-for-ls1-ls2html/


Yessss! My Dad had a 1989 Camaro IROC-Z from new. No mean feat here in the UK. SO many memories - mainly involving taking the glass T Bar roof panels out with Blondie on the tape deck. Thanks for this Mike :)


Oyvind_Eiksaa thanks for the reply, man. I heard about the Pro Elite heads a while ago on a Popular Hot Rodding project car, nice to see them working well for you. What kind of bushes are you running in the rear according to the internet the C5 rubber bushes are no good past 500Nm, at over 900Nm your car must be trying to break traction and go sideways all the time!

And Power to you for building such a great car, must be a blast to drift


Trentworth Well, the car is trying to break traction all the time! But since I am mainly drifting I doesn't make such a big difference. But I am going to upgrade my suspension and bushings and so on to get better grip so I can keep higher speeds through the corners, sideways :)  I already got Poly bushing for the entire car, I just haven't got the time to install them yet.


I wish I had the creativity and the means to build up my camaro back in highschool to the same level. I had to settle for an Lt1 swap and american racing rims with white letter tires


Yes! More like this please!


Awesome build. But I would use smaller wheels with meatier tyres.


boat anchor of 2.8 v6? I don't appreciate you bashing on such a fine v6.


This is hideously beautiful.


If KITT looked like this. What a show that would've been.


These brakes look really nice! This is a hydraulic system right? The brakes on my Camero are not doing so well. It doesn't slow down as fast as I would like it to. I checked the brake pads and there was nothing wrong with them. Perhaps there is something wrong with the hydraulic system. Hopefully it will be an easy fix like a leaking hose. 


These brakes look really nice! This is a hydraulic system right? The brakes on my Camero are not doing so well. It doesn't slow down as fast as I would like it to. I checked the brake pads and there was nothing wrong with them. Perhaps there is something wrong with the hydraulic system. Hopefully it will be an easy fix like a leaking hose.