You Decide: LaSupra Is Asking…

Hi all you Speedhunters! It’s been a long time since I wrote anything for you, and I’m sorry for that. This year has been the most hectic year I have ever had, and as you probably know, my season has been a bit rough. But we never give up and we’re doing our best to get the car into a more reliable state. Then we can start showing you some nice movies and pics of progress and great weekends, instead of talking about the car’s issues and how we need to cure them.

But that’s not why I am typing this. In fact, right now we are racing to prepare the car for some upcoming events – first a hill climb at the Retro Rides gathering in England, and straight after that over to Norway for the next Gatebil event.


So here it is… To continue competing I need to install new harnesses, and thanks to a great new partnership with Takata these will be sorted out quickly. But it will be up to you to decide what color harnesses I run in the car – black or green.


I have to thank you, because if it wasn’t for all of the people around the world who have an interest in what we do and the cars we drive and build, we could never have got to where we are today. Every time something fails or it just doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to and we’re ready to call it a day and throw in the towel, it’s you guys that come to mind. You always make me push it a bit further, so that’s why you will be the decision makers in this case.


After all, I just drive the car and you are the judges as to whether it has the right appearance.

So go ahead and tell us in the comments section below – BLACK or GREEN Takata harnesses?

Peter Pentell

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto

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Let's be honest here, subtlety isn't the LaSupra's strong point, so I think it has to be green, just to fit in, of course.


I'd probably go with green, too... Just to make it instantly pop up in the interior..


I'd say BLACK as green wouldn't look right with the blue paint & yellow features imo


@Frank1996 green because what he said!




Green because TAKATA


Both, split them so left shoulder strap is green, right is black!




green, different color are good eh?




green, then get some vossen wheels, air-ride suspension and then fit a rocket bunny kit. You clearly don't fit in the "Speedhunters" feature car mould enough yet.


Peter don't feel bad about the gremlins in the car... as you know with such intricate and time consuming builds these things are going to happen.  I myself have gotten my car back on the road just recently and it's a 3 step forward, 2 step backwards process.  But, it all will pay off in the end so keep at it!  I love the build and how you've done all the complex and technical work yourself.  I wish I had your level of ingenuity for carbon fiber!


Kör svart för f*n, grönt är så 2008 ;) Nej men helt seriöst.




you invited us to go purse shopping with you? Just buy them, we don't care what color they are.

Joao sebastiaoVaz

Green all the way


Jason Hardy i'm going with this suggestion, 'cause i can't decide what color to pick.  lol!

Robin Andersson

green since it is the signature color for takata.


Green! Why? Because race car...


Black, it'll go much better with the blue exterior




As many others before me have said, I support running with the Takata Green harnesses. It is a nice contrast to the black seats and looks fantastic.


black for sure, with the neon green on the wheels the other green wouldnt look very good.




Green makes everything better.
hell. A hot spikey place but add green to it and it's the nordschlife: one do the greatest roads in the world.
Belt. A constricting word to be sure but add green to it and you have the M25 (crap road but the views nice), I could go on but I think my points made. Green makes everything better. Simple choice.


Black. Subtlety is best. Plus, if you went with green, then you'd basically have two shades of the same color on the car, what with the green-ish stickers on the wheels. Also, it would clash with the blue.


ae70 I chortled.




Green is best colour.


1 black and 1 green strap, be different




Speedhunters lately.....YAAAAAWWWWWNNNN! Pick your own damn harnesses. Do you guys really have nothing better to post?




These 'advertorials' are getting out of hand, c'mon guys!!! Letting us choose which color strap you want to use? You got to be kidding me. There are so many cool things out there and you ask us these kind of questions?

This is clearly a way of getting product placement on Speedhunters. Don't treat us like little kids.


You should get black because otherwise the green will stand out to much and distract you from the car, the black matches the seats and is nice with the little green outlined letters


Black because then when you change the colour of the car it will still suit!  Oh and I'm going to Retro Rides this year so cant wait to see this in the flesh!!!  Shelsley Walsh right?


Takata Green all the way!!!


@Luuksen I think that might actually work. Like your thinking.


Jason Hardy ~Ingenuity~


Green Obvs


If it's Takata, gotta be green.


No matter which color you pick, make sure you stitch on Vossen, KW, Air-Lift, and Kleers logos. They will improve the harnesses' safety by a factor of 2 billion, and will give you 5000 extra horsepower.


Green or die




Takata harness have to be green!!!


Yay, Speedhunters liked my comment! Life made! :D


There's is no place for subtlety in La Supra! GREEN!


GREEN!! Takata should make all green bucket seats too!


I mean, you even considered black?
if it was a sleeper, i could agree, but LaSupra is all out fury, must be green!


Er, if colour ACTUALLY matters at all, you should be getting blue and white Willans harnesses. Obviously. Why isnt that an option I wonder?
This article/ad is really quite insulting. Like giving your kid brother some little job to keep him busy.


rook56 Takata partnership.


I can't believe I only just thought of this now, but I have a strange feeling that Peter's asking us with the Harnesses already ordered and on their way to his garage, we just don't know what colour they are.

Andrew Rogerson

Green. Or try to find some blue ones to match the exterior. Or some off the wall colour - for an of the wall car


@SS6K If you look at the pictures and think about it for a bit I believe he may have them both. They could totally be standard pictures but if they are they blend so well with the rest of the pics.


Green for sure.


Oh Em Gee. People complain about SH featuring stupid cars that don't fit with the mantra and here they are asking about a choice between black and green harnesses, WTF? I thought this may have been something more important.....but these are the sort of things that make me roll my eyes. Sheesh.


@datsundan LIKE x 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000


Green. Well, depends on the colour of your race suit. But, yeah. Green.


I think green is the best choice




I can't fathom why so many members of this community feel entitled to constant free content and yet raise hell if that content isn't exactly to their tastes or contains a hint of advertising. It's like reading the laments of spoiled children after they're given the wrong colour iphone at christmas.

For what it's worth, I'd go with the black belts.


With this amount of product placement no wonder the "Director of Partnerships" has been able to afford a Porsche 991!
Peter I absolutely love this build; what you have achieved as a 'garagista' builder is amazing - seriously, I think I'm not exaggerating when I say I think Enzo Ferrari would have been impressed by this - but I do find it sad you're lowered to this level of faux 'informercial' reporting as part of your tie in with SH.
Why can't you guys ( = SH/Fred) just say something like this? -
"We are sponsored by Takata, and Peter is fitting some of their harnesses to his car. You can buy them in black or green, and here is a <link> to purchase them. Thanks to Takata for their sponsorship of Speedhunters; their support means we can bring you articles on amazing cars like Peter's, so we'd really appreciate if you supported them in return by purchasing their products"
We're adults guys, and we know you have to have sponsors to pay for the reporting, so just be up front and honest instead of giving us bullshit - like Peter gives a crap what colour harnesses we think will look best in his car, so long as they are free!


This is not the first time feedback from the Speedhunters audience has had a choice in selecting items for a build. If you remember, the RTR-X green wheel color was selected by the audience as well. Peter needs new harnesses and the color selected in these comments will be what is ordered. So...thanks for everyone's help.


Black. Then deliver them to your local seamstress and have them dyed black again to lose that tacky green lettering. Subtlety and elegance.


@SmokyDave 'A HINT of advertising' !?.. this could well be the obvious 'hint of advertising. With a Chair. In your face. And afterwards being strapped to this chair. Guess with what!? You choose: Black or green.'

As JonathanW states: Be true about it or learn to make it subtle.


Off to decide how to approach the pool today: auberge or fuchsia mankini? You guys decide. It's your views that keep me going through the many knockbacks and cockslaps I'm bound to receive...


Mattblackhatchback fuchsia, definitely. It's way more manly ;)


JonathanW we sure as hell are not acting like adults though.

Maybe he doesn't care, maybe he does, who are we to say - but he asked, and a lot of us answered.

These are the cars the staff are hearing about and seeing. They present them here for us to see. These are the cars they are spending time around and those that they have access to; want something else? tell them about other cars, send them information, feed them with content ideas that are an alternative. sitting here and saying "change" is very easy to do but taking action? - real action I mean, seems beyond a lot of us. 

Other websites don't even list their advertising partners, For instance certain other (very popular) sites are run by an advertising firm who represent Vauxhall and Audi- amongst others. Their way of doing things advertisements wise is to not tell you there is a link there, ignore, for instance, how much the Vauxhaul Adam is heavily copied from the fiat 500, and how heavily the current astra was based on the last civic, they will tell you the MG is brilliant but won't tell you how badly made they are. They will, however, happily tell you how bad the current civics fixtures and fittings are because Honda don't have an account with ***market media anymore. They present the information in a "we love this new car, and you should too because we are just like you" way that is pretty dishonest. Their forums and daily letters are used for data farming - data thats masticated and spat out with an advertising slogan and a cheap, 'hilarious' Tshirt. All the while feeding the machine demographics data so it can make sure they are reaching the "right people" in the magazines that they still produce and the advertisements that fill the TV screen every five bloody minutes.

Which is a pretty underhanded way of doing things frankly. And is why I get my car fix here now instead.

We have it pretty good here, yeah theres some advertising but at least its blatant and we are not being sold a lie- at least they acknowledge their partners and are up front about "yeah we got it free". oh and at least the parts they do advertise are a decent quality too. its far from the "pay us - we will advertise any old sh!te we will if the price is right" attitudes of a lot of todays media.


green all the way! screams takata


TarmacTerrorist JonathanW I think I was pretty clear in my post that I think Peter's car is brilliant, and since I read SH daily and avidly wait for each new article I'd say I'm a massive fan of the site and the content that is featured. I think the comments I've offered up are (largely) constructive criticism, whilst staying realistic to the fact SH can't exist simply on enthusiasm and fresh air, so yes I certainly would claim I'm being adult about my views.
I understand what you say about other websites, however as I'd rate SH as the best source of car culture I really wouldn't advocate benchmarking other websites when SH is already blazing a new trail - so to me it's kind of irrelevant how other sites do their marketing and funding. SH is the start of a new generation of editors, photographers and writers, and just as the journalism is fresh and honest, I think there are ways to promote their sponsors in an equally honest way. Just my thoughts mate.


Green then dye...


JonathanW sorry, I should of been clearer, I'm not saying your points are incorrect but I do think there are waaay too many complaints being posted currently, I did not mean for it to come across as my thinking you are childish, just that a lot of the posts are all complaints with no real answers to the perceived problem - which I see as typical teenager behaviour. You clearly offered possible solutions (and I applaud you for it). The reason I brought up other websites was to underline how good we do have it here. to underline how upfront they are being about the advertising when held against the old media, and how, frankly, I think it already IS a breath of fresh air. It may not be expressed as you have above but I don't think anyone here who read the article would be under the impression it was a coincidence he chose takata. in fact, peter even mentions  that the harnesses will be coming via the partnership - which is one of your solutions, just worded differently. ("To continue competing I need to install new harnesses, and thanks to a great new partnership with Takata these will be sorted out quickly.") So I would say you got your wish just not as longwindedly expressed.

As for not holding SH up to measure their mettle against other outlets, I would counter by saying you have to have peers otherwise you cannot gauge your own performance. how can you be sure you are improving if you don't have something to measure against?

Just my thoughts too man, I didn't mean for it to seem like I was attacking you, or anyone, I just think the complaining (which I would say is pretty unfounded a lot of the time) has gone on long enough now.


Given it's a blue car, I think it should have Willans harnesses, they do the exact same shade of blue.

But that wouldn't be the point would it.




Black paint for the La Supra, with takata green wheels and some takata green seats... that's the way to go


Black Belts


Black. The green is great, but black will sit better with the rest of your incredible and perfectly judged build.






black would match better... because the green wheels and the straps don't match, than that would just be a disaster because you can't have two different colors of green


ooh or you could have Takata custom make you ones that say joy of machine that are black and blue


Green because black wil match ;)


what was on the older seats?






There's an article on the right column that says "Takata answers your question"... So i've placed a question there, hopefully you'll get an answer soon ^^


Just kiddin' tho... I would go for the black ;)


Hi all. First I would like To thank you for your thoughts regarding this.
If I am not mistaking the Green color seems to be the one most of you want to see. So Green it will be.
And as some of you wrote, Takata is a sponsor in this and we desided you should chose the color. I am just so happy to get help with some of these stuff when building and running a race car is nothing Else than a big black hole financialy.
Cheers Peter


Good on you for pushing on despite the problems. And Takata for sponsoring you.
For what it's worth, I'd be more interested in reading about the tribulations you've overcome than your choice of harness colour. I'd don't think anyone minds a name check for Takata in the story though.




PeterPentell For what it is worth, be sure to know that your work is an example to follow for lots of us (i'm pretty sure of it, at least it is really for me ^^) and just for this you can be very proud of what you've achieved! Keep up this extra good work and keep making us dream of custom home builds that rocks! Thanks Peter, truly hope i'll be able to follow your path :)


2xthefun Well… you're no fun then, are you? :P


@datsundan We think this is a simple and fun way for everyone to be involved with Peter's build. Besides, we have many other stories on here right now if you're not into this particular one :)


MrSOLOMON85 They were red.


Black. Why? Cos I liked the car red and green / red doesn't work for me.


The iconic Takata green should be the color for the belts on such an iconic car. That like trying to put project mu brakes in black or red...or paint falken cars in a color other than teal and blue. Not to mention the green stands out and still somehow compliments the paint the right thing guys.