Think You’ve Seen It All? Welcome To Gatebil Rudskogen 2014

Gatebil Rudskogen is an event that I don’t need to spend any time introducing and explaining to you.


We’ve covered Norway’s annual gathering of like-minded automotive lunatics and their similarly wild toys in length and breadth over the last couple of years.


So you’d think then, that we would’ve seen it all and know what to expect, right?


Wrong. Very wrong. At Gatebil, things always turn out to be much wilder than what they appear to be on the surface.


What do you think this is? Guess again. Dino will be telling you all about it very soon…


Our own social guru, Taryn, is on location an running our #BecauseGatebil Photo Competition. If you’re with us at Rudskogen Motorsenter and want to join in, simply upload your favourite photos from the event to Instagram using the #BecauseGatebil hashtag.


Once you’ve done that, head on over to the Speedhunters booth and check out your photo on our Live Feed Instagram Wall! We’ve got some cool prizes to give away including SpeedhuntersEDTN prize packs and a passenger ride with Speedhunters driver! 


The roster of drivers representing Speedhunters at Rudskogen this year includes Peter Pentell and LaSupra – aka Epic Lancia – now looking resplendent in its #JoyOfMachine guise. Peter’s competing in the Gatebil Extreme Class.


Following a recent shunt LaSupra had suffered some damage, but Peter looks to be on top of all the gremlins this weekend.


Local hero and winner of last year’s Breisladd (Powerslide) competition, Fredric Aasbø, has also begun tearing the place to bits in the 86-X.


And wreaking general havoc while generating thick smokescreens every time he is out on track is Captain America himself, Vaughn Gittin Jr.


Porsche builder and automotive icon Magnus Walker is also with us this weekend to have a firsthand experience at Gatebil Rudskogen.


We’ve also brought along our shop along with fresh Speedhunters EDTN gear for you to grab.


The Speedhunters lounge is right alongside, so if you are near, come by and say hello!


There will be autograph sessions regularly at the Speedhunters booth too, so if you want meet and greet your favourite team driver, you know where to come.


Saturday morning has just kicked off here at Rudskogen, so that’s it for now. With two full days of automotive insanity ahead of is, and a feeling that the action is about to get even crazier than what we came to know from this event last year, watch this space and let the games begin!

Alok Paleri
Instagram: rennworksmedia



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You -have- to make Magnus write a post on what he thinks about what's going on over here and what his highlights of the weekend was.  I'll need a new F5 key next week or so....


Yes, get Magnus to chime in, would love to hear what he thinks of it all.  He's gotta be loving it, how could he not?!?!?!  It's fricken Gatebil.  Note to self, get Gatebil off my bucket list.


the black thing could be a Gt1 inspired porsche, or at least somthing with a porsche boot lid
 and then this acid green ,similar to the 918 edition 911 Turbo , and then the 918 on the windscreen...

Austin Datsun McEwan

It has the roof of a lotus evora or maybe any other lotus


Finally that 918 esque cayman !!!! :D

Pete the perfect pilot

Where's mad mikes rx7? Thought he was going to be there. Any other rotary Mazdas?


Next year. I swear!


Damn, when I get my first car I surely know where I'll make a journey to!


Austin Datsun McEwan It sorta reminded me of a Noble, but I rather expect either a selfmade project, or something like a one-man-car-manufactur


jdmRob Austin Datsun McEwan porsche badge, front mounted, I assume an intercooler. FR? could be a 944, 928?


Nice one Alok! Looking forward to announcing the grand winner of our competition tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who entered!


Porsche 918 Race Edition!


Great pictures! More on that BMWolvo!


If I remember right that Porsche is a very heavy modified Boxster :)


saying hello to Magnus Walker was a real treat, what a huble and great guy! he spent about 10 minutes talking to me alone, gave me a couple of stickers, some posters and a sweet autograph. in the complete opposite side of the spectrum, i ran into vaughn gittin jr, told him he was a good driver and that i always liked the battles between him and my fellow Viking AAsbo. he didnt even say anything and i left him, thinking sorry i bothered you man... if beeing so famous that running into fans of yours becomes a hassel, you should probably try to do something about it i guess.. but hey, as always the Gatebil event was awesome, and i feel really sad for the people involved in the hurrific accident on sunday ;/


Jeff1098 talked to him for about ten minuttes on sunday, trust me, HE LOVES IT! "much more crazy then california thats for sure!!" he told me. :p


Pete the perfect pilot he wasnt there this weekend :/


EMyrdal  @ Rod Chong - Hey Rod, what I was just saying about Vaughn JR here? Fredric was also in FD Japan last week, so Dino, I was right about that barbeque that JR was attending? Too much beer I supposed...


Mmmmm well as always if I can't be there I will be watching like a hawk here b/c this is my favorite event of the year by far!


EMyrdal Vaughn is a super nice guy. I'm sure he didn't mean to give you that impression!


Taryn Croucher im sure he is, but one cant blame me for thinking about this.

Fredrik Sorlie

EMyrdal I didn't have the best first impression last year either, but got to meet him again this year, and he's just as nice as the next guy. I think it comes down to the fact that Magnus (such an awesome guy) was there to chill out, talk to people and have fun. Vaughn, Fredric and the rest of those guys have a job to do and are very busy all weekend. Even when they look relaxed and approachable, they have to remain focused and on top of things to be able to preform to the level that we all expect. I notice myself sometimes that it's hard to not be rude when someone approaches you when you are allready late to get ready. I may look relaxed, but that is because I'm actually just trying to get ready mentally and need some quiet time ;)


Fredrik Sorlie hehe you might be right about that.- it didnt even cross my mind. i had a fun time talking to both you and aasbo so that makes it all worth while to me. :) and your Cressida is the most awesome car out there! love seeing that thing dance :)


KLO101489 Wrong ;-)


Big thanks to the guys running the speed hunters stall getting asbo to sign our t shirts! Really appreciate that see you guys at brands next month.


EMyrdal Taryn Croucher  Or me, thinking the same way about JR


EMyrdal Fredrik Sorlie Not to mention both Fredric and JR were fighting technical issues all weekend...