Gripping With A Drift Car?

Max Orido has been working hard to set himself a challenge in D1. His ZN6 has taken a great deal of work to get right since he first debuted it a few seasons ago, and during it all often didn’t yield the best results. But since then the Lexus IS F-sourced 5.0L V8 engine that originally powered the Toyota has given way to a more reliable LS7 swap, and thanks to a little ‘gas’ is able to produce 700hp and 90kg/m. As you can imagine, that amount of horsepower and torque comes in quite handy when your aim is travelling through corners while holding big smoky drifts, but what about if that same car was used in time attack? Well, this past weekend at the Hyper Meeting in Tsukuba that’s precisely what Orido did. Armed with a set of super-grippy Advan A050 tyres, he tried his best to keep the Toyota 86 as straight as possible around the iconic 2.04km-long course. What time did he manage? Hit play above to find out…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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A fast time no doubt! Especially considering the car was not built with that purpose in mind.


Chevy LS is the best thing since sliced bread!!


I mean people tend to forget, if you change your setup and throw on some good tires pro drift cars are rapid race machines for sure! That is an awesome time!


Now imagine if this thing was street legal as well
THAT would be the Ultimate all-rounder


*Sees LS swap , insta-decline article*  Enough ruining cars now...


Novac Darius  100% agree, people the Nissan clone problem in spreading rapidly


leitev8  I'm fairly sure pushrods have been around just as long as sliced bread.


Novac Darius yup! seems like there has become a huge lack of creativity in the engine bay with builds. I love seeing the creativity people bring to their builds, but throwing an LS motor in everything possible is just getting ridiculous. At least stay in the same manufacturer for both car and motor. Ex: Toyota 2JZ and Nissan VK56


Why he doesn't zip-tie the handbrake to the dash or something? It's so annoying, it's moving everywhere and disturbing the shifting.


FunctionFirst leitev8  You are probably right lol, and still more reliable than the ultra modern IS-F DOHC V8 it used to have.

ASD Motorsports

Been toying with this idea myself. Would be interesting to see what would happen around the "Ring" or up Pikes Peak.


damn 58.6.......insane


What a vague yet precisely retarded comment?
Wonder what it's like on the uk m6 aswell!? Or a Patagonian farm track?


Project 350ZTT Novac Darius He tried to be original. Originality became unreliability which gave room for a much more durable, reliable heart. The LS7. Profits and Success in racing don't come from creativity. They come from consistency. If money is no object for you, then you go right ahead and be creative, but don't expect success.


I tend to disagree. Daigo won a championship and beat out LS motors with a 2JZ. Mike Essay also did the same with a BMW motor and he was a privateer and was on a budget. I'm just saying there are other options out there. It depends a lot of who built and tuned the motor also. Its just getting old hearing again about an LS motor in another car

ASD Motorsports

Only vague if you choose to take it at face value.


Project 350ZTT Because they won that doesn't mean they are better engines for this kind of competition. Obviously there is much more involved in just a engine choice. That being said, both the awesome (no sarcasm here) 2JZ and the BMW S54 are heavier than the LS engines, (remember LS is aluminum block) specially with the turbo bolted on. And torque obviously comes much later in the rpm range. There is a reason why people put LS engines on pretty much any car, it's cheap, light, compact, narrow, easy to work on, makes power and torque; what's not to like?  
Not hating on JDM engines, the 2JZ is awesome at drag racing, even better than most V8's out there.


leitev8 Project 350ZTTI see where your coming from, because the LS is an aluminum block and easy power. I just feel like its sucking the life out of the sport. When I go to drift events I'll normally not even pay much attention to LS swapped cars now because they are so common and boring to me.
And to compensate for boost lag I would say quick shot of nos, but i know that that does put additional stress on the motor.


Project 350ZTT leitev8  I like diversity on any sport, specially motorsports. Blaming the LS engines from "sucking the life" out of drift because it's too eficient does not make any sense to me. If putting a LS on my 240 will make it more competitive, then why not? I don't remember people complaining back when this sport used to have a sea of SR20's. Not trying to stir anything here, I'm just trying to have a good conversation :).