Pedal To The Metal:<br />Don’t Stop Me Now December…

Brace yourselves people, it’s December. You can forget all about holidays, hectic shopping trips, drunken office party antics and comedy themed jumpers, awkward family moments and eating rituals which combine nuts and cake. Depending on which side of the equator you spend your time on, you can also forget about snowy drives to work or sunny trips to the beach because I’m here to tell you nothing else matters aside from the juggernaut full of content we’re delivering to you this month.

december 2013 editorial-8

As I go through the images to preview the upcoming four or so weeks here on Speedhunters, it fills me with immense pride and a certain sense of worry. I feel like I’ve been slapped repeatedly in the face by supermodels, or I have an addiction to going to the gym. What am I talking about? The absolute relentless pace with which we are going to deliver stories this month and the almost guilty sense of pleasure I get from that.

december 2013 editorial-18

It comes down to this people: I am about to run you through what could potentially be the biggest month in Speedhunters history, ever, in the world. Probably. In all seriousness has this been the best year in Speedhunters history? We don’t claim to be the best, but we try our best and want to continually improve the stories we bring you.

december 2013 editorial-42

Obviously I’ve just teased you so far with some pictures from stories we published earlier on in 2013, but sat here amongst a pile of stunning images, where do I turn next? I think I’d better bring some order in and show you what’s new, fresh and exciting before I remind you of just how far we’ve travelled together this year.


So first up we’re going to bring you a crop of feature cars; one last push of the most impressive metal out there. It’s taken us a while to catch it, but when Dino and the guys headed to Australia for WTAC, we were allowed some very special access to the one and only Nemo. This is one story I’ve been waiting to read for a long time, but not content with just showing you the details, we added in some expert analysis from Andrew Brilliant, the man responsible for the aero packaging. It makes for fascinating reading.

Huxley Motorsport Volvo 240-7

As much as Nemo is about the absolute cutting edge, the Huxley Motorsport Volvo is pushing boundaries in other directions, mixing known and proven components from different manufacturers to produce one of the most distinctive European drift cars of 2013. Built in five weeks, the story is as impressive as the car itself. Plus this time it’s personal, as the shell came out of the ashes of my own Volvo build.


Just those two stories alone show different approaches to a common automotive question: how do we win at having a good time? To think we know it all is very dangerous, so November was about sampling a whole bunch of new experiences which will remain ingrained in my memory for a long time. The craziness of SEMA was one and it was here that Larry caught up with Stance Nation founder Elvis Skender and his Lexus. Bright lights, big city huh?

Cutworm Specialties alloy dually-42

At the exact same time Larry was shooting that feature, I was a short distance away turning my lens on the Cutworm Specialties Alloy Dually. Both turned heads at SEMA and it’s a pleasure to be able to show you them in the same place, here on Speedhunters. This one picture makes me break out into a wide grin, remembering shooting from the load bed of a Toyota Tacoma pick up truck at 50mph, howling with excitement.

The headquarters and manufacturing facilities of Brabus, specialist tuners of high performance Mercedes-Benz cars

I liken the world of Speedhunting to being on a roller coaster: that part where you crest a peak and then furiously descend… That’s what it’s like, but it’s relentless and after a while you have to just keep breathing because it’s not slowing down. Coffee? We don’t need coffee. Unless it’s Brabus brew of course – our gentleman writer Jonathan has brought us one story from the heart of the Mercedes tuner already…

The headquarters and manufacturing facilities of Brabus, specialist tuners of high performance Mercedes-Benz cars

But let’s face it, being badass is nothing new. Brabus know how to play the game in any generation, so yeah there’s more. Old school? Tick that box.

december 2013 editorial-33

We’re also covering younger subjects of course. Brad has been following a very special series of builds in New Zealand and he can bring  us the culmination of that effort now.

Building it up

When it comes to builds we’re going to be bringing you some new ones to drool over. With Speedhunters being the broad church of interest that it is, you can be assured they span a world of styles.


As ever we’ve been looking at things from different angles, trying to create stories that other people might not write. Not to be different for the sake of it, no, purely because we want to explore all of those angles. Often some of the most interesting ones are behind the scenes, almost behind the story itself, so Taryn has given us an insight into how she spends some of her time. You’ll have to wait to see just exactly what that entails.

december 2013 editorial-53

The Japan-based, machine gun of creativity that we all know as Dino has been out shooting some cracking events. The Moon Eyes Christmas Party is always an eye popper, but this year we’re going to present it differently. Seeing as the US based event is a week later in SoCal, we’re going to combine coverage and bring you a bumper Top Trumps style spread.

december 2013 editorial-55

Dino had a blow out weekend and also attended the Nismo Festival. GT-R heaven?


Quite possibly, but I’m going to make you wait just a little while longer… We don’t want an overload now do we? Because like I said, the second part of December is going to be based around reflection and we need some sort of pace, even if it is fast.


We need reflection to show us the way forward because once in a while we have to look back, take stock and then go on. Behind the scenes plans are being made for the next twelve months. Where are we going to go next year? What shows do we want to discover? What territories are out there waiting for us to explore? If you’re reading this and we haven’t hunted your part of the world, let us know because right now I’m looking at a really big map with a lot of pins to place. Excited? You bet! I want my passport to look like a dog-eared notebook by this time next year and my throttle pedal foot to be tired and aching.

december 2013 editorial-6

Because man have we racked up the petrol points and air miles this year, starting out in Japan back in January. Are we looking at the top-ranking feature car of 2013? Who knows… Well in truth we almost do, because we’ll soon start running down through our most-read feature cars and you may be surprised by the results.

december 2013 editorial-10

So what do you think have been the big stories of the year? Can you even remember them all? Honestly I don’t think I can; every time I look at a picture I’m reminded of another incredible build. My favourites? I can’t even begin to decide just yet. Although the four rotor Lexus we showed you? That’s up there, oh yeah.

december 2013 editorial-9

What about 2014? Do you remember this Fox body Mustang? Did it inspire you to look at a body style or manufacturer that you hadn’t considered before. Is it just me or would this treatment look killer on an R32 Skyline? That’s not just me… right?

The big stories…
december 2013 editorial-7

Like, love or loathe, Liberty Walk certainly arrived this year and we’ve tracked them around the globe watching the impact as the cars arrive and garner international attention. It’s been great watching how different people interact with them.

december 2013 editorial-43

And speaking of interaction we’ve also loved traversing the globe with some of our friends and partners. Vaughn Gittin, Jnr. has been on fire all year (ouch) and along with Mad Mike and Fredric Aasbø, we had ourselves a royal party at the ever-awesome Gatebil Rudskogen event in July.

december 2013 editorial-28

I was a virgin to the madness of it all before I arrived on a road trip back to England from Finland, but those three days will stay with me for a long time.

december 2013 editorial-40

Doing new things is important: it keeps you fresh. All too often, people reach a level of knowledge and assume that’s it, that they can stop looking and learning outside of that realm. Not us: next year I want to know where we’re going. I’ve got some ideas but I want your input – fire ideas at us.

december 2013 editorial-41

I want to show you everything now, but whoa, I can’t. We must wait together and go through the process or the internet may well explode. After all, we’ve had a big year.

december 2013 editorial-16

From hunting out crazy hot rod builds that led us to a goldmine of features.

McLaren's headquarters in Woking, Surrey

To hero level manufacturer models.

december 2013 editorial-13

Individuals who have emerged on a global scale from within a scene.

december 2013 editorial-21

To established and loved legends that continue to evolve. We’ll be bringing you two rundowns: the top fifty feature cars and the top fifty events we’ve attended. You’ve voted already with your fingers over the last eleven months and we’re simply going to reflect which stories ranked highest. We’ll bring you them in reverse order with links so you can immerse yourself in as much metal, carbon, alloy, paint, oil and fuel as you can handle. These are the sorts of festivities we know you’re going to enjoy. Don’t worry, there will be some polls and things for you to vote on so we really need you to keep up with us.

december 2013 editorial-57

So there you have it, two clear awards will be given based on page views: Car Of The Year and Event Of The Year. I’m in no hurry to wish December away but oh mama, sitting where I’m sitting? Seeing what I’m seeing? I can’t wait; the future is out there and we’re hunting it down at speed.

december 2013 editorial-48

Hard charging towards 2014, don’t stop us now!



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As I've suggested in all my #IATS submissions you really should come over to Germany next summer to experience our "Goodwood pendant" the Classic Days in Jüchen. Lots of potential for great coverage :-)


Ohhhhhhhh lawdy lawdy! That has me fired up! cant wait to revisit my third year of speed hunters. So many good things have happened and I want to read them all again


@Philipp Ulrich  Paddy and Rod should come to the Reisbrennen next year imo!




Tell us more please!


RodChong Reisbrennen established itself as the biggest JDM event in Germany over the past couple of years. You can find some videos on their website I believe ( It has gotten fairly big now and is held in the Motorsport Arena in Oschersleben. 
I'll be there as well with my 32 GTR you've seen at DMPD just like most jdm drivers that have attended!


Paddy and Ben to go to Bathurst 1000 !


I approve of this message.


PaddyMcGrath Seconded!


RodChong That's the latest vid it appears:
Don't get me wrong, Germany has no Japan level style but it certainly could use some more international exposure of their JDM scene! Maybe that'd make them even more inclined to look what's happening beyond their own borders too!
The scene has been growing massively over the last few years, compared to 15 years ago back when it's only been VWs and BMWs that were stanced or tuned in general over here.


Certainly looks like one for the diary, this is great. Thanks for the suggestions guys!


When you say Ben... You meant Bryn, right Joe? ;)


Wow, that's a great film. What are the dates?


Speedhunters_Bryn Most likely gonna be in August again. It's like an entire weekend. I imagine they gonna publish the dates soon. 
Would be cool to meet you fellas there too.


Awesome, makes me pumped for the new year!


Summernats - A four day festival dedicated to cars. Drawing over 100000 spectators, it's a big deal in Australia. I'd say at least 2 speedhunters would be needed to provide decent coverage.


HEYYYY! Throw some new hoodies up on the store too! Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn


Nismo Festival.


You wouldn't believe how many times I've wanted to visit and not quite swung it. There's a lot of Australian content we need to cover! Land Speed Racing too.


Speedhunters_Bryn Summernats is just the Tip of the Aussie Ice Burg. There is many more events like MoterEx, Autoclassica, Power Cruise, any of the Australian Top Fuel Drag Series, Just to name a few. An Australian based Speedhunter would be busy all year without even leaving the sunburnt country.


I would love to see Larry come over to NZ to cover some D1NZ and the New Zealand Festival of Motor Racing next year


I will throw some ideas at the table, u ready?
1 - off road in japan
2 - drifting events in eastern europe
3 - hill climb events other than pikes peak (cmon folks, PRESCOTT, aren't there some brits at speedhunters?) 
4 - hill climb in japan? (there's gotta be a scene...)
5- ???
just for me, those are half a dozen things, the years has 365 days, i know you guys can do all of them, right?


Wow. Well. Where to start? Hmm.. I know what I would like to see. For me, when I open up speedhunters, it's an opportunity to see into the minds of other car enthusiasts. It allows me to see what makes them tick, or do the thinks they do. And I love it! I've expanded my passion soooo much from this site, and I can't thank you guys enough. I would love to see more stories following builds from beginning to the end (or to wherever). For example, Taryn and her Datsun or Larry Chen and his also. I wouldn't have my passion for Datsuns if it wasn't for those two. See when I read those stories and watched their builds I lose myself in them. It makes me love cars even more. I don't know about you guys, but I would also like to see a tiny bit more F1 coverage. I couldn't get enough of it, even when I went to the COTA race 2 weeks ago. I would love to see some more U.S. car coverage. I want to follow builds of domestics and whatnot. That picture of that mustang in chapter 2 just made me melt in my seat. Anyways, hats off to everyone involved in speedhunters. I can't imagine what I would do every morning if I didn't have my daily dose of speedhunters. You all do a fantastic job and are all amazing at what you do. Thanks.

Seeking Perfection

I read the whole post with sheer enthusiasm, but what ultimately grabbed my attention is that this month we are going to have another informative post from Taryn bringing us another exclusive from the automotive industry's latest news. I was like ''Yippie-YO-Yippie-YAY-LetHerPost- EVERYDAY''. Cool stuff, yo! 
..but is this the best year in SH history? In terms of content, web traffic or human resources? I still feel that the new layout is flawed even in presentation mode. #webdesignersmakingpoordecisions 
I believe that following the progress of the RTR-X project and involving us in the choice of the livery was the epitome of SH history.
I have several suggestions for you guys, but I am so bored to write them down now. I will throw a free one though. Let Dino and Larry participate in Gumball3000 with a supercar of your choice.


Also I have noticed that these articles are a very loose guide of what is to come not quite the "content we’re delivering to you this month" like you say. I bring this up as way back in October, we were promised an article about a "Ford Anglia that you could scare your parents with"  which we have still yet to see and also last month we were promised  a visit to Drayson Racing and Fat57 Customs which is still absent, though the Brabus article did drop to today so I shall continue to sit here in anticipation of the awesomeness we were promised.

Seeking Perfection

You should definitely cover Unlim 500+ in Russia and have another quest for tea (like Jonathan M.) with Paddy and Ben this time in a slammed VW Camper.


@Seeking Perfection Well I'm liking the last paragraph. Do I get a few "get out of jail cards" as well? ;)


RodChong  Is it possible to send the guys to cover the Dakar rally? Probably a lot of work but would love to see Larry's take on it.
 speedhunters_dino  please tell me this this event is still being conducted.


azmedaj RodChong speedhunters_dino I Second this, The Dakar receives far too little coverage for such a big event.


"Hard charging towards 2014, don’t stop us now!"
 Works well if you ask me.


Speedhunters_Bryn More the merrier , all of ye should come along and bring your tents !


The Tauranga / Baypark round would be the best one, can't beat the concrete jungle


mbretschneider I second the Targa scene.  You guys should have a Targa theme - Targa Tasmania, Targa Newfoundland, perhaps a look back at Targa Florio and Mille Miglia.  Even add in Targa-top cars. Haha why not?  I would love to see a feature on a Porsche Targa next to a T-Top Firebird.


@Seeking Perfection hmm I will choose to take that as a compliment ;)


so excited, I can't wait to see larry's coverage of the 24hr of Dubai. His posts from the UAE are definitely my favorite from the entire year.


pidjnr That would work well as round 3 and NZFMR are a week apart


bradjh Hopefully I can check out that race again next year.


azmedaj RodChong speedhunters_dino I was considering it, but it's the same time as Auto Salon. It is one for the future for sure.


speedhunters_dino Aren't you Japanese? Just say you are not from around here.


Taryn Croucher lol


F1Fan426 Yeah, I really wanted to go to COTA, but things just did not pan out.


mbretschneider I like number 5.


JoshuaWhitcombe pidjnr I was thinking about making a trip to NZ early next year. I guess we will have to see.


Hayden Evans Yeah, What the hell!


BrockHarvison Speedhunters_Bryn There is a salt flat in Aussie as well I'd like to visit.


Joey_Coady Third.


I'd love to see Speedhunters cover the annual Targa Newfoundland rally. There has been some epic machinery here before. Group B Quattro, Edo Comp tuned Enzo, MC12, LP640 & F430, old Mustangs, Supras, etc... There's a bit of stuff for everybody.


miksfield mbretschneider Glad to see others supporting the Targa themes. I've been attending Targa Newfoundland for as long as it's been going on. Always cool stuff on the go there, would love to see SH cover it.


Larry Chen Joey_Coady I'll have to get a bigger house !


LouisYio Haha, small world. I took a sabbatical about five years ago and rented a bar in a ski resort in France. The guy who ran it before me said if all else fails, stick this song on and the place will pick up. One night it was getting late and the crowd were calming down, so I reluctantly put it on as none of my 'trendy' music was working. People jumped up on the tables and the place went off. Guess I may have subconsciously used the line :)


Well, as you've asked, I can't resists to say: come, experience the Hungarian petrolhead scene for a few days! 
Here we have drift, time attack and rally just like in the countries you live in, of course not the same in size, but quite similar in terms of variety and of special machines (Mercedes W140 Gymkhana car, anyone?). The Hungaroring will host DTM this year, and I suppose you've never covered a European Truck Racing event before, which is also announced to return in 2014. 
Our tuned cars range from draw-jopping hot rods and rat cars to stanced or clean Euros, with a big proportion coming from the VAG-world. Classics here are also something you couldn't experience elsewhere before: KGST cars such as the odd Tatra 603, the couldn't-help-but-smile Trabant, the colourful herd of Polski Fiats, sporty Skodas, or the fire-spitting VFTS Ladas - both as bad ass project cars and pristine originals. And it is not fare for a true car guy to die before hearing the roar of a two-stroke, three-cylinder Wartburg racing car:), the English version of the country's biggest online car magazine, could for sure help finding and arranging the shoot-worthy cars and events, they're quite a helpful community. 
I wish this dream of many Hungarian Speedhunters-readers will come true once, and we can show the world, how petrolheads on low post-socialist budget can enjoy their machines!
(I'm terribly sorry for my poor English.)


Gabor Laszlo Hey Gabor, never say sorry for your English, it's great compared to my Hungarian! I've been looking at Eastern Europe for many years, I love the dedication that you find there. So yes, send me some links or dates to work with and I'll be sure to put it in the calender. I can't make any guarantees that we will be there in 2014, but it's always good to know what's going on as I look for new territories!


bradjh The Middle East in general is a place we have to see more of, 2000bhp Nissan Patrols and other jewels are there to be seen too.


BrockHarvison azmedaj RodChong speedhunters_dino I've been speaking to a couple of potential teams to involve ourselves with, it's such a massive undertaking just to follow that this will be something for 2015, but again it's a halo event that we must see at least once.


BrockHarvison I'm genuinely flattered that you've picked up on that, so first I'm sorry that we haven't delivered 100% of what we promised. I would say that as always external factors play a hand in what we deliver here at Speedhunters, so what you may not be aware of are the extra, more time sensitive stories we gave you instead. Delivering roughly 100 stories a month means we've missed three in nearly 200, so I think we're doing okay at the moment. However, you will be getting those stories! In fact coming up later today is a Fat57 Gasser story, cool? :)


@Seeking Perfection First up we're talking to a couple of competitors in the Unlim 500+ event right now, so that's very much in the pipeline with a trip to Russia being arranged. Subject to it all stacking up, we should be bringing you some crazy content from there in the next 12 months. Next I'd like you to know Taryn really is that enthusiastic, it's genuine! Trust me she could power a small town with the energy she exudes. Plus if all you're focusing on in that line up is her post, then take a second look... :)
Project RTR was a great thing to be involved in, however we can't afford to build a kick ass car every year and do all the events we'd like to. Yup, money plays a hand. However if it means we can bring you a world of cool stuff instead, that's worth the trade, yeah? As for the more organised road rally events and sending a team on them, why would we do that? Wouldn't you rather see us push on through new routes, uncharted territory and discover scenes you haven't experienced before? Those events are well documented and rather formulaic, so let's look elsewhere.


Lowie_64 miksfield mbretschneider Great list there, I see a theme emerging and I like it!


Larry Chen JoshuaWhitcombe pidjnr NZ is obviously a huge draw for us, we've only scratched the surface there so it's somewhere I'm keen to get more material from. I've toured the islands a few times and know of some killer content that I hope to bring you.


Larry Chen Hayden Evans New products are always being considered, I need some socks right now. They'd make you walk faster, right?


Larry Chen BrockHarvisonn*cough* Nearly drove there earlier this year when I was in Brisbane!


What about some Buschur Racing and DSM/EVO Shootout coverage??
And not to mention TX2K as well
Pretty bummed that such big scale event does not get even one bit of exposure by speedhunters


Brian Ang Then hit us up with some more info, that's the whole point of this. It's a big world out there and we can't cover it all, but if we know about an event. Then it's a start :)


I'm gunna keep refreshing my page on the engineered to slide hilux. Its one thing to modify a car. Its another to build your own entirely yourself.


The year isn't over yet! The 25 Hours of Thunderhill is this weekend! I'll be there!


Eastern Europe has some fucking brutal drivers and cars, it'd be cool to see some of those next year. It'd also be cool to see some Drift Muscle rounds covered, and possibly a Drift Allstars event? 

My final request will be near impossible, but I know you guys like a challenge... I'd love to see a feature on a legit R34 Z-tune

turbo BEAMS ae86

Lowie_64 Agreed. worlds fastest street ferrari was there.  The yellow one from alberta.


Speedhunters_Bryn You can bribe me with the Fat57 Gasser any day lol.
Now I don't to come across as a hater or a troll or anything like that. I am just a dedicated fan who wanted to see a few particular stories. While I understand that some stories are more pressing than others, like your SEMA coverage for example, I have noticed that a few stories like the ones that I pointed out, are yet to be published and several others did not get published in the month in which they were promised. Now I know that this is only a very small issue in the much bigger picture.
As always I am very grateful for the content that you continue to provide, it just so happens that the stories that are still outstanding are the ones that I am particularly interested in.


I don't know what I would do without you guys.


MikeDonnelly So will Larry, Mike is at the Moon Eyes Christmas Party and a whole load of other stuff is happening. Like I said, keeping up the pace :)


More offroad coverage would be cool! The grassroots offroad scene is incredible. Super diverse and super creative. Amazing what kind of machine people can build in their own garage. 

Moab Jeep Safari Week?? Talk about a festival of madness.

Loved the rally coverage. Would love to see more! But you knew that already.

Hot August Nights in Reno?


JoeWhaler I know Dino's shot one before - I remember putting together the feature when I used to put together the GTROC magazine. Who knows... ;)


Lando Fortunately I live in Arizona where offroad is king. Look for more dirt in 2014!