Earlier this month, we set you the challenge of capturing the essence of turbo. We wanted you to explore the theme both literally and how you feel turbocharged cars are best represented in the still image. The results were many and varied but as always, only the select few made it to here…

(Above) It was close for this theme’s featured image, but eventually we decided that Rick Watanabe‘s shot should take top honours. To capture the moment of launch perfectly is one thing, but to also capture all hell breaking loose is another level of achievement. For those of you wondering, it ran a low nine second pass on a -big- single turbo L28.


We had plenty of submissions detailing a more traditional representation – nice and considered angles with shallow depth of field were plentiful…


… but gold plated engines bays not so much.  Proof that sometimes you need to relax, and let the car do the work.


Call me old fashioned, but I’ll always be a fan of the less obvious approach.


You know the photos that really draw you in and allow you to immerse yourself in what makes it special.


Sometimes it can be the subtlest of hints…


… or it can be more obvious but the result should be the same. To put a smile on the reader’s face and inspire them.


Sometimes the most difficult decision as a photographer is to take the easy shot. But sometimes that’s what you need to do. There’s no point in over complicating things.


Other times, you need to spend time thinking of each detail and allowing for the most minute of changes.


I guess the most important thing though, is knowing what you want to capture and going out and getting it. I don’t think there are many more things in life that can be as rewarding as realising a vision.


Yes, you need the technical skills to be able to capture what you can see in your mind’s eye but if you don’t have that vision in the first place, then you are just taking pointless pictures.


Of course, a little bit of luck never goes astray…


… but there are rewards to be reaped by those who are willing to work towards a vision and end goal.


This was definitely one of the more difficult themes we’ve issued but I think everyone who contributed can be really proud of themselves, regardless if you made it or not. It takes guts to put yourself out there and to be scrutinised by others. We also appreciate that it can be hard to not be selected, but fear not.


Because there will be a day when your time will come and your success will be all the sweeter for the trials and tribulations that you have endured beforehand.

Be inspired, keep shooting and shoot safe. Your time is coming.

Paddy McGrath
Twitter: @PaddyMcGrathSH
Instagram: speedhunters_paddy



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 – Submit your best work, regardless of when it was taken

DO – Take your time shooting and consider each detail
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DON’T – Send us scary ZIP or RAR files. We won’t open them



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S14 doing a straight skid is a cool shot... captures it perfectly... I can hear that SR20 screaming just by looking at the image!!!


Thommo Definitely one of my top picks as well.


The top image... One epic shot. "Hell breaking loose" is just about right. :D


Thommo Agreed. Amazing shot.


that silvia pic is mean! Tak'n off!


Thanks for sharing my Opel Astra picture! 
This picture is taken at the 24h race in Dubai. As you see the cars are getting very tired. Some are crashed, some have lost power while others just hope to reach the finish. This is shoot at one of the very last laps in the race. It tells a lot about how much a car and a turbo must endure within 24 hours. :)


that geat ...


Awesome shoots by all, thanks for sharing my image!


Big gold turbo - it's something about UAE imho)
And nice shot from Masha Panova as always


Nice work everyone! This was a joy to read Paddy and thanks for selecting one of my shots!


Camillast Isn't that just weight saving on the door? ;) Great pic!


Awesome pics!


Paddy can you post a desktop pic of the 240z?  Haven't seen this car featured, and I definitely want to see more!


my bay wasnt good enough for speedhunters.. :(


Thanks for sharing my image guys! Well done to the others, love every single shot.


Can I get a desktop of the opening shot of the Z?


Well done everyone!


@Mike Jones aussieANON Afraid not, as I don't have the image in a higher resolution. We're working on that though...


The photo of the R5 Turbo is brilliant!


Camillast nice pic. I thought those "Solution F" Astra's had an NA V6.
So no turbo.


It has a 2jz and it's for sale! Chris Ward's Formula D car!


Some seriously wonderful work up here by everyone! I am proud to see my shot up there with the rest of yours! Thanks again, and happy hunting!


top shot (all hell breaking loose) I can smell the fuel burning, hear screamer pipes spiting anger and sense pilots hands grip ever tighter the wheel, just feel his adrenalin surge, then the raptures of engines unleash.   or in other words great pic mate


Loving the rolling burnout :D!