Collection 04 Is Raising The Bar: #WeHaveBoost

Normally forcing things into confined spaces before blowing them up is frowned upon, but not in the world of Speedhunters. No, not when we’re talking about turbos and superchargers. Rarely has the act of compressing stuff been so interesting. But when it’s coupled with the combustion engine, it’s a process that’s bound to put a smile onto our faces. So what better way to kick off the release of Collection 04 than with some #WeHaveBoost goodies.

MadMike Collection04 Speedhunters EDTN 2013-9899

First up is a black T-shirt with the #WeHaveBoost hashtag, flourescent yellow graphic and of course, the customary mini logo on the rear.


The tees are American Apparel Hammer ones – so you can expect all the normal quality of a Speedhunters T-shirt but with a slightly heavier material.


Also now on offer is the #WeHaveBoost bumper sticker.


We do have it on good authority that adding one to a naturally aspirated car won’t magically make a snail appear underneath your bonnet, but we won’t check, and a bit of yellow is bound to brighten up anybody’s day.

We’re also very proud to share a bit a milestone in the production of Speedhunters EDTN. The hardest part about launching a range like this, from scratch, is the balance drawn between quality and price. We’ve always refused to compromise on quality. Price, is a little more stubborn. That said, we’ve continually strived to streamline and evolve our production process to cost less but maintain our quality standard. The good news is that we’ve managed to reach the right volume now to nudge the tipping point. So in that spirit, we’d like to pass this on and announce this latest collection, C04, at a new reduced price point. Happy days.

Browse the Speedhunters EDTN Collection 04 on the store



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Love the sticker <3


Rod, when will Fredric, Mike, and Edward have updated T-shirt or hoodie designs? HoldStumt & Madbul sold out literally years ago! Fredric won fan favorite driver in FD and Madmike has legend status globally, yet I only saw three HoldStumt shirts at FD (seattle) and I owned two of them.
Also, how cool would it be to have apparel featuring artists such as Miura-san and Nakai-san. Their products may be branded 6666 Customs, TRA Kyoto, Rocket Bunny, Raugh Welt, LB Works, etc etc, but truly we at SH follow the people/artists themselves right??


Love the website and the gear that the team offers. But any way you can offer some gear without the hash tags? Just a old fashion car enthusiast who isn't into twitter. Keep up the good work.


jah1mon Yeah something timeless perhaps? Original SH throwback tees maybe?


My stickers turned up crushed and crinkled (every one) because you thought it would be ok to send them in a plastic bag with my shirts, when I payed $50 for shipping!
No reply to my email complaint yet


My only restraint from buying a shirt so far has been the use of #s...It's a shirt not a it silly but I would have loved a maximum attack shirt minus the #.


wtf the hashes are a twitter reference?

I thought they were just random? wow yeah turned off completely then, twitter is for idiots - what exactly is wrong with facebook status/mood updates?


@Guest sorry about this. We will fix the issue. Can you let me know your name so we can look up the complaint.


Parabéns... entro no speedhunters todos os dias....


I have the sticker powering my laptop! :)


JSequoia a great idea... we've been thinking about similar things for the future.


apex_DNA jah1mon we are thinking this will be the direction for Collection05


BrynAlban And now it works faster!


RodChong jah1mon Yeah something you can still wear when the fad is over, haha...


RodChong apex_DNA jah1mon Much appreciated. You will have a guaranteed purchase from me if this is done.


dovvv What if you don't have either...?


@Guest you must not install those stickers on the car... I heard you can loose up to 80hp/tq


RodChong JSequoia thanks man! can't wait (i know you guys got a lot going on though)


jah1mon RodChong apex_DNA Amen to this!!


@Roku That's what I've been saying. I just don't get. Makes me feel like a 12 yr old twitter whore....


RodChong absolutely.. it was in need.. need for speed. More boost helped


FunctionFirst  if you have neither then you have +20hp(for not wasting hp's on power steering, air conditioning, or social media). I'm a no facebook/twitter/other social media person as well.
dovvv, why do you have to declare other people idiots? pretty sure plenty of people smarter(in whatever sense you choose to define it) than anyone posting here(you and me included) have twitter(and can still figure out how facebook works).


What on earth do you mean by "Twitter is for idiots who don't understand how Facebook works"? They fulfill different purposes within social media.