Japan is such a special place. Its car culture runs so deep and is so widespread it’s almost unbelievable it manages to stay so detached from the mainstream. If you live your day to day life in Japan your exposure to cars will be very uninspiring, a sea of vans of all sizes, eco cars and the odd import make up the majority of the carscape on the roads. Ads on TV are the same, everything is eco-related, nothing that unleashes even the remotest of emotion. Dig a bit deeper however, and you will be astonished at your findings. That is what Retro Car Kings is all about. This all new program which I worked on earlier in the year will air on Discovery Channel Japan this coming Saturday at 5 pm and will showcase shops that we all know and love, places like RWB, TA-Auto and Rocky Auto as well as others we have yet to cover on Speedhunters. For now the program will only be aired in Japan but maybe will be shown elsewhere in the near future through the power of the internet.


Retro Car Kings Official Program Page

Discovery Channel Japan

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Really wish this was broadcasting on American cable providers! Hopefully it will be readily available to stream online. Looks pretty interesting.


Did you work with luke on this as well?


Why can't US Discovery Channel have car shows like this? I'm tired of all these crap car shows about a bunch of people trying to make a quick buck off crap restorations.


need to see this!!


@ToneDiez Send messages it!  The show is bi-lingual so ready to go to US/UK & anywhere!


@777 Yup, Luke took care of a great deal of the footage actually.  I helped put the program together and am the "resident" expert haha


@Frozzy Send feedback in!  I'm sure they would like to hear what people have to say!


Ok , now you internet guys, listen
Somebody, some people that do anime subs perhaps? (maybe initial D fansubs) has to rip it from japanese TV and subtitle it for the rest of the world!


@speedhunters_dino  @ToneDiez Bi-lingual? ok sorry if i get too much ahead on this, or if i am doing an impossible request, but: The same way speedhunters make special postings with japanese text, to reach more japanese readers , i think if/when this show is avaliable with english subtitles/voice acting (i am personally not a fan of dubbing real people, i'd rather leave the voice acting to animation)  you guys should do another post telling when it will air on the US/UK tv. The reason for that is, that us, people from the rest of the world, will have more chance to reach the content, since english is a language that more people (from south america, africa, europeans, etc ) have access to.
BTW, great work Dino, as always!


@speedhunters_dino yep, i'm not sure where i heard it, could be the MM page, but  i did see something about some show on discovery japan, good luck with the project though, would really like to see it succeed and spread


Looks like it'd be a good show, better than most of the dribble on Japanese tv anyway lol


Hope it will be aired in south east asia as soon as possible.


@TEC Might actually make it to SEA :)


@777 Thanks!


Like all the great japanese cars the US missed out on, once again we will be deprived of another great thing in japanese automotive culture. This would be a great hit on their Velocity channel. They can afford to show one less muscle car show (they all end up looking the same anyways, torque thrust wheels again? what a surprise!) . This and wheeler dealers for my UK fix and ill never have to change the channel


EVERY time Dino posts something I'm like "Wish I was Japan.... *grumbles*"


Hey fellow speedhunters, take a minute and send Discovery your thoughts on the matter:


@Slight Thank you for adding the link Slight!  Please, the more people that write in the higher the chances!!


@SVT_Bryan It's only a flight away....


Write in and tell them directly!


@mbretschneider  @ToneDiez Thanks, no dubbing, sub-titles and the commentary is in English or Japanese.  Write to Discovery here!


Japan gets all the cool things :(


Trust Discovery to desecrate, sensationalize and turn something I like into something that will make me cringe.


It's not a news event, it's not life altering, it's a show about cars, people passionate about cars, and people who are fortunate enough to have turned their passion and talent into a commodity that other people want.  This blog probably has more subscribers than this Discovery Japan show will have viewers.  Certainly doesn't appear to be tainted with the soap-opera esque feel some of the US shows like this have.  Though, they can be entertaining too when taken in the correct light.  Why is everyone so negative as soon as anything they though was "just for them" is broadcast to a wider audience. Is it only cool to you because it was 'underground'?  Sort of insulting to those featured on the show, no?  Surely they, as the artisans and crafts-men that keep that segment of the hobby on the forefront, they saw a benefit to doing the show in the first place.  Were the Best Motoring DVD's cringe-worthy?  Cheesy at times yes, (part of their charm), but certainly exposed many of us to cars that previously only existed in print.  I will agree, lots of the media stuff in this industry can be awful.  But that doesn't mean everything is.  The skills the people featured in the show posses, the passion the owners and builders of the cars have isn't minimized because someone does an article or tv show featuring them.


What? No. Discovery Channel sucks. That's all.


 I asked them to bring it over to the States. If anything it may end up here on Velocity since that channel is mostly automotive shows. I love that channel.


@speedhunters_dino  Done!


Hi awesome show where can it be downloaded from as I can't find it anywhere on torrent sites? Does Speedhunters sell it as a DVD?


Who was producing those awesome retro red bike, couldnt catch the name.