Hybrid VIP: K-break Fit

VIP style continues to evolve and as we have seen over the last couple of years it is spreading like wildfire, not only being applied to the vast array of new and old sedans that Japan has on offer, but even more everyday sort of cars. On my last visit at K-Break, which has to be one of the most respected trendsetters in this scene, it was this Honda Fit that grabbed my attention. With more and more requests from customers requiring bodykits for smaller cars, K-Break has put together a full aero treatment for the new-gen Fit…

…made up of a front and rear bumper section, side skirts, blacked out grille and lots of other little touches like the tinted headlights. The car wasn’t yet finished, still waiting to receive the full quad-exit K-Break exhaust system that would give the…

…this little hybrid, a very distinctive, un-hybrid-like sound!

A typical VIP-like treatment has been given to the interior with K-Break vinyl seat covers, steering wheel cover and carpets. The teddy bears on the dash are optional!

K-Break’s Fit demo car rides on air suspension so when parked up can really be slammed on those 17-inch K-Break Hybrid Fivesta wheels. Raise the suspension and the Fit becomes a comfortable everyday car, which around the streets of Osaka definitely will get you noticed. After all that is what VIP is all about, standing out!


-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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man, I'm just not a fan of honda fits. they just look like blobs. melted gumdrops. that being said, this one is one of the better looking examples.


I can't decide if I like it or if i want to burn it with fire. I'm leaning more to the latter. :/


@PatrickD I didn't like it for a second. Hideous. To each their own, I guess.


how can you allow such horrible fit and finish on car that goes on your site, those seat covers are awful!!


kill it with fire


Do not want.


Speedhunters unworthy...


Because Japan that's why


Interior is so bad, the rest is tolerable.


I like it, but id rather see it with a better Kbreak interior...






remove this abomination


Love it! I wish there were more aftermarket options for the Fit in the US...


Haha love how so many people don't like this.  I think it's a case of perspective, if you live or spend some time in Japan these cars make sense, from the outside they may look a little strange. Nonetheless this is what people are doing with the Fit in the VIP world...


The interior is a bit wild but I really enjoyed the exterior mods. Front bumper is slick


Remember all you haters out there, that there are totally different visions of styling all over the world.
Like for example, you have some parts of America that follow the "stance" movement, then there are other states that prefer the "Donk" style of cars. Totally different ends of the spectrum.
This is an interesting way to modify a car. If that's how they like their tuning. so be it. kthnx


I love the fit but this one isn't that good.  The exterior is fine but the interior is horrible.  I'm also extremely confused that K-Break would allow their car to be in a photo shoot without it being detailed first.  It's a total mess.


@Rivers of Gore total mess? A little mucky maybe but I'd hardly call it a mess, you'd have a heart attack if you saw my car haha! I agree on the interior though, tacky as hell but that is a Japanese style though, so each to their own.


outisde amazing, inside not so