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It’s raining outside. It’s also quite cold and generally miserable. Luckily enough, I’ve been so enthralled by your submissions to this week’s IATS that I haven’t really taken much notice. When I took over this program at the beginning of this month, I was really impressed by what I seen coming in. Less than a month later and I’m honestly flabbergasted. The quality of photography coming through is really top notch and it all comes down to each of you striving to improve your photography. Andrea Evil sent us in a couple of images captured at Monza, but it was this 458 that really caught my attention.

Zhenkin who is originally from Malaysia and now living in Brisbane, Australia and is already immersing himself in local car culture. He sent us in a variety of shots from the recent Jamboree event.

An AMG Mercedes basking in the golden light of a sunset.

Ryan Macdonald captured this Mercedes on a recent trip to the Nordschleife from his native New Zealand.

Another one that had me applauding in the office was this submission from Radek Brejcha of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

Now that’s a rear.

Nick Reeves took one for the team when capturing the action at local wet skid pan day.

This is just sublime. Great execution Matt!

Meanwhile in Poland, the rain will never put a dampener on things. I really like the crop of the shot too, nice one Marcin.

This looks like an interesting venue.

Jeff Chin submitted this shot of a 599 before it was put into hibernation for the winter.

I quite like the subtleness of this shot by James Kei, reminds me of many early mornings in any given race paddock.

Graham Stockley came back from Petit Le Mans with plenty of shots to be proud of. Never underestimate how hard it is to shoot in the dark.

Although technically flawed, the atmosphere captured here is exquisite. It’s a perfect example of how a good photograph doesn’t have to be super sharp. Idea & execution trump all.

This week has actually been a bit of a southern hemisphere invasion, this one comes from 15 year old Cooper Macmillan. Impressive.

Still down under and Christian Hartung was on hand for the unveiling of the Nismo Altima V8 Supercar.

I’m going to leave Brett explain this one …

In 2007 John had a horrific accident at Phillip Island when a front left suspension arm had failed and sent him off the track, backwards into a tire barrier at 150mph. This left him unconscious for six hours and hospitalized for weeks with a fractured skull and broken bones.The rebuild of this car has taken four years and finished last year, this has been his first event in the T140 since. Here you can see him looking up into the sky before he rolls out onto the grid for the first time running the car since the accident.”

Alex Robson captured his friend’s newly acquired Megane Rs265 in the Scottish countryside. Although the weather didn’t play ball, I’m sure he can be proud of what he has come away with.

If you didn’t make it this week, don’t give up! Get your head down and push harder because there’s always next week!

Paddy McGrath



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I'm going to need more info on that mercedes on the nordschleife. like soon




@R3d Baron  @roadsterrunner From what Ryan told me in the e-mail, it was running a V8 and sounded like the SLS GT3 car. I've never even seen a picture of it before, so if someone can shed some light on it, please do!


at 9th picture: Rain is /by definition/ a dampener of things, dude...


god. that cover photo looks amazing. one mean ass italia


Jeff Chin any chance we could get that 599 shot in high res?  I wanna make it my desktop background and I don't even care for the 599!  Awesome photo!!!!!


I love that top image of the 458, so atmospheric, the car looks amazing on the track...


Thanks Speedhunters, this is an incentive to continue taking pictures. Greetings from Monza!




@roadsterrunner Agreed.




15th photo down. If you are looking for an awesome event to cover you should check out the powercruise series.
It consists of bringing your tuff street car/ drag car to a circuit race track and you get to cruise around the track racing people. No helmets, can have your friends in the car and more importantly no police!! Three days of fun with camping available.They have events in all capital cities, one in new zealand and are even running an event in the usa now too.


Thanks Speedhunters for choose my shot! Greetings from Poland :)


Thanks Speedhunters for choose my shot! Greetings from Poland :)


The James Kei photo its now my screen :D


The James Kei photo its now my screen :D


@MaciejMaroszek Hard not to post that one! ;) Great shot!


@MaciejMaroszek Hard not to post that one! ;) Great shot!


Awesome, Thanks for using my photo!


Awesome, Thanks for using my photo!


@maxproof Thanks man! If you want see more my photos you can find me on flickr.com my nickname is mikoanqelo ;)


@maxproof Thanks man! If you want see more my photos you can find me on flickr.com my nickname is mikoanqelo ;)


Yeah man, what's your email?


Yeah man, what's your email?


Yeah man, what's your email?


The Ferrari 458 pictured at the top is wicked... Super cars are meant to be driven-- hard! Get dirty! Turn and burn, baby! It shows just how much cars like those belong on the track.


Umm, need desktop...=P


IMO, it's the best #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER post yet! Locations and cars wise!


@Jeff Chin Mine is project_whyze@yahoo.com...wouldn't mine a copy myself. Thanks!


@Jeff Chin Mine is project_whyze@yahoo.com. Wouldn't mine a copy myself. Thanks!


@Jeff Chin Sent my email to your photo facebook page.  Thanks.


Thanks Speedhunter for choosing my photo! This made my day!


Thanks speed hunters for posting my shot!


Thanks a bunch Speedhunters, for posting my shot. Seeing your picture in a blog such as this is the best motivation to keep on pushing and improving yourself