Back To Back Wins At Trax For Fredric Aasbø

Fredric does it again! This time he had the perfect event as he qualified in first place and then won overall. I just want to touch on some highlights before we get into our main coverage during the week.

It seems as if the Norwegian Hammer carried the momentum from his second-place finish at Formula Drift Las Vegas.

With all these exhibition wins, including Formula Drift Dubai, it makes you wonder how much longer till he gets his first win in the Formula Drift Pro Championship.

This was my first time to the UK, so I will be touching on that in a Through My Lens post. It was also the first time I had met Ross I’Anson…

…and the first time I’d met Bryn Musselwhite. Now I have only one more Speedhunter left to meet and I’ve met them all.

I did experience a bit of culture shock as there were very few V8-powered drift cars. It was also pretty crazy because the event was only one day, so it went by very fast.

Camille Sebaoui, our French Speedhunters spokesmodel, is also a mechanic in the French Air Force – so she helped Fredric’s team out as much as she could. She will be posting a blog on her experiences with working on a real drift team.

Darren McNamara’s rotary-powered AE86 was plagued with problems the entire day.

He still managed to qualify in fifth position, which was very high considering the troubles he had been having with his power steering.

Right before Fredric went out for his first qualifying run it started to rain. However, he still pulled off an amazing run which gave him the number one qualifying spot.

I sat both drivers down in our rental car to find out some more details about their day at Silverstone. Make sure you keep an eye out for this interview.

D-Mac eventually met up with Simon Perry in his Nissan R33. It was a very close battle, but Darren made some mistakes and the win was awarded to Simon.

He ended up in fourth place, just shy of a podium spot – which happened to be the same result as last year.

Fredric crawled up the Top 16 ladder to meet the current BDC points leader, Paul Smith.

The battles were very close with Paul and Fredric evenly matched. So they went One More Time.

On Fredric’s follow run he stuck to Paul like there was a tow cord attaching them together.

It was utterly amazing and it was some of the best high speed tandem I have ever seen.

That is it for now, but stay tuned as we update you guys with more happenings from Trax. I will also be following Darren all week long as he makes his trip back home. He will be preparing the D-Mac 86 for the Prodrift finale in Ireland.


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Nice work, both from you and Aasbø. The steering angle on the 86X is just ridiculous :P


Nice work, both from you and Aasbø. The steering angle on the 86X is just ridiculous :P


 saw that lock too. its nuts.


An FR-S/DTA Fitted? Holy tits I want one!


Camille Chen... lol jk, but I really hope there is a video of the battle between fredric and paul smith.


I want a desktop of Bryn's volvo!


 @AlexanderEvensen I want a desktop of that pic.


:o cant belive i missed this part!! DAM!
still was nice meeting you!! Thanks for the stickers, alreadly on my laptop :p!


WHY no damm videos!?


The amount of steering angle on Freddie's 86 is just scary, LOVE IT :D


Aasbo is killin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Viper powered S15 blew my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remminds me of  some of the cars in the pictures of Gatebil......


hmmm. love drifts on the lock stops but that just looks broken.....


Am i the only one that thinks that the green Volvo is totally awesome?


I was SO lucky to be there! Was an amazing day!
Would love a feature on that rat-look mk-5 fiesta..


 @racingparadise I ran past it on the way to the Maxxis truck for the results, and as soon as I saw it, i thought "ha, Gatebil look a like!"


I'm not too surprised Fredric won TBH, we was looking like a real class act all day, a complete thrill to watch and that x-86 is just an amazing machine, especially considering the build timetable. Really looking forward to more coverage.


Is Fredric goin to mondelo ???


 @Tinyxr Yes. Dai Yoshihara will be attending to, driving Mark Gaffney's Altezza.


 @racingparadise yeah I want a desktop bad!


@YouMirinBrah Thanks sound can't wait


 @bradjh  @racingparadise i want a feature on it. Shouldn't be too hard to arrange, Sirs?


 @bradjh  @racingparadise i want a feature on it. Shouldn't be too hard to arrange, Sirs?


so much lock! that car has the best of the best components


so much lock! that car has the best of the best components


Can you post some of these in high-res for wallpaper purposes?


Can you post some video!?  This looks fun.


 @Tarmac Attack Larry's next post will have desktops


 @racingparadise We have asked Bryn to write up a feature on it!...


The more I here about Camille Sebaoui, the more awesome she becomes!


Camille Sebaoui, marry me!


 @RodChong  @Tarmac Attack Awesome, thanks!