Eighty Six 86s From Across The Globe

Happy 8-6 Day everyone!

As promised, it’s time to showcase the cars of the global Speedhunters 86 brotherhood (and sisterhood) with a special edition of the weekly reader ride shoutout.

It so happens that right as we reached the cut off point for submissions we stood at 86 cars, and that seemed like a fitting place to stop.

Now lets go ahead and get going with the global 86 roll call!

Danny Mosto from California, USA

Kotaro Yamakawa from Kumamoto, Japan

Carlos Otero from Caguas, Puerto Rico

Ed Nueva from California, USA

Chris Gray from Ireland

Jonas Velasco from Texas, USA

Anthony Millondano from California, USA

Fuji from Sydney, Australia

Colin Chambers from California, USA

Aaron Rue and Mark Mito from Texas, USA

Erik Hernandez from California, USA

DJ from Dubai, UAE

Waldo Lee from Minnesota, USA

Jim Yang from Minnesota, USA

Gregory A. King from New Mexico, USA

Steve Enomoto from California, USA

Reuben Celemin from Alberta, Canada

Chris Lee from Texas, USA

Cedu Ocson from California, USA

Tony from the UK

Michael Yee from California, USA

Ewan Johnston from Scotland

Ish Parken from Georgia, USA

Kenjo Raif from California, USA

Marcin Miezwa from Poland

YaitaAutoWorks from Ibaraki, Japan

Jon Burnstad from Alberta, Canada

Tedd Talty from Texas, USA

Navin Pillai from Ontario, Canada

Luis Alberto Castro from Peru

Alan from Canada

Riley Janowicz from North Carolina, USA

Isai Torres from New York, USA

Ciaran Hennessy from Ireland

Spencer from Alberta, Canada

Adam Chong from BC, Canada

Marty H from Georgia, USA

Mohd Faizul Sulaiman from Saudi Arabia

Andrew from Melbourne, Australia

Kirk Dunlap from Colorado, USA

Alfredo from California, USA

David “Firecracker” Sanchez from Costa Rica

Andrew Cooper from Christchurch, New Zealand

Ryan Mendoza from California, USA

Osiris de Jesus Santana C from the Dominican Republic

Ferdinand Lagerwey from New Zealand

Sam McLean from Alberta, Canada

Nate Shewchuk, from Washington, USA

GUCCYO from Ibaraki, Japan

Patrick from California, USA

William Adlam from New Zealand

Justin from Washington, USA

Ryan Suter from Sydney Australia

Nestor Mendoza from Texas, USA

Steve Groenink from Alberta, Canada

Joey Sim from Washington, USA

Dwayne Bentley from New Zealand

Chaydon Ford from the UK

Geovanni Virella from Wisconsin, USA

Pao Agregado from Manila, Philippines

Mark from Illinois, USA

Peck from Texas, USA

“Shelby SS” from Brunei

Luis Malave from New Jersey, USA

Dean Zen from Indonesia

André Pardal from Portugal

Ben from Virginia, USA

Amir from Malaysia

Philip from Brisbane, Australia

Tim from New Zealand

Joel Paterson from New Zealand

John Mitropoulos from Greece

Chris Wright from Pennsylvania, USA

Paul Farren from Dublin Ireland

Stepanova Nekeel from Washington, USA

Pedro Carvalho from Portugal

Raph Couture from Quebec, Canada

Armando Cumplido from Texas, USA

Martin Longpre from Quebec, Canada

Nazri from Brunei

Allan Anderson from Utah, USA

João Ferreira from Portugal

Matthew Zebracki from Colorado, USA

Mudzaffar from Malaysia

Kevin Lee and Stanley Liu from Canada

Ryota Sakaguchi from Hokkaido, Japan

If for some reason you don’t see your car here it wasn’t at all because we didn’t like it, it was just a matter that you missed our submission deadline.

A massive thanks to everyone who participated this year. Until 2013!




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I think Mr. Kirk Dunlap wins this one.


I think Mr. Kirk Dunlap wins this one.


I think Mr. Kirk Dunlap wins this one.


I think Mr. Kirk Dunlap wins this one.


I think Mr. Kirk Dunlap wins this one.


I think Mr. Kirk Dunlap wins this one.


Lookin good Riley Janowicz!


Ryota Sakaguchi from Hokkaido, Japan wins in my book.


Ibarrrrrrrraki !!!! Big ups to Joel Paterson, New Zealand, love it! Aw hell, I love em all!


Just gotta say that , that gold coupe is spew worthy but the rest are sick! Heaps of clean 86's from nz good to see.


I see you Dean Zen and Chaydon Ford! -fresh_empire


At the end of the post, Joel Paterson of New Zealand AE86 sticks in my head. :) Anyway, saw a few Dmac86-like body kit on some. What make/model body kit is that? TRD? 


this all day long!!  complete hotness. http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/08/86-shoutout/attachment/8626/ 
spencer from alberta canada, my hat's off to you.


Im glad to see that some of the sickest 8-6's are from TEXAS <3 ;)


I missed the deadline :-(........................


I need one in my life.


Spencer from Alberta, Canada .loving this


Loving the way the only one pouring smoke off the back wheels was from the UK!!


The key to an 86 is really clean or really dirty ;)


thank you sir


thank you sir


i'm surprised that so many are from texas period.  i've lived here all my life and i've probably seen 2.  looking in the wrong places i guess.


Ok guys theres a need to step up your wheel game, JP  still has got the "look"  of a proper 86 down.


Paint it!


I think Erik Hernandez has Mike Garrets old AE. Glad to see so many Canadian AE's in here too.


Now were there REALLY exactly 86 of them Mr Garrett?
Anyway who cares, i digged all of 'em. Tried to pick a favourite but gave up.


Hahah, ya I'm so glad to see her featured here.. :D


 @Skidson lol. to bad it was cloudy on the from the other view. the gold is a base, its actually rainbow sparkled. So im sure its worse in your opinion.


Geovanni Virella from Wisconsin, USA and Ryota Sakaguchi from Hokkaido, Japan!


@rifieenih yeay! ( ´ з`)/


 My cover has been blown lol.


Damn some sick 86's!


loving that last picture!


I think Ryota Sakaguchi (last pic) was the best then Steve Groenink from Alberta, Canada.


So. Freakin'. SICK.


Cheers for Dean Zen! fantastic it was featured here! :D