The Autódromo De Terramar-Sitges is a kidney-shaped oval racing track near Barcelona in Spain. Built back in 1922 it held a handful of races before falling into disuse, but unlike many of its contemporaries this ghost-track oval is accessible and intact. Crumbling… but intact. Minor events aside, it’s stood in the Spanish sunshine for 80 years awaiting the sound of another real racing car.

So, what could be better than doing something that you can normally only do in games: taking a modern GT racer around the track. Audi decided to do just that, with Spanish DTM driver Miguel Molina and rallying legend Carlos Sainz at the wheel of an R8 LMS GT3 car, setting a new lap record in the process.

After an initial run around the vertigo-inducing, virtually vertical banked corners in a Caterham, the R8 LMS was unleashed to skim the tree-lined track and do what only rally cars should normally do. And this is what happened. It’s bumpy. It’s fast. It’s terrifying. Watch and enjoy – possibly from behind your hands.

Jonathan Moore



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Bull Balls of Steel...incredible Video!!!!!!


Awesome footage! Love how that track bounced that car around, a good test for drivers.


It must be a strange feeling driving so high up on the sides like that. Awesome video :)


Sponsorship & greed ruined what could of been an amazing video. Did he really have to be standing there with his RedBull hat on taking a sip of his RedBull drink? The car should of been vintage, & the driver should've been a legend.


Wait...what? How was this greedy? What "vintage" car and driver are you suggesting?
I think it's awesome to see todays cars take on a track that started it all. So the guy drives for Red Bull, big deal! Would it make any difference if he was sponsored by someone else?
Please enlighten me.


so Carlos Sainz is not a legend you say?


And besides, If ANY company sponors you, you wear their colors especially in front of the cameras. Thats how they get paid.


I've been there, the inclination of the banking is extreme, it really is like a wall, and the concrete is so slippery that feels like a car park. They really had guts to do what they did.
This is what it lloks from google maps:


I just came. Audi FTW!