Announcing The 2jz Speedhunters Toyota 86-x

What we are about to announce has been a work in progress over the last two and a half years, yet it hasn’t technically even started. I’ll explain:

Just as the first Toyota FT 86 renders started popping up, I immediately thought to myself that this is the drift car of the new generation. Built as a light and affordable, medium powered 2+2 seater, it had all the specifics of a true Drivers Car. As further concept cars were released and a final production version came on the horizon, I set my aim on getting our team one of these cars and prepare it for drifting.

Toyota Norway had kindly come on board our rookie Formula Drift “program” with some parts sponsorship in 2010, and without their support I don’t know what would have happened – we might not have been able to pull through. At that time, I carefully proposed an official, European Toyota GT 86 drift program, but there was a lot of uncertainty revolving around the model as no one really knew when, how and even if the car would become a reality. Plus, I know if I was a car importer, the thought of handing over the keys to a kid who aches to go through as many tires as possible and skim every concrete wall he sees would take a little bit of getting used to.

The breakthrough came last November, when I did a Toyota World Convention drift demo in Las Vegas. Lars-Erik Årøy, CEO of Toyota Norway, asked me how a smalltown kid from Ski, Norway, ended up sliding cars around in front of the 800 top executives from one of the worlds largest car manufacturers, accompanied by fighter jets, NASCARs and Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”.

I told him my story, and made sure to also tell him how I thought our future goals could align. Since then on, we have been working hard to make today’s announcement become a reality.

Please say hello to the Speedhunters Toyota 86-X drift car.

We receive the base car on June 5th, and its first drift car incarnation is scheduled to be ready for Gatebil in Norway on the weekend of July 13th-15th. We will adapt most of the running gear out of the Team Need for Speed Japan Auto Supra, including our 700hp 2JZ-GTE, before we drop in a Brian Crower 3.4 stroker later in the year. It will all be packaged in a TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny widebody kit, along with several major and minor modifications.

I would like to use the opportunity to thank every single one of you who has been, currently is and will remain a part of this journey, for all of your efforts. As we move forward, I want everyone involved to remember what this project really is all about: Fun. As Toyota is bringing joy back into their cars, I am extremely excited to take on this project with all of you.

And yes, there will be Hold Stumt stickers on this one. Plenty!!

Fredric Aasbø

Follow the Speedhunters Toyota 86-X build across all Speedhunters outlets, as well as on the following social media channels:
Instagram: FredricAasbo
Hashtag: #86-X

86-X rendering by Michael Creighton.



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I've been waiting for this since the beginning of the season. BEAUTY!


oh my....DO.WANT!


Oh hell yeah!!!! Can't wait to see this in action.


WICKED awesome render!!!! Some OEM needs to hire this guy


Looks rather smooth, but as we can see its'' stock engine doesn't addict many people to it and a replacement for 2jz was only logical. :D Yes I'm a fat troll.


I'd like to know what it's toyota it the GT86 instead the Denso Inyection system, and the marketing department????
Chasis from WRX-STI, rear Dif Torsen from STI, engine it's a Boxer, like every subaru, Suspension was derived from STI-WRX.........


a 2JZ in the new 86? Way of ruining the concept, the idea, and the engineering. FAIL!


Keep the engine in the Toyota family? YES!
I saw the picture and at first glance,  the Japan Auto logo stood out so I started giggling like a little girl who just got a new Barbie doll because I knew Aasbo would  be driving the car. I then noticed the title:".....2JZ....." and started giggling like a little boy who broke the head off of a little girl's doll.
This car will be legendary.


You said it LouisYio, Legendary..! Im so looking forward to Gatebil July! 


 @DavidParadaMolina The differential and transmission are from Lexus IS and not from an STI


ur bitchassness never ceases to amaze


 @JDMized Orido already has a 1UZ in his, thats further than the original concept than a 2JZ..


 @TomHoward  @JDMized 1UZ is a lot lighter and weighted more centrally. Not that stock engine bay locations are a consideration for purpose built drift cars.


 @DavidParadaMolina Really? looks the same for me on the STI 2009-2011 and in the 86 pictures........
Maybe Torsen, instead a desing, and a work mode, like McPherson, was a model for a specific brand who suplies both companys
BTW, the Super mega hiper awesome inyection system by Toyota, in really was a Denso system who was a separate company, like Bosh, Delphi, and many others.........
There is no Toyota ity that car besides the marketing, money, and Hype


all my favorite things! <3 2j, rocket bunny kit, new 86 and aasbo to drive! so stoked.


 @JDMized Your just not a happy person are you? At least they kept the engine Toyota instead of a Subaru boxer.


awesome!!!  Aasbo you're the man


Mother of God...


This is freaking breakthrough. Way to go Fred!


 @TomHoward  @JDMized Motor is from the IS-F (2UR-GSE), it is not a 1UZ.


The reason going 2JZ is because that is an engine platform we are familiar with, and for us it's the most viable option. We will be running a rear mount radiator setup and generally keep things very simple, and our ideal weight distribution isn't 50/50 anyway. But I do agree that the lighter and lower CG of the motor, the better, and the boxer is a great choice for the production car.


Mike, thank you! We're super excited to take on this new project! Just need a name for it now.


 @FredricAasbo I figured that was the reason, can't wait to see it in action.


 @KevinTaddeo The render was created by Michael Creighton at Rampant Renders ( It has been absolutely amazing to witness it come to life, with all the custom airbrushing and tiny details that went into the creation of the render. Michael is the man - hands down!!


Gonna be bad ass!


I've been dreaming of an LS1 T56 swapped FR-S, so if you guys start the engine swap flack here thats fine by me.  Sounds like a wild collection of parts and people coming together to make it all happen pretty quickly, props to that!  best of luck!


I'll just leave this here....  Denso is part of the Toyota Group.


 @FredricAasbo Thanks for chime in Fredric.
How about the 3S-GTE? It's proven. Lot's of aftermarket support. A lot more compact than the 2JZ.
A lot less weight in front of the shock tower, and pretty stout (obviously not as stout as the 2JZ), but enough to make 600hp.
I feel that the 2JZ COULD be a good candidate if you guys cut the firewall and push the engine inward, but the FD rule book says no. That will leave the nose of the 86 heavy, and the rear-end very light. Just my 0.2


 @NickDiLuca  @TomHoward Orido's 2UR is an all aluminum block/ head, much like the LS's. A lot lighter, and compact than a closed-deck inline 6 iron block (2JZ).


Deep delicious dish on those concave wheels.. Rocket Bunny kit should be stylish as well


 @JDMized Dude you have a problem if its a LSX, you have a problem if its a 2J, lemme let you in on a secret: YOU have the problem, not all these car builders. Your constant criticism is neither constructive nor good, bur it does need to go away.


OH! Aasbo just took it to the next level. Damn, that's sexy. Plus a 2J? ... *drool*


nice ........very it a ton........


 @JDMized The packaging of the 3S-GTE is definitely favorable, but if anything we need to go up in displacement, not down. If we were to go four banger it would be cool to run a 2AR similar to the tC, which would be even lighter and larger displacement.


Finally a motor suitable for the chassis , cant wait to see it unfold. Amazing rendering Michael.


 @JDMized  @FredricAasbo Sounds like we have a real pro here? Look, the man knows what he wants and clearly know the rules waaaaay better than you. So just keep your two cents.


 @D1RGE EXE  @JDMized Agreed.


 @NickDiLuca  @JDMized either way, its a high power V8, which is further from the original concept of the 86 than a 2JZ is..


". We will adapt most of the running gear out of the Team Need for Speed Japan Auto Supra" does that mean to take the parts from Chucky or?


 @Stian Not from Chucky, but from our Euro Supra (which has the NFS livery). Don't worry :)


 @FredricAasbo  Ahh! it's a shame to slaught that one too. (could write in norwegian, but others wouldn't understand, Are you going to part it totaly out or just "borrow" parts from it? I have good memories from seeing it at Gatebil Bergen in 2010 i think it was.


 @Stian We only plan to borrow parts off of it. Considering the super short time frame before Gatebil, we have to be able to take exactly what we need, but the Supra will definitely stick around some way or another courtesy of Japan Auto.


 @FredricAasbo  Ok, nice to hear. mabey i just have to come to Gatebil rudskogen in july then, unfortunatley a student dont have alot of monney to travel :/


Stopped reading all the other articles over the past week for this one


Perfection!!! Glad to hear someone's  mating the 86 + 2jz for competition and that its not just another Stance subject....even more stoked that its Fred. Name it Rambo!!!


So glad we could make this work Fredric! Everyone who works with Toyota in Norway is waiting to see the car on the track! 


So are we!! Can't wait to get cracking on the actual build now!


Wow awesome, looking forward to seieng how this turns out.


Really?  You're going to go with a heavily established and somewhat old engine instead of taking a risk and using your imagination?  The block that comes with the FT-86 is ripe for some serious steroid therapy.  And you go with a 2JZ.  In a day and age when reproducing the body of a car like this is simple you've suceeded in removing the only thing that made this car unique.  For shame.


@NathanLoiselle The point here is that we have to choose our battles. We are focusing on other parts of the build that are much more important to how it will work than the type of engine. Our job is not to develop a new motor build, but build a competitive drift car. Plus, I don't agree that the engine is the only thing that makes the 86 / FR-S unique. :)


Im digging it the 2jz route, Thats best sounding engine on the planet next to its little brother the 1jz.  I see alot of flaming people dont realize the 2jz was engine way ahead of its time! Creating new parts are for companys that specialize in that like Trust.  That takes money!!!      Im just waiten for it to Rear entrys with 2jz on the rev limiter! NASTY.


Im diggen the 2jz route keep it turbo!.  Its the best sounding engine on the planet aside is little brother the 1jz.  I see alot of people flamming it, not realizing that the 2jz was a engine way ahead of its time.  Creating and developing parts are best suited for company's that specialize in that like Trust that takes money.   Im just waiten for the Rear entry's with the 2jz on the rev limiter! NASTY.  Cant wait to see it.


Looks awesome. How did you overcome the ECU issue with the power steering, rev counter etc....?