Car Spotlight>> Gruppe 5 Bmw 320

Besides the official BMW cars on their
stand during the Techno Classica there were several privately-owned cars
scattered throughout the 12 massive halls of the venue. One of those cars was this Group
5 BMW 320 from 1977. I absolutely love this car!

This car was originally campaigned by Team
Faltz with driver Hans Joachim Stuck. It’s powered by a naturally-aspirated 2-litre engine that reaches its maximum power of 300bhp at 10,000rpm – and no, that
is not a typo! Its top speed was 270kph.

Thanks to its Jägermeister sponsorship it
became an instant fan favourite. The car is still being used at certain old-timer events in and around Germany.

Underneath these massive rear fenders are
genuine 16″ BBS three-piece wheels that are 12.5″ wide.

The fronts are almost as wide. This
car is just so cool even standing still. I would have loved to see, breath and
witness this car tear up the tracks back in 1977. Just amazing!

Jeroen Willemsen

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Love the size of those rear wheels and the madness of the aero of those days... Thanks for sharing this.


stunning car! one of the most beautiful racers of all time


drive it in rFactor =D


possible my favorite race car too. its a close one between this and the group5 d&w zakspeed capri. Imagine watching these things battle it out. I think in allot of ways they share a similar mindset to group b rally cars of the 80's. No compromise high power with tenuous connections to the original road going versions! i'd like to see this car in action.


Enjoyed crewing for C Hones and the Woolworths BMW in the early eighties here in Oz. Chris had 1 2L n/a car and Jim Richards Turbo for a while. Amazing cars. I understand they are back in the BMW factory museum now. Were managed by F Gardiner at the time.


I would love to have a replica on this car!


BMW and Jager, two of my favorite things hahaha Great post, thanks for the insight!


The white spoiler on top of the rear window, I don't think I've seen many of them around on the newer cars.

Anyone has an idea why the paradigm shift in aerodynamics?


10,000 RPM. I like.


10,000 rpm?!

bloody hell! this must make ears bleed!


WOW! love seeing more classic BMW's on Speedhunters!!!


i have a street version on this car . the old 2L six will still rev to 8k and she will sit on 150kph in 4th with out much effort . cool old cars and they weigh next to nothing.


The rear window spoiler was there to try to drag air down into the area behind the back window, normally a dead spot, and allow the rear wing to work better. It's not seen these days for 2 reasons, one is regulations don't allow them, and two is the airflow on production cars is generally much better in the first place. You don't see it on production cars for cost and practicality, although is you look at the rear edge of the roof on certain Mitsubishi Evo models you'll see a row of "shark fins" which do much the same job and create less drag.


^ or the impreza sti also has the same rear roof spoiler.


Roof spoiler was first employed on the 3.0 CSL group 4 and 5 cars and the IMSA version that raced here in the mid to late '70's.