Car Spotlight>> The Plastic Plymouth

When you see the dozens of Funny Cars that run at the March Meet, you’ll notice that all of them are purpose-built race chassis covered with fiberglass bodies loosely styled after production cars. The term “Funny Car” was actually coined in the mid 1960s to describe production drag cars that had altered wheel bases and other modifications which gave them an unusual appearance.

Spotted at this year’s March Meet, this ’64 Plymouth Valiant is a bit of a Funny Car itself. While the wheelbase looks be stock, the “Plastic Plymouth” is sporting a host of period style modifications to the body and chassis. For starters there’s the chopped roof which looks pretty cool – although I’m not sure what sort of competition advantage it provides.

Then there’s the big Hemi, equipped with tall velocity stacks and shoved way back into the firewall.

The interior is bare bones, just as you’d expect on this sort of a car. It’s always cool to see the stock dashboard retained.

Vintage wheel and tire setups are one of the coolest things about old race cars, and the Plastic Plymouth doesn’t disappoint. Check the center-locking skinnies up front..,

…with wide mags and enormous rubber out back. Classic.

I’m sure you’ll notice that the car isn’t in the best cosmetic condition, but that roughness adds a certain charm and a sense of history.

That will do it for my March Meet car spotlights. I’m already looking forward to my next visit to Famoso during the Hot Rod Reunion in October.

-Mike Garrett

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I want one. "Why race?....because Mopar... f*ck you"


I LOVE old race cars!! front are spindle mount, no front brakes!! so bad ass!!


of all things, the passenger seat is retained. fancy a ride down the quarter?


" For starters there's the chopped roof which looks pretty cool - although I'm not sure what sort of competition " -It reduces the frontal area and thus makes the car a little more aerodynamic. I guess you could also say that it helps lower the centre of gravity too.


Holy Crap thats the same year valiant i got


Looks like it had some fake over-fenders glued to the rear hind quarters at one time, which might explain the "plastic" part of it's name. Ah, the sick 70's. So much glitz.


sometimes a chopped roof looks really good and other times it looks horrendous. this is one of the time where a chopped roof looks good. I also love the vintage rims up front.


Looks like a dumpmestic pile of shit to me.


Bloody awesome. Race car patina, bawss.


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