I can only imagine what that moment must have felt like. Although it would’ve only been a split second, to driver Yusif Bassil it must have felt like an eternity. The moment that I’m referring to is when Bassil realised there was no avoiding the impending, sickening impact. This could be it.

I came across this video via Crank & Piston, who bring up important things in their post. It’s unbelievable footage of Bassil living out a driver’s nightmare. High collision,  door won’t open and the car catches fire.

Not for the faint hearted.

– Charles Kha

Crank & Piston



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watching this over and over again just wondering how he got out alive :O


I think I'm going to buy a HANS set...


I bet what he was thinking "Pikachu!" JK- glad dudes ok. That ish would be scary. That's why I don't drive fast. JK! Haha!


downright incredible.


Yay for non fried man, seriously though, flames IN CABIN 6 seconds after impact, or only 3 seconds after the car had stopped...

i'd want a better FIREWALL if i was him..


was that the fire bottle flying around in the floorboard!!


HOLY SHIT. I wasnt expecting that!


OMG this is so full on its all most identicatl with what happend in a V8 supercars race in Perth last year


after he hits that leon, he gets slammed by the car behind him :/


and THAT is why there,s rules and specs for safety equipment .

a cheap bolt in roll cage or lack of fire suppressant . key components that will get you killed .

on a side note if you've ever been trapped in a burning car, its one of the most terrifying moments in your life. that and drowning in your car .


Sounds like he locked up the brakes. He could have just, you know, turned? Went right around it.


Can't even imagine experiencing that. You can see his immediate reaction was to hit the brakes but by the time he tries to steer out of the way the front tires were already locked, so he just slid straight into it. Glad he made it out. I'm sure he shit himself and toasted his gonads a little on that fire.


Why a Leon Cupra is on the middle of the track in a race with Clio ? I d'ont understand. If anyone can explain me :D


Pork chop sandwiches get the $:ck out of there dude!!!


i seen the car on the right going wide, wondering if something happened to him, and looked center as the stopped car came into view, "Oh Shi-" was all I could say before he hit it


Thankfully the crash didn't knock him out. Man, that video really had me scared for him, even though the title suggested otherwise.


hey was avoiding the crash till he locked up the brakes. crazy how fast things happen. glad everyone is ok.


This gave me teh goosebumps...glad he got out safe!


It really is shocking how quickly these things happen, both in racing and on the road.

Any footage of this from outside the car?

Hope all involved were ok.


safety first everytime, you see guys with rollcages daily driving there cars. With no other safety features or just a harness. What's gonna happen without a hans device or helmet, or actual emergency plan in place. This guy had it all and that's why he survived. Granted this was a race, but people imitate in a poor manner these race cars and don't get the full setup thinking that 10% they did was enough.


Shouldn't have locked up the tires with no ABS. He's lucky to be alive.


Cant believe people are giving him shit for looking the brakes! Look at how long he has to react and the fact there are cars either side of him. Remember the camera is lying to you because of the lens distortion. We like to think we would do better in stressful situations but the fact is most of us would do the same thing. CAR!! BRAKE!! TURN!! WHERE?


Glad that driver was ok, quick thinking not to keep trying the drivers side and hop out the right! Thats motor racing and how quick danger can take hold. Stay safe in 2012 heroes!


It felt like an eternity for me, and I was just watching it. lol


He deff locked his breaks. He started turning before he locked them but just slid straight once they locked


Hey Mr. Spark aka Captain Hindsight, he had cars on both sides of him. He took the safest course of action in a terrible situation. As it is, the impact shunted him into the car on the left, which bent that door shut. Original impact was so hard it broke the fire bottle free. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so lucky!


damn! my back tensed up as I watched! had I been driving that car, I would deff b in a hospital with severe burns!


As you can see him running off the track through the windshield at the end you know he's thinking "shitshitshitshitshitshit" because no matter how much you know that modern safety and no matter how much you know hollywood over exaggerates, you still think "its gonna blow!"

Thank god he's ok though


stupid fail


you cant even tell anything is going on ahead of him until hes right on it.


@ D1gre.exe .. when are you going to watch the vid ? you dont understand time . when did the car on the left hit him ? think about it agian before you post


Am I the only one that can see there was no car left or right of him at point of impact ??


@ oompa . you sir are not blind by any chance ? there is no car to the left or the right. he should hae drove around . bad driver just wrecked two cars .. fml