News>> Toyota Confirms Le Mans Drivers

Following the unveiling of the TS030 HYBRID, Toyota have announced the remaining drivers for their two car attack on the Le Mans 24 Hours. Joining Hiroaki Ishiura will be two former F1 drivers in Anthony Davidson and Sebastien Buemi. Davidson was without a drive since Peugeot's exit from endurance prototype racing, while Buemi was recently dropped by Toro Rosso.

The driver line-up for the other TS030 – which will also compete in the World Endurance Championship – includes Alex Wurz, Kazuki Nakajima and Nicolas Lapierre.

- Charles Kha

Toyota debuts the TS030 Hybrid



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Its awesome to see Toyota make a return to Le Mans.


how come peugeot withdrew from LMP?? i think that were one of the best teams...!


Buemi wasn't exactly dropped by Toro Rosso, he's now next in line for a seat at Red Bull...


Toyota ganbatte!


Go Toyota!!! No private Peugeots?


Depends on how you define best....

If you mean the one of the two LMP1 teams that lost LeMans all the time, then sure....


great to see im really looking forward to this years le mans its gonna be interesting to see just how the hybrid technology copes


Hey speedhunters! There is WRC event going on in Sweden. Why no posts?



908 stats: Races - 6, Wins - 4, Pole - 4, Fastest Laps - 3

908 HDi stats: Races - 30, Wins - 20, Poles - 23, Fastest Laps - 20

The stats are better than the R15 and R18. So yeah, Pugs are easily definable as 'best'.


@Bradders of course buemi was dropped. so was alguersauri. Ricciardo would be next in line at RBR for me


buemi isn't a former f1 driver. he is a reserved driver for red bull, moved from torro rosso. and the web site of formula 1 told that the le mans would mess with his schedule with f1.


@RBarr That's like saying someone was dropped from the second team to go play for the first. Whilst they no longer play for them, it's not exactly a disappointment.

All I was saying is the article made it sound like he'd been dropped because he wasn't good enough, whereas in fact he's moved upwards in the ranks.


@Bradders sorry I diagree. Helmut Marko from Red Bull said they were dropped because there weren't good enough. He said "we need winners"!!!

Gary Paffet and Luca Badoer were reserve drivers but neither was next in line. In fact Ferrari opted for Fisichella when Massa got injured.

Go Red Bull!!!!


Another motorsport category that Toyota has to return to is rallying. They had built a legend with so many great drivers like Sainz, Kankkunen, Auriol etc and so many championships. It would make a lot of noise if they did, especially with the current situation at the WRC where new manufactures like VW are entering


@Nikhil: Peugeot withdrew because the PSA group (Peugeot and Citroen) made a loss of several hundred million euro last year. They couldn't justify spending another 60 million this year on their sportscar program when they have just had to lay off thousands of employees.


Toyota always have quality in every car, that's the reason why I really like the Toyota. I always support toyota in every opportunity. Go toyota.