Car Spotlight>>the Fairest Lady

When it comes to modified vintage Nissans, the cars that first come to mind are probably the Skyline and the Fairlady Z, followed perhaps by the Sunny and the Bluebird. The Datsun Fairlady Roadster often seems to get overlooked, which is a little sad considering how important this car is to Nissan’s history.

Among the Fairlady Roadsters shown at the 2012 JCCA New Year Meeting was this modified SR311 which really caught my eye.

Although it was a a street-registered car, it had many elements that hint at heavy track use. Most notably an aerodynamic front air dam which replaces the factory chrome bumper…

…along with a set of 14″ RS Watanabes and sticky Potenza RE55S rubber.

The interior was original for the most part, but had a few choice upgrades like a Momo steering wheel and some additional gauges.

Installing tow hooks as an “aesthetic” upgrade has been popular in certain circles for a while now, but I get the idea these are used for more than looks.

All in all, this little Fairlady has been modified in ways that improve both performance and looks, all without taking from its original spirit.

Without the success of the Fairlady Roadster, it’s likely that many of our favorite Japanese sports cars would not exist. It’s a car that deserves lots of appreciation, and when you see one done like this it makes it that much easier.

-Mike Garrett

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now you don't see these everyday of the week! liking those gauges.. Thanks


Man, it's nice to see a real-world car that the owner really uses get featured. It's not the prettiest fairlady ever, it's got a few scratches, and the interior isn't perfect, but all of that just means that someone loves it enough to drive it ALL THE TIME. Beautiful.


no motor shots what power plant could such a beauty be hiding under her bonnet


What a lovely car ;)


That seems to be a "67.5 2.0L might I add.... If so it is the rarest of the that era of Datsun roadsters. Worht some money...


Great feature on an often overlooked car.

I would own one of these already if I had the space!


Love the Fairlady roadsters. Still want one in my garage one day. Say, isn't that a fuel cell visible from the back?


theres no way that car sees track unfortunately b/c everywhere you go requires roll bars on vert's.

either way, beautiful car.



Anyone know who makes that front spoiler/lip?


Interesting that it lacks a roll bar if it sees heavy track use. Nice car


I don't know if it's even possible, but the thought of having a tuned, all-motor, VQ engine in that little thing sounds monstrous! That would be a sight.


probably the only convertible I would ever buy. Awesome!


Had a chance to buy one of those a while back, the guy wanted way too much for it in my opinion but i still dream of getting one. These old Datsuns are just lovely looking cars.


yezzzzzzzzzzz. Ive never seen these before. I can count on speed hunters to show the things you dont see.


Another unique JDM


One just went for 35000.00 at an auction in Las Vegas, Navada.


Sweet! I would love to see the engine and internal modifications


Not sure what gets me more excited - the Roadster or the tail lights on the Bluebird coop in behind :)