Car Spotlight>>one Fine Kenmeri

As someone who's in love with vintage Japanese cars, the JCCA New Year Meeting is simply overwhelming. There are dozens upon dozens of cars inside and outside the event which I would deem spotlight-worthy, and this year I picked out a few that I found to be especially great.

One of them is this Kenmeri Skyline based out of Tokyo.

There were many beautiful vintage Skylines to be seen at the New Year Meeting, but there was something that drew me to this one. For starters, it was in immaculate condition. And who can deny the appeal of that iconic fastback profile?

The car was wearing GT-R badges, although without seeing under the hood I couldn't tell whether it was a genuine (and extremely rare) KPGC110 GT-R, or a more traditional GT model with GT-R looks. Either way, it was love at first sight.

The car was running a banner from classic car specialists Biko Works over in Chiba. Using this car as an example, you can tell their work is positively top notch.

The simple chin spoiler is such a perfect match for the Kenmeri's front end. Timeless.

Adding even more to the look was a set of 15" Work Meister CR 01s, with gold spokes contrasting against the white body. Compared to many cars in the parking lot, the fitment was mild, but it was just enough to properly fill the overfenders.

A glance through the driver's side window revealed an interior that's just as clean as the body. The tach on the steering column and portable navi unit say that this car gets driven hard and driven often.

Seeing it sitting in the parking lot, you can imagine just how bitchin' this thing must look rolling down the expressway or perhaps turning laps at a local circuit.

It seems that properly done vintage Japanese machines are almost universally
loved among our readers, and thanks to cars like this one it's very easy to see why.

More New Year Meeting spotlights to come.

-Mike Garrett

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beautiful, just beautiful.


I would like to see a classic race with some of these old skylines and some Pro Touring muscle cars :) Camaros vs Kenmerys? OH YES!


Very nice !!


For me, that is so close to perfection! Not a fan of gold wheels (dark Gray would be my choice) and not a fan of the yellow Biko sticker but seriously, I am nit picking. Beautiful car, shame they are rare as rocking horse s**t in the UK and so expensive!


i love the lip


So nice, although the giant yellow banner sort of spoils the classy clean look a little bit. but i guess if i had a ride like that i would want everyone to know where it came from too.


Just sick!!!!


wallpaper plz!!!!


I'd like to see it with some wider rear tires.


Awesome car! I have a scale model of it! super car!)


That's sexy!


No info about the engine bay, to bad.

Nice spotlight nonetheless.


Perfect! Freakin' beautiful!


Please stop doing car spotlights that dont include the engine. Its just silly.


Clean, functional and tasteful. I'll have mine in Bayside Blue please!


simply amazing in all, i would'nt even be mad if it wasnt a real gtr


One beautiful focking piece of machinery!


Those wheels! Do want!


Oh, good old Japan.


can do some datsun post?


love these, just don't these enough on the UK roads. - nice choice of rims


@ kaws.

its reallly not silly.

its a timeless skyline,


your silly.


my uncle owned one of these GTRs ,I regret not buying it from him before he past away, so there is at lest one genuine gtr in NZ kpgc110


@Kaws: Yes I thought the same thing. But maybe that's what "car features" are for?


Very nice c110 but I like the looks of a s30z more. I wish they would do a rerelease of the s30.


Dope ass Nissan skyline wish we can have some of these awsomness in america-_-


The line on that RH side finder is off, you can seein the 5th photo down that the alignment is off a fair way.

Pretty minor gripe on an otherwise immaculate car!


Lip-licking good!