Random Snap>> The Cyber Evo’s Replacement

Despite winning back to back WTAC crowns, the Cyber Evo was retired from time attack competition. Here is its replacement: the Cyber GT-R. With Tokyo Auto Salon only a few days away, this teaser photo of the new project popped up on their blog. We'll try to find out more at TAS, so stay tuned.

- Charles Kha

Thanks to Ian Baker for the tip!



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not crazy looking enough


i've dreamed of this happening since the GT-R came out. i can't believe it's TAS time again already.


Not bad!

I wonder how heavy it is.


why must all good things come to an end?


Lets see this car in a year it will be a beast for real


defo dont look as aggressive as the Evo....


I guess when you run out of bullets it's time to reload.


Tell them to give us a ring and we will ship an ALPHA GT-R package to toss on that :)

Great looking car!



be very afraid...


DId like the EVO better


It looks bad, really

I hope it does at least good


I'm lovin it


I got 2 things to say:

1. The Greddy/Trust Skyline R35RX right now is the fastest Skyline in Japan (check out the Option magazine February issue if you don't believe me).

With that said, if Works Unlimited is not going to put together a better package than the Greddy folks, they will have very little chance of dominating the TA scene in Japan and else where (World Time Attack in Australia and wherever they are planning to race it).

2. From the pic above, you can see that Stance (coilovers) is one of their sponsors. Stance are Chinese-knock off sh!t that are far worse than the already-good Tein Super Racing. Meaning that if they really are planning to race with Stance, they do not stand a chance of winning anything.

I wish them luck though.


If it will become anywhere close to the evo, they need to put that car on a MASSIVE diet.

But they can make the engine a lot stronger, and get more downforce out of that car, So we will see how it goes! I'm exited!!


Stance coilovers???


Whaaaaaaat? Nice, can't think of a better replacement for the evo....maybe it will progress like the evo did, started mild and went to extreme?


With all the news flying around about the new Cyber GTR, did anyone else noticed that it's Stance equipped by Chicago's finest Touge Factory?



Cant wait to see the aero package they are going to put on this thing! Something similar to a sumo power GTR would be nice


haha looks like the evos step father who never payed any attention and drank beer all day in his la z boy


what the fxck is that stance sticker doing there?




Good luck with that! That thing's gonna need EVERTHING in carbon fibre to be as competitive as the Cyber Evo! I love the GTR but I still think It's wayyy too heavy.


Its a pitty to see that the Evo is retired. (i used some naughty words when i read it)

But i think the GTR is a nice replacement, if they can keep the weight low.


Huge and Heavy, and not in a good way.


I don't care how fast it is, It looks so dull and boring compared to the Cyber Evo


well its just the first development stage - just wait! I bet we get to see a well evolved race car.


Surprising I doubt Cyber would downgrade from the Evo keen to see the results for such a big car.


Have you guys ever owned Tein? I've had Tein on 2 of my cars and the ride quality is pretty shitty.

I have Stance coilovers on my Z now, and the ride quality is so much better than Tein. So much smoother And so much better than any other chinese crap like megan or bc.


I miss the evo. That thing was legendary


I miss the evo. That thing was legendary


Nice! More GTR!


Give it a few years of development, it took cyberevo alot of years to get to where it is at, I can't wait to see what C-west has to come up with the new aero,


"Stance, Chicago finest Touge Factory" haha....first of all, Chicago is as flat as my my sister's chest, there are no hills, there are no mountains, so I don't know where the name "Touge Factory" comes from LOL

2. "Touge Factory" might be the main distributor in the US for those Stance coilovers, but this car, as I said it before, it needs something a lot better than those China knock off crap. Something more along the line with Quantum, Moton/ JRZ or even SACHS.

3rd, the GT-R's massive weight (around 3800lbs.) needs an EXTREME diet to be competitive. (hp alone it's not gonna cut it).

Unless Unlimited Works can shave off more than 1000lbs, the GT-R is not gonna be very competitive. (at 2800lbs., assuming they pull it off, it still on the heavy side compare to the Revolution FD-RX7 or Berry's R34.)

The Cyber Evo weighted somewhere around 2300lbs. (about 1050Kg.). You do the math.


Go Stance! Proud to have their coilovers on my Evo. Best coilovers I've owned yet.


why so quick to say how much slower it will be compared to it's counterpart. have any of you actually ever driven a GTR? an oem GTR would give most ridiculously tuned monsters a run for their money... even with all of it's extra mass. I am sure this tuning company is not going to sit on their laurels, either. in a year you will all be wetting your pants over the evolution of this car and later crying when it goes away... oh and STANCE, STANCE, STANCE... who freaking cares! they will surely test the thing, right?


@Jason "We give no fark for ride quality" This is not a street car. It is a racer. Ride quality does not matter.

I am not related to Stance or Tein in any way, but a lot of people who buy cheap coilovers have never used hardcore racing stuff costing well over $4500. I'm not saying they are bad, I have had no experience with them. However, they have not been used much in top end motorsport. The Tein coilovers have been used extensively used in motorsport and have been proven to work.

Just my 2c.


What had happened to the Cyber Evo? I can't seem to find anything after the motor caught fire?