News>> The Toyota Ts030 Hybrid

Toyota Racing has today taken the covers off the highly anticipated TS030 HYBRID.

Based out of Toyota GmbH – the German facility used for their previous F1 campaign – Toyota Racing will enter two TS030 HYBRIDs in this year's Le Mans 24 Hours. The unveiling occured at Paul Ricard, where ex-F1 driver Alex Wurz and Nicolas Lapierre performed a shakedown.

The TS030 uses an all-new carbon chassis and features Toyota's THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System – Racing) powertrain that was developed with Denso, Aisin AW and Nisshinbo. "It was cool to drive the TS030 HYBRID car for the first time" Wurz said. "Just leaving the garage on the electric power is very futuristic, then when you let the clutch go and the internal combustion engine kicks in it is like an old friend has returned!"

The new team will make its debut in May at the second round of the FIA World Endurance Championship: the Six Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. We can't wait!

Here are the specs on the Toyota TS030 HYBRID:

- Charles Kha

Speedhunters: Toyota returns to Le Mans 



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Curiously impatient...


is it as fast as the minolta?


What a beauty! Please destroy those Audi's its been way too long looking at the same boring results!


I've always wondered what kind of MPG race cars get, is that sort of information ever disclosed?


Nice!!!Hopefully a worthy Audi Contender!! Wurz Inboard:


So three manufacturers back at Le Mans in Prototypes, Porsche to follow next year and joined up ACO FIA rules on GT classes...

Is F1 dying again?


Hope it'll be able to keep pace with the Audi's and Peugeot's. Look forward to seeing Toyota in international events again.


must destroy audi's looks AMAZING!!!



same team did the old toyota le mans cars. they will not beat audi that fast. in fact, the last time they were faster, but never did finish le mans. nearly the same story as with the peugeuts only they did win in 2009 ...

anyway, it's strange, that they don't run a 180° crankschaft. that what you normaly do in racing cars to achieve higher power. but might have somethink to do with those strange rulez at le mans ...


@The Boy Lard: Where do you get three? Peugeot are gone and the Hondas aren't works cars, so it's just Audi and Toyota.

@Big Lips: I worked out that at Le Mans this year, the R18 managed around 6.5 MPG.


Ladies and Gentlemen- I see shades of the legendary TS020 GT-1 here. I have a feeling this time THERE WILL BE NO MISTAKE like in 1999 at lemans when the BMW LMR edged out Toyota GT-1. Honestly I believe that Toyota, and Nissan, (just like Mazda did in 1991) are the Japanese superpowers that can bring down the Audis- what goes up must come down- It is a beautiful car! Go Toyota! take your place in history as the next Japanese automaker after Mazda to flat out win the 24 Hours of Lemans! It can be done! Lets get it done!



Find out the fuel capacity, track length, watch the race, count the number of laps and refuel stops.

Math is your friend.


Sick first The 86 and now this, Toyota is stepping it up!


the fin down the back makes it look really bad. Im sure it performs awesome though, just ugly thats all.


awesome looking lmp, bring back the venture safenet "tiger stripe" livery for this!


After the leave of Peugeot, I'm happy to see that Audi will have work to win....


Peugeot is out keolaaina. Hopefully this car can show it's stuff and bring an exciting battle at LeMans. It's hard to hate a team like Audi when they consistently show a lot of heart and hard work in the team they manage. So I'll continue to watch them and wave that flag....


Brings me GTONE memories. Good move Toyota!


Thank jeebus! Been a Toyota kid since birth, but gawd it was getting boring always running the gt-one in every racing game.

I still love that car though :D


Very interesting... ganbatte Toyota!


Great to see another manufacturer ready to go, especially with the loss of Peugeot.


F1 cars get about 2.5 to 4 mpg depending on tracks. The Nurburgring 24hours Audi R8s were averaging about 5 mpg. The regular 911 GT3s at the same race were up around 6.5 (one reason 911s are the most successful sports car racers of the last 80 years) and the Porsche GT3 hybrid was up close to 8 mpg.


This is not an all new chassis, not even a toyota chassis. It is a Dome S103, an updated version of 2008's failed S102. Also someone mentioned the shark fin, its required by the rules.


Following the unveiling of the TS030 HYBRID, Toyota have announced the remaining drivers for their two