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JRM, the mother ship of Sumo Power, have just released the shock news that they'll be launching an assault on the 2012 World Endurance Championship, following on from victory for their Nissan GT-R in the 2011 GT1 World Championship. Their weapon of choice in 2012 will be the HPD ARX-03A LMP1 prototype – dropping them straight into a fight against the factory might of Audi, Peugeot and Toyota. The WEC is the first world championship for prototypes for over 15 years – it will be fought out over eight rounds at some of the classic circuits around the globe, including Spa, Fuji, Sebring, Silverstone, Interlagos and Le Mans. 

The first round of the WEC is at Sebring in March – JRM will be carrying out extensive testing with their car in the meantime, and aim to announce their driver line-up later this month. They'll join another British team, Strakka, in running the ARX-03A. Le Mans is the big prize to aim for in June: team owner James Rumsey made no secret of his desire to race there with the GT-R, and only a rules change prevented that possibility. JRM are continuing their partnership with Nissan, however – they're still tasked by NISMO with developing the customer GT3 version of the GT-R. Watch this space for more news!

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Why Honda? They can Nissan power Lola or Courage...


Hmm... all i can say is goodluck


Because in a one off race honda got 2nd at Sebring on the lead lap. Impressive to say the least. While I don't think they can beat a factory team, this is their best bet to compete.


Good luck chaps!


That's more like it, Honda.


It looks like those little red arch-shaped lines in the rear are the tail lights. If so, that's pretty cool.


Great news. I'd like to see petrol car winning at Le Mans. Don't like the name WEC at all. It should stay as WSC - World Sportscar Championship.


Oh my god , what a car and what incredible fotos. I wish i could see one time this car in Greece just to touch it and see it really close.


good luck to them......i feel they might need it if their going up against audi and peugeot in endurance racing!!


@ haniffJ - Why NOT Honda? Ever hear of a guy named Ayrton Senna?

Best of luck to JRM and I hope they whip Euro arse all year.


Although Im not sure if theyll be running a Honda motor, but race-bred Honda motors are more than reliable so Im sure that wont be an issue for them.


@ Mr. Moons: they ARE they the tail-lights. Pretty cool indeed.

@haniffJ: they can't race a Courage because they don't exist anymore. And the Nissan powered Lola isn't possible because Nissan don't have a P1 engine.


Looks cool


Amazing build here, I gotta see it in action though.

Good luck Honda, cant wait to see ya on the track.


Hey the car looks good and hopefully it will do go on the track as well. going up against factory names like audi takes balls the size of jupiter(each testi)


Great news, I've been expecting Honda to commit to the pinnacle of motorsport since their exit from F1. Rumors have it that they might even return to F1 in 2014 when F1 switches to turbo-charged engines. A partnership with McLaren is a possibility since Mercedes have their own team now and their engine supply deal with McLaren comes to en end in 2013. I would like to see a McLaren Honda again.


Omg I think they is gonna win it!


Good luck JRM!

@ Austin: You're getting my hopes up...


vtec included??



no need for vtec if you never go under 5000rpm. I guess it uses Hondas Formula Nippon engine


Tip - karun chandhok to race for Sumo Power / JRM