The last race may only have been a few weeks ago, but Formula 1’s musical chairs have begun. With the top four teams of Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes continuing with their existing driver line-ups, most of the rumours have revolved around the two available seats at Lotus Renault GP. Today, the team confirmed that reigning GP2 champion Romain Grosjean will take the second seat alongside Kimi Raikkonen.

Neither driver raced in Formula 1 this year; former F1 champ Raikkonen did stints of WRC and NASCAR while Grosjean returned to GP2. With Renault locking out their driver line-up, three drivers are now without a seat. Will we see Bruno Senna, Vitaly Petrov or the injured Robert Kubica return in 2012?

I guess we’ll find out when the music stops.

– Charles Kha



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Depending on how much money Grosjean will bring he might be able stick around and actually do well. Its too bad Senna got the back end of 2011 in the outdated Renault. I want him to succeed and I think he can bring a lot of sponsorship money to a team if he sticks around F1 for another 1-2 years. The field will be depleted of Brazilian talent, with Rubens without a drive and Massa probably getting replaced with Kubica to join Alonso at Ferrari, Bruno can bring in a great sponsor to F1 with Petrobras.

Speaking of Kubica, I really hope he can get back into the mix again but i'm not sure if this will happen. He's a fellow countryman and I really hope he gets another chance in F1, but he did get another chance at life, so I'm sure he should be thankful enough after that accident. I swear this has 9 lives with the kind of crashes he survives.

Finally Petrov, hes a decent drive with great sponsor ability being Russian and if he can't find a drive this year should sign with Marussia as a test driver. If not, he should be a good fit to drive in the WRC or IRC with his ice racing background.


Its a ballsy decision. The team ended up going down the wrong path with their Exhaust situation and Petrov, Senna and Heidfeld all struggled, so interesting they have gone with two new guys (hee hee, sort of).

Grosjean is very good though and I'm pleased he finally has a full-time seat.

Petrov didn't do himself any favors slagging off the team in the media in recent weeks. Total sponsorship helps of course.

Senna had some good moments, hope he gets a ride somwehere.


Not fond of Grosjean. The fact I'm French doesn't change anything about it. Not fond of Pic either. He sweats money more than driving magic. Back to topic, let's see if Grosjean chickens out like he did back then.


We need a lot more isnhgits like this!