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It’s time for you, the Speedhunters to vote for the Race Car of the Year. Which of these nominees impressed you the most in 2011?

Was it: the Red Bull RB7

Aston Martin V12 Zagato

Audi R8 LMS

Audi R18 TDI



Cadillac CTS-V Coupe SCCA

Citroen DS3 WRC

Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT

Chevrolet Cruze Touring Car

Ferrari F458 Italia GT3

Ford Fiesta WRC

Lola Aston Martin V12 Coupe

McLaren MP4-12C GT3

McLaren MP4-26 Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes SLS AMG GT3

Mini WRC

Nissan R35 GTR GT1

Nissan R35 GTR GT500

P4/5 Competizione

Peugeot 908

Porsche 911 GT3 RSR

Team Dynamics Honda Civic BTCC

Volkswagen Golf 24

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– Andy Blackmore

Images: respective car manufacturers

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The P4/5 C is the best looking race car ever


very very very hard choice... bimmer? which one??


what no 911?


very very hard it was between the m3 gt, z4 or the porsche 911 gt3 rs but i had to choose the z4 i was very impressed when they released it


Hearing the Muscle Milk AMR Lola rip it up at Mosport really put an impression on me. So much more than the other V8 prototypes. And it was so much faster than the rest of the field, if only it had held together more throughout the season. Voted for it on sound alone.


The Audi R18 has it all technology, looks and wins. I mean did you see how the driver walked away from the crash. But looks wise the Golf, Ferrari, and Zagato are sick.


What?!No drag cars?


i was hoping for the falken tire rsr GT car

...but i do long for the TNFS cars


Null vote. No Pug, no care. RB7 is one hell of a machine though,


When it comes to race car of the year, the RB7 should take it without question. Race cars are built to win and no other car dominated as convincingly as the RB7. I'm a Mclaren fan in F1, but Adrain Newey really killed it on this one.


I do not know for whom to vote, Nissan R35 GTR GT500, Nissan R35 GTR GT1, Aston Martin V12 Zagato, Chevrolet Cruze Touring Car, Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT, BMW Z4 GT3, BMW M3 GT, Audi R18 TDI they all are pretty cool, this is a difficult choice.


I'm going to be really disappointed if the Redbull Renault wins.


i would of liked to of seen some more cars from different racing serires from around the world like the v8 supercars of australia, indy car and NASCAR from america,


RB7 of coarse!!!!!!!!


P4/5 Competizione, crazy live sound and crazy owner ;)


Has to be the zagato. From the autoshow floor to the racetrack for the toughest race on earth come one!


Had to go for the vw 24, lovin' it


what a fun time choosing. Each car has kicked serious @$$ this year... But I made my choice =)


RB7,of course~


Voted for the 908, didn't win this year but it was very capable and such a nice car to watch. The noise the turbos made as it went past was quite epic as well


Audi R18TDI; not only proved that it was extremely quick and reliable, but also indestructible (ask McNish)


From that angle the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe really looks like a mean CRX


@ Rob: apparently no one cares about going in a straight line for a very short distance... except you. Get use to it. Also, glad to see no cars that can only make left turns.


Of course, the Nissan R35 GTR GT500 ;)


cyber EVO!!


voting for Super-Cool Mini WRC.....the legend of Monte Carlo


getjuiced92 - Falken RSR is the same Porsche 911 GT3 RSR type ,shown in Manthey colours

ekka - as above


Derp, there it is. Disregard other posting. The Pug is there, yay!


As much as I hate it, the Redbull Racing RB7 has to be the winner. I absolutely loathe Redbull, but what they accomplished was unbelievable for a racing machine. Nothing else here has that kind of performance and dominance. Other possibilities for race car of the year are the Citroen, GTR GT500, Civic BTCC, M3 GT and Porsche GT3, nothing else won a major championship


What happen with the Porsche Racing Hybrid?


Love the P4/5 even though I'm a Porsche fan. Very cool car, and a massive undertaking by James.


i feel the m3 had a pretty good year in alms


The R18 shouldn't be on this shortlist. It has been almost a complete failure. Both of the big crashes were caused by terrible visibility-an inherent design flaw-and when push came to shove, the Peugeot 908 was faster. It was also more economical. Peugeot Sport won 5 races, Audi won 1. Further proof of the R18's failure. Net result? it has been comprehensively redesigned for next year, to the extent that it has a brand new monocoque.


watching the r35 gt500 race is intense!ears hurt!


The Dominance of the RB7 cannot be overlooked that gets my vote


The Zagato...obviously!!


Voting for the Fiesta WRC since it nearly toppled Citroen's WRC domination. With Petter Solberg behind the wheel next year and Ogier moving off to VW, they might have a chance at finally smacking down Loeb!


Voted for the Zag, but I preffer the Zig


Definitely the P4/5! Wide, loud, mean! And hopefully it will be back in 2012 ...


The king of nurburgring , RSR


Aston Martin v12 Zagato. Love the looks and that glorious wail


Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 RSR - unfortunatelly the last Manthey Porsche at 24Hs of Nürburgring.


The RB7 had the most dominant year! Vettel was Amazing showing no mercy all season if that doesnt win car of the year nothing will. a close second would be the bmw m3 gt which was also dominant but had some controversy.


The Red Bull RB7 is my personal choice


Go team Audi!!! Le Mans > All.


hard to chose but the Lola Aston is by far the best sound left in racing today- V12s never die


The RML CHevy Cruz must be the racecar of the year. To thoroughly dominate a series as competitive as the WTCC is indeed a feat. Until you see the way that they've maximized the regulations it's hard to understand how a FWD car is turning such fast laps.


P4/5... for first 'cause it's an amazingly looking car, but mostly because it's a project built 100% from passion of race sport.


DC3 WRS is the best race car in 8 time )))))))))))))))))))


What Kyle said. ^^


went with the Corvette C6.R ...


No BRZ GT500?


like kyle said, if it's down to the most dominant car of the year it has to be the RB7. to the point where it was only shocking if it didnt win a race


I voted for the Golf, it's just an awesome car somehow!


I agree with Kyle... It wasn't even a question. It was nice to look through a list of runners-up though.


What BS list! How can you put cars like the Mclaren MP4 wich didnt even finish top 3 in any race, had a catastrophic debut, and hasnt showed any real promise, next to F1 and Le Mans winners? Its a list made up of looks. If that was the case you should name it "Show car" or "Best looking racecar"

Futil blog is being futil...


Kya gari ha


the fastest of all (lap time wise), the Red Bull RB7.


Only followed F1 this season so I had to give it to the Mclaren mp4-26. The Red Bull RB7 was the pace setter and took the team and Sebastien Vettel to both championships again, but the Mclaren was pretty much the only car that was able to challnge and even beat the RB7 to win some races, it was also great with Button behind the wheel bring him to 2nd in both champion standings. Plus to the U sidepods looked awesome!!!!! One of my favorite all time f1 cars.


1. Red Bull RB7 (F1)

2. Peugeot 908 (ILMC)

3. Citroën DS3 WRC

4. Ferrari 458 (ILMC)

5. Chevrolet Cruze (WTCC)


My vote goes to Audi R18 TDI the dominant name in Le Mans series, love the design & its ultra lightweight technology.


Keeping the Prancing Horse heritage in endurance racing.


HARDEST DECISION...went for the SLS GT3 though lol =D


The C6.R GT is the best race car ever made and Chevy has to take 168 hp out of the engine just so it can race in it's class then it still just dominates the field.


The Manthey Racing GT3 RSR....another notch on its belt with the 24 hr Ring win...no one comes close.


Peugeot 908 - Why you might ask? Well, aside from Audi's win at Le Mans (which albeit is the big one) Peugeot have quite frankly dominated every other ILMC round. This year it has to be said that the Peugeot was the stronger of the two contenders, Audi proved this by continuously having to push over the limit - which usually led to hitting something.

Aside from Peugeot's minor blip at Le Mans, they have had a flawless year.


P4/5 Unique project plus superb looks (and presumably needed less money than all the works cars.)


P4/5 Competizione

Sorry, Merc, but the P4/5 is just that much more awesome for being a customer-built car, which was then sent racing on the Nürburgring. And will return next year.


@Sneaky Squirrel That's exactly what I was going to say. Just for winning Le Mans the Audi R18 can't be the most impressive or best racecar from this year. If you're looking at prototype racing, that win should definitely go to the Peugeot 908.


WHERE IS THE Goodsmile Racing BMW Z4 ?! :'(


Honda HSV-10!!!!


btcc civic, the only car who's performance kept getting pegged back, and they kept winning.


Red Bull RB7


Although a Tifosi I voted SLS AMG. By far the rawest racer in many years, I wish every race car sounded and looked like it.


my voise 4 Red Bull X1 !

(why it's not presents here?

only serial?)


definetly audi r18 tdi its F TDI in the race issint that enough?


McLaren Mp4-12C GT3 and R35 GT500 sounds good


You have to vote for the RB7, due to its dominance, but I'd like to vote for a driver/car combination. The MP4-26's were clearly just as quick, if not quicker toward the end of the season. It was Red Bull and Vettel's hard work combined with Vettel's determinations, speed, and early race control that allowed it to appear to continue to be so dominant.

The R18 should be stricken from this poll. Just as it should have been banned from the race. All of those accidents were caused by Audi's strategy to win. The R18 wasn't as fast or efficient as the 908, so they told the driver's to drive as aggressively as possible cutting through traffic at all costs. That is very unsporting, ungentlemanly, and very unsafe for all drivers and spectators.


I thought all day and decided to vote for Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT. This car took at Le Mans eleventh place overall and first in its class. An excellent example of what should be the race car and how they should win.


PORSCHE 911 997 GT3 RSR - TEAM MANTHEY - eeesssspecially THIS 911, from these guys. probably, next to the 935, my favorite 911 of all time.

please note:





It's a good thing the RB7 is the very first picture of this article. Once I saw it I knew nothing else would come close. RB7 hands down.


really tough choice between the zagato and the r18


I vote for the RB7 even tho its just a drink company!


I have a gorgeous fully loaded and with 2 optional rooftops Torch Red 2002 Corvette. Corvette is an American classic and the best race car ever made.


it has to be the ferrari 458 italia race car cuz there wont be another race car as pretty as that ever again!!


Apart from the R18, there are some other strange inclusions. The V12 Zagato did nothing notable, likewise the P4/5, the MP4-12C and the Golf. The 911 won one notable race ( the 'Ring 24) and that Manthey car doesn't run to the same regs as, for example, the Prospeed or Flying Lizard RSRs. They run to GTE regs whereas the Manthey car runs in SP7 in the VLN (look at the massive endplates and compare that spoiler to the GTE cars).


I forgot the B09/62. It was useless this season. With the air-restrictors Cytosport were forced to run (thanks to both the regs and IMSA performance balancing), that V12 sounded emaciated and feeble compared to last year.At Petit Le Mans, the car was as slow as a wet week, even compared to the other petrols. Aston Martin Racing managed a podium with the exact same machinery. And above all, how can it be in a contest for 2011 Race Car of the Year when the car is three years old?


Looks-wise its gotta go to the Zagato...but win wise it should go to the M3 GT3... that thing dominated


GTR is my favorite but there are two race cars of the same name however I officially choose the japan super gt nissan gtr .


Une gueule d'enfer !!


Voting for the Mini WRC. The noise out of that car compared to the rest of the WRC cars was an audible eargasm.


After it, once again, crushed the GT field at Le Mans, the Corvette C6.R gets my vote.


If any of you have seen (or more importantly heard) the Aston Martin V12 coupe than I guarantee it will get your vote. They just don't make them like that any more.


I have to vote for the mclaren, especially seeing as my dads cousin andrew kirkaldy races it and is one of the directors of CRS racing. and it looks awesomeeee


ALWAYS a Winner!


I gotta vote for my home team - Audi R18 TDI. Those Ferraris look incredible, though!


Cadillac CTS V looks amazing and sounds even better


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Has to the CTS-V


Anyone who has seen the CTS-V race (in person, not on video) can attest to the fact that the sound that comes out of that beast alone is worthy of an award.


That CTS-V looks hot yet performs even hotter! Clear winner on the pavement and in my book...


The R18 won the best Le Mans 24 Hours I've ever seen.


So what else.


Cadillac all the way.




CTS-V Rocks!!!


The Cadillac CTS V. Brute Force !




Cadillac CTS V hands down!


CTS-V all the way!!! It's a Cadillac


Unheard of for a luxury brand to have the vabrado to even be on the track with these heritage racing line cars, but to show up and show out is the utmost, impressive!! GO CADILLAC!!! BTW CADDY- Put the Ciel in production as is please!!!


My vote is for the CTS-V. It has the horsepower, handling, looks awesome, and has enough room for family or friends.


I gotta stick with my sentimental fave - the C6.r.

There may be faster cars, there may be cars that have won more, but I will say this: there is no team that hasn't worked harder than the Corvette team at Pratt&Miller. They kick ASS!


I vote the best car cts-v i love this car.Its my dream