At the end of 2010, Stephen Brooks released arguably his magnum opus – The Art & Soul of BDC. It simply showed us the power, beauty and community of drifting within the BDC itself. We may not of known the faces or the cars yet we all know someone like this within our own drifting community. It was a video that transcended borders and appealed to us all. This morning, Stephen released the 2011 coequal of The Art & Soul movie entitled Six Days. The title reflects each day of the six rounds of the 2011 British Drifting Championship.

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Paddy McGrath

The Art & Soul of BDC on Speedhunters

Stephen Brooks Films on Speedhunters 



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More... please!


Whoaa I love this video!!!


Mr Brooks never disappoints! Another epic video, wasn't expecting the Elbow though!


Wonderful! =D


That was absolutely awesome. You captured everything that is so great about drifting perfectly.


that was amazing


Great vid as usual. Expected nothing less from Brooksie. Thank god no dubstep :D


Great clip..The first minute or so is very fitting with the music, really impressive work.


Awesome, great Vid!!!!!!


I loved this video when i saw it on the driftworks website


It seems to me that Aasbo and D Mac should compete in BDC over FD...there's much tighter competition and more unique cars in BDC! The film was fantastic and I loved the Senna quote.


Moar nowz!! :) Love it!


love it, but you know certain people will hate to hear Senna associated with drifting (screw 'em). also, it's a wonderful surprise to hear Elbow! great choice of music, it brought a tear to my eye.


I thought the song was gonna be Six Days


Stephen brooks is amazing


If anyone is interested, the beginning with Senna speaking is taken from FORMAT67.NET video called featuring a Honda NSX, look them up on youtube, amazing work.

Also, I`m one of the people who don`t really see drift as a sport, more as entertainment, therefore, including Senna speaking seems a little inappropriate, but, since this video is also about car-culture, I guess it`s ok.


Awesome quotes from Ayrton Senna in the beginning, great video


Kristaps, I agree. I love drifting, but there is something very wrong putting that Senna speech in there with a drifting video. Drifting is not very dangerous, even at pro level, it requires very very little if any physical training to perform well, and you are not racing, you are being judged. And it is not your first goal to 'go for a gap that exists' in drifting. Sorry, drifting is super fun I love doing it but it's not a race. It is a unique motorsport in that sense, but that Senna bit was a big clash in the video. Otherwise, good video.


Hey Logan, you been to a BDC event, very poor events, SB does a great job on editing but he's paid good money to go film it and then edit it to look good, I say go to a BDC event and then see the vids = two completely different things lol


Using that Senna quote given the context of drifting is insulting to both Ayrton and Formula 1. There is no racing in the BDC. It is a subjective sport, not an impartial measure of performance.

I enjoy drifting, but that was just wrong.


Awesome video!