As you saw in our Super Lap Battle coverage, Tyler McQuarrie set a new course record at Buttonwillow Wednesday in the FXMD NSX.

Here’s some in-car footage of the record braking lap, attesting to both the speed of the car – and of course Tyler’s skills behind the wheel.

-Mike Garrett



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cool...looks pretty squirly!

is that a sequential box or no? what's the extra dash for?


I love how the engine has so much torque, he doesn't even downshift exiting the bus stop. What an amazing vehicle.


@ hey:

I don't want to sound rude, but you will never get your questions answered here on Speedhunters.

SP staff members are into photography and quantity-features rather than quality, if you know what I'm saying.

If you want to find out more about the Cricket FXMD NSX, I would suggest you to keep an eye on , those guys do a great job at featuring in-depth race cars. I am sure they are going to cover the NSX soon.


Wow, only 3rd and 4th gear. That was a hairy ride. Driving skill and insane car = record lap time.

Hey JDMized, why don't you offer Speedhunters your skills at commenting.


Imagine when the chassis and suspension are sorted out. I'm sure this already quick NSX can drop it's lap times.


@hechtspeed: because I don't like SP philosophy. They (the staff members) rather focus on overall events than single out cars that matters (sure they do car's spotlight, but they are mediocre at best).

I don't think there's anything wrong by doing an intro to an event, but the "part 1", "part 2", "part 3", "part 4" and so forth, gets old quickly.

They post up sh!t load of pictures and give zero insight about the car and WHY it stands out.

They write a single sentence per picture God sake ! How much do you learn from that? So, if they don't care about their job why should I care?

On top of that, most of the SP staff knows squat about race cars (and it shows thru their posts), but that's ok, as long as they please those hellaflush-high-school kids, it's all good for them.

Case in point hechtspeed? When was the last time you saw a GENUINE discussion among SP fellas? When was the last time you read a debate and back-and-forth opinions on here? The answer is NEVER.

People will eventually get tired of this. When people ask questions, they would like an answer. And since nobody (SP staff) gives a fvck about this, those people will eventually leave, and seek answers somewhere else (like for instance).


some brave driving!

and lot of trust in that car from Tyler

bouncing of the curbs was nuts!


loose is fast! lol, that looks like so much fun to drive


@ JDMized:

I dissagree with your statement. If they didn't care about the quality of their posts, there would be no massive following. Sure there may be some better bloggers on here than others, but there is surely some amazingly in-detail blogs on here.


@JDMized dont like SH philo...but you are more than willing to try and poach readers...because im assuming whatever your reading doesnt post often enough..or has terrible quality...if you dont like this dynamic then stop coming back to "check out all your posts and see how many people you got all prickely"



that thing still has the stock transmission of the C32B, albeit being rebuilt and strengthened for race use. T-Mac really put this thing to the limit.


@Jordan: you are right. I've been checking out SP for years now, and the quality of the features never got better. IMO is mediocre at best (I read A LOT of other car blogs) and SP doesn't rank really high in my book. Maybe MY standards are a bit higher than yours?!?!

I've been on the verge thinking about quitting to come here and stop whining. That way the hellaflush-wannabes and the like can enjoy those crappy features.

Like I stated above, if you wanna learn a bit more about cars you would check out sites like or Racecar Engineering, or Race Tech or Grassroots Motorsports. Those blogs/ mags have much more in-depth content and there are people that answer your question actually. Sure the pictures are not as "hella sick" as the ones on here, but who give a fvck about that?


@JDMized if you don't like it here, move on to somewhere else, no one else gives a rat's a$$ about your rants. Its features done by photographers, do you expect them to know everything? Questions? You've lost your way, its not a forum over here, where people necessarily reads comments.(comments not discussion, get it?).


@JDMized i am constantly engaged in Grassroots Motorsports online and i subscribe to the magazine as well. im just saying stop plugging whatever websites lol i think its like 4 times now...? i mean is it that bad where you need to beg? (and you ARE whining lol)


@Kev thank you! understand what it is here and better yet you appreciate it like most of us :)


jdmized, aka alex butti, this is a photo blog. Speedhunters has never set out to be an incredibly technical blog, but more in line with what you would gather from a superstreet magazine. Many of us are aware of the great contributions writers that Kojima, or Coleman provide and go to their blogs for more technical insight. your standards arent necessarily higher than speedhunter readers they are different, and stating otherwise makes you seem like a giant pretentious turd.

It would be in the best interest of yourself, the staff as well as many readers that you stop commenting here, continue to frequent other blogs and not insult your automotive integrity by staring at these hella cool picture books any longer. i dont think anyone here will particularly miss you, nor will you miss them.

moreover, i am personally still waiting to see your project tacoma as well as your jdmized blog complete. maybe if you spent less time complaining, and more time on your own endeavors you would be able to take life just a bit less seriously and enjoy the little things.


@ Jordan and Kev, keep looking at pictures then :)


Looks like it could do with a but more wing to keep the rear in check, and get better drive of the corners


I 100% agree JDMized.... I only come here once a week now, at best, to weed through the hella-flush dorks and over-saturation of pictures with little to no info; rarely to be satiated by the time I leave.... as an un-biased fan of all things cars/engines, all I am doing is searching for good info. And SP fails me many times, and the trendy followers who blindly attack are further reason to avoid coming back.

Very poor coverage of the overall event, and sub-par coverage of the TIMEATTACK cars that actually mattered at the event.


i love speedhunters and i do agree in part with JDMized, i wish they went more in depth with specs, engine shots ect. this cars sick though, tyler has balls of steel, that car was hitting apex's super fast and the car was sketchy as hell coming out of them lol but he held it tight. drove it like you stole it bro lol.


@troll Patrol

Now thats realtalk.