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Twenty-eleven has been a massive year for Nakai-san and the Rauh Welt brand – the year has seen RWB expand across the world with the first RWB built cars in the USA and the UK. I'm sure most of you have been following the updates of the illest and Hoonigan Porsches online but I wonder how many of you know about Nakai's visit to the United Kingdom earlier this year. 

Nakai-san has personally overseen and been heavily involved in the build of each RWB car thus far. He is quite clearly very passionate and protective about RWB. And rightly so.

Nakai won't allow just anyone to build a car – he needs to see that whomever he is entrusting his work to is capable, trustworthy and understands the responsibility of holding the rights to the RWB brand. 

This is where Vogue Auto Design stepped in – meet Europe's first and only Rauh Welt Begriff officially sanctioned dealer and builder. 

When I first started following the build of Europe's first RWB car through Facebook, I began researching VAD and their history through their own website. It was plain to see why Nakai had chosen to work with VAD as the quality of their work is outstanding. I hope to bring you a look at their wide-arched Bentley Continental GT in the future.

Once the car was completed, I caught a flight from my local airport (in what turned out to be one of the Wright Brothers' earlier prototypes) to Birmingham in the United Kingdom before a short drive south to Northampton and the home of VAD. 

Like most, I've drooled over pictures of previous RWB creations but – and I'm sure others will back me up on this – nothing can prepare you for seeing one in the metal for the first time. 

I'd arranged to meet Nick from VAD at a local cafe just outside the small town where VAD is based. Following his directions, I was almost certain I was lost until I spotted Nick driving Number One just a short distance up the road in front of me.

I could spend the next hundred years trying to explain to you the moment when I saw my first RWB, but I'll leave you find out for yourself someday. 

Introductions made and two cups of tea purchased (thanks Nick!) we sat down outside the cafe to talk about the car, automotive life and everything in between. 

It's really hard to take your eyes off a car like this, it just constantly craves attention.  

Talking to Nick, it was pretty clear I was in the company of a fully fledged petrolhead. He spoke so passionately about VAD, their past work and the rather exciting future they have in front of them. 

When the first pictures of the completed car were posted on their Facebook wall, there were quite a lot of people asking why VAD chose to go with a tiptronic Carrera, a question which I put to Nick. 'Simple' he replied 'This is my car and I built it the way I wanted it. I've drove manual 993 Carreras and prefer the tiptronic. It still has more than enough power and we have plans to build something a little bit faster in very near future.'

The car is an always evolving project for VAD as they strive to improve upon Nakai's sublime craftsmanship. It's pretty obvious these guys are perfectionists as Nick is quick to point out everything that they still want to change or improve upon. To be honest, it all looked good to me as it was!

He speaks very highly of being able to work alongside Nakai-san and is quite obviously proud of building and owning the first European RWB car. 

Previous RWB cars have always been in someway track focused builds – Rollcages, harnesses, stripped interiors etc.   

With Number One, VAD & Nakai have created a more complete street car which retains all the expected creature comforts. 

Can you imagine stepping in over these RWB door entry blends every morning? 

Hitting the roads in the lead camera car, I got to take a closer look at how the car behaves on British B class roads.  

With the car lowered on RWB coilovers atop 18×10.5J and 18x13J rims (front and rear respectively) you'd be forgiven for thinking that this stance would have a negative effect on the handling of the car. 

For the record, it doesn't. Careful consideration has gone into the setup and build to allow the car to run so low without the wheels or tyres fouling the arches. This is doing it the right way. 

Nakai-san reckoned that this is the most 'complete' RWB built car to date, thus the Number One title.  

Nick has spoken about how they would like to build their next RWB based project with an RS style duckbill spoiler, just to really emphasize the extraordinary width of the car. 

By the time you read this, the car will be sitting on new VAD designed three piece forged wheels which won't require spacers to aid the fitment. 

Nick and the crew at VAD will be running a mesh-style on one side of the car and multispoke design on the other. 

Yes, this is doing it right. 

Trying to wrap up a shoot with a car as impressive and complete as this is a challenge. 

There are so many minute details that I found myself constantly breaking off mid-conversation with Nick just to get that 'one more shot.' 

The car doesn't have a 'bad-side' – it's absolutely photogenic from any angle. 

Watching – and listening – to Nick driving Number One away was bittersweet. I don't often say this about cars I feature but I absolutely love this car. To me it has that perfect balance of form, function and originality.

Their next project can't be completed soon enough …


Paddy McGrath

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Vogue Auto Design UK

Vogue Auto Design Australia

Vehicle Specification

1993 Porsche Carrera VAD x RWB
VAD x RWB Bespoke Extreme Exhaust Package
VAD x RWB ECU Enhancement
VAD x RWB Induction Kit with Racing Plugs & Leads 

RWB Front Bumper
RWB Front Splitter
RWB Front Fender Extensions
RWB Side Rockers
RWB Rear Fender Extensions
RWB Rear Vented Bumper
RWB Engine Cover
RWB Engine Cover Cut-Out
RWB GT Style Street Version Spoiler

RWB Coilover Suspension
RWB x SSR Wheels F:18×10.5J R:18x13J
F:265/35/18 R:335/30/18  

RWB Alcantara Street Interior Program
RWB Carbon Fibre Lightweight Racing Seats
RWB Steering Wheel
RWB Pedals
RWB Door Entry Blends

VAD Colour Change 



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i have never liked Porsche's...but fuck.that shit is ballin


The Tiptronic is definitely a let down in a car like this...even if it has the Tiptronic "S' that was release mid-1995 its still not as fast as the most recent PDK system. Nevertheless this car has a presence that can't be matched by any other tuner out there.


automatic tho???


its automatic. what.... the.... fudge...


tiptronic? really...? love RWB though...on this one I especially enjoy the steering wheel choice and the "porsche" engine belt.


Simply sublime


You had me with those beautiful RWB fenders and bodywork, but you lost me at "Tiptronic" What a shame the owner is incapable of driving a proper manual.


Love the 993. Infact it's my favorite Porsche next to my 944 and the 964. But the wide body on this car just does not look as good as the RWB 964's...just my opinion. I'm sure it looks better in person.


An automatic? hahahaha.....


Auto or not - I'd prefer whatever was more enjoyable to drive with and i'm sure that both transmissions have their merits. I'm happy to drive either one as long as I can have fun! But its not my car so I must admire from afar in convict country and can only dream of seeing something so beautiful on the roads of Aus..

Nice work VAD!


For the first RWB in Europe they base it on a lightly modified automatic car? This is a pure disappointment. Car looks great... But... Ugh. No wonder the owner didn't go stripped interior, cage, and all hardcore.. Wouldn't match the automatic transmission hahaha


"Doing it right" is an understatement here!!!


Come on the article...its his daily driver...and its HIS car....HE can do wathever he want to his car....when you guys will have the money to have this kind of car...have it manual....But if HE wants it AUTO...then good for HIM !!!!! This car is simply perfect....or even puuuuuurrrrrrrfect as it is...i love it...and respect the cjoice this guy as done in every way with this car...even the transmission...CAUSE ITS HIS CAR FFS !!!!


When you guys will have the money and power to have a car like it theway you want...This guy wanted an auto...good for him...STOP WHINNING about some crap like this and stop posting shitty comments like you do...This car is awsome no matter what transmission is in it...POINT...DONE !!!!! TX

Great car....awsome car....superb car...IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY !!!!!


Should rename the blog to


Sorry, no.

Love RWB, and most of their cars. Automatic in this car is a crime. Burn it with hot fire.


it's not an auto! it's a Tiptonic!


can we have desktops of 1, 19 and 21 please please!


Really nice shots Paddy!


First RWB ricer?

Race car looks, no performance. :(


Majestic is the only word I can use for this (most) RWB creation(s). I could give a f*** if that thing had a 3 on the tree. I'd be happy just to own it.


Amazing! I want one for Christmas!


Automatic ? No thanks


This looks the best quality one to date. It appears VAD takes more care in fit and finish.

I do like the RWB cars, but they are fast becoming a one-track pony. Need to mix it up on the next car


Probably my least favorite RWB car so far. Especially after reading about their plans for the wheels...






Yay finally a proper RWB which is in japan and hasnt been ruined by the influences of Fatlace and Hoonigan


First pic: DESKTOP. That is all.


I loved everything about this car until I saw it was an automatic...


This car looks great, but what is the point of having 13j wheels on standard engined automatic 911 that is only driven on the street?


Desktops please?


Strong world, strong car.


Love the RWB cars, but it does make me sad that it's automatic :(


The best RWB i think, i want one, number one


So who built the car? Nakai or VAD? If VAD built it, how can it be a RWB car? That should only be reserved for Nakai built cars. Its like saying HKS built your car when all you did was put some parts out of a box on it.


cuanto costara algo asi ???


Like MJ said... Do stop til you get enough! yeowww!!!


hooo sexy!! we need wallpaper of this beauty!!




Speedhunters- have you guys considered selling prints or posters of your best photos?


Really? You dont mind driving a car thats 12 feet wide but to have to use a clutch on a daily basis is too impractical? Seems retarted but dope a** car non the less.


i like the color atleast


Number One > Pandora One > Hoonigan RWB

where's the spotlight on Pandora Two damn it!!!


Hey i don't agree with the triptronic either, but its his car so he car have what he wants.


seeing all the RWB Porsches that have been done up has simply amazed me and I would, under the usual circumstances, consider it an insult not to throw at least 3 or 4 pictures of any given RWB in my desktop background rotation.. but that autotragic killed this entire car for me.

Just a damn shame that people would even want to drive auto (or even tiptronic for that matter) in a Porsche.. let alone a RWB Porsche.


Ahhh, take off you manual purity rings! Time and place. Who cares if the guy spend well over 100K and doesn't want to work a racing clutch all day?


Obviously like the man said it's his car and he built it the way he wanted. And i'm sure he's more than capable of driving a manual...


It's one of the prettiest ones and I think it lives up and beyond the RWB name. Nakai chose well.


please give me some wallpapers!!!!


Definately my favorite builder, amazing looking car there isn't anything i would change besides the AUTO!


too bad its an automatic.


In my opinion RWB´s are meant to be race cars, no daily driver, so building a RWB as a daily ruins the philosophy for me.


look guys none of you could even afford to build one of these cars like this look at the company background the bentley they have done GAME OVA the porsche cayennes GAME OVA rwb car GAME OVA

everyone bitches its a automatic.....................................ITS WHAT THE OWNER WANTED

you wuldnt order a 911 c2 if you wanted a 911 turbo WULD YOU


i think its one thing to have an auto porsche, but the auto doesnt really match the rwb style. but to each his own


LOVED it... until I saw the tiptronic. Still, great looking car but one that emphasises form over function.


desktopssssssss!!!!! the car is soo sexy!!


I'm pretty disappointed that some of you can't seem to see past it being a tiptronic - which, don't forget has a manual override. I'd be willing to wager not many here can honestly say they've driven both a manual and tiptronic 993 Carrera for comparison purposes? The guy built a car the way he wanted to, I just wish people could appreciate that.

To address a couple of questions - Nakai-san travelled to the UK to help VAD build the car. RWB will not sell you a kit online that you are free to fit yourself. Like I said, Nakai has been personally involved in the build of each RWB car.

I also forgot to mention that VAD will be bringing the RWB brand to Australia shortly ...


Can we get that last shot in desktop?... such a sick shot of the car rolling away.


desktops of...all of them plz


Don't know if it's the photography or not but this has GOT to be the BEST looking RWB car thus far just because of the paint and finish to everything on the car. who cares if it's tiptronic, it's a porsche..period and as the guy says, it's his and I'm sure any of us would try to drive the shit out of it if we got a chance.

After seeing the vid mike knight posted...i agree 100%...thing sounds GREAT!!!!


not keen on 911's but i love RWB creations. so what if it's automatic? it isn't your car and it would still beat most things on a track day, so what is the issue?


cars the nuts guys easy the best one out there usa cars are dogg at least you turned a race car look into a classy street car


Great! Now everybody will have to start building their cars to please fools on the Internet they don't know. If you want a manual Porsche, build your own.




You're completly right Paddy....Its his car...the way HE wanted it....Sometimes I wish Speedhunters isnt a place full of cry babies... For those who cry about the auto, when you'll be able to built such a beauty, let me know, i'll be interest in it....for now, enjoy this beauty, and if you dont like it, just shut your fuck*** mouth and go cry to your mom and dad to have something like this....This CAR IS THA PERFECTION !!!!

Point FINAL !!!!


RWB=next vader kits or blitz kits


loving the frog look. :)


wow... absolutely beautiful work.. but AUTO... REALLY... WOW... WOWW... C'MON! no excuse, no reasoning... pure blasphemy. RWB cars are so sick, because they are so raw. this one.. not so much. Leave it to the UK to ruin an RWB masterpiece.


Ez have you seen the car in the flesh No so how can u say ruined you prob drive a nissan micra and will never get to own a rwb car so your comment on vad ruining the car as its auto is rather dumb,finish your college and work in mc ds like a good boy

Everyone on here moaning its auto if any of them followed nakai san of rwb properly they wuld know that nakai has built numerous auto rwb cars

So stop being haters and plastic rwb followers who know nothing

By the way paddy this is a mint writeup big fan of yours


That video is ace cars sounds evil looks eviland is evil well done ,and auto is what id have all day long


Mr. McGrath the tip tronic thing is not a reflection on you or Nakai-san. But your well executed photos only heighten the let down fanboy/boy racers such as myself have at seeing the triptronic. No i have never driven a triptronic porsche. i dont know what manual override means. i look at this car like a victoria secret model with AIDS. yea you could wear a condom but... Manuals and automatics have a place. a three hour trip to a place you dont know would probably be less stressfull with a auto. but like cake said WHATS THE POINT OF 13" WHEELS AND A RACE BODY KIT: to show off your VAD wheels?!!!F U.One set per side HAHAHA F U. you can fool some of the people some of the time... Another thing while im all fired up: I have a friend who cant drive manual because of injuries. Thats not what this is about VAD.


I'd rather have this with the tiptronic than Pandora One or Hoonigan with a standard.

I'd rather have this with a standard than anything else in the entire world.


It's funny how most are fixate it being tiptronic, but overlook the fact that it's rocking a set of fake Recaros, which the real ones come in CGT/GT2RS/GT3RS Euro Spec; gone that far but fake the funk on a piece of important mod/feature of the car, is definitely a shame to a master piece that tagged by RWB.


having seen this car in person, its true...RWB has to be seen in person to fully appreciate.


Having the pleasure of actually driving this car the tip tronic is no issue whatever !!! People really need to appreciate the workmanship gone into this build and stop hating!!! The car is amazing and drives fantastic !! If u don't like don't comment !!! Simple!


Having the pleasure of actually driving this car the tip tronic is no issue whatever !!! People really need to appreciate the workmanship gone into this build and stop hating!!! The car is amazing and drives fantastic !! If u don't like don't comment !!! Simple!


The VADxRWB Number One has certainly been dividing opinions since we published last week's feature


like I've said before, RWB has officially sold out.

nakai san's main concept with these cars were the customer had no say in the outcome of the car. that has changed now that anyone can buy the kit and have it done w/out nakai san's supervision.

rwb to me


-idler tires

-completely gutted car


-raced on the weekends (at a track, not your local highway)


Best rwb car ever and I LOVE the fact it is a auto tip !! Take that haters!!