Car Spotlight>> Car Peace Ae86

It was so hard to choose cars to spotlight at the Hellaflush Japan meeting in Fuji Speedway but this is one special AE86 I couldn't pass on. Covering events across Japan the little hachiroku is a car I see very often in a variety of flavors…

…but this once built by Car Peace was on another planet!

This takes the awards as the cleanest AE86 engine bay in existence, nasty clutter, cables, piping removed or hidden for the ultimate look.

That engine bay attracted a constant stream of curious people.

Work Meister S1Rs hide some pretty big front brake calipers.

The owner mentioned that the engine is fitted with Toda pistons and conrods, has had extensive head work done and runs high-lift Toda cams.

Fueling is taken care of Keihin FCR carburetors, no modern fuel injection and ECUs to be found here! The custom headers had to be bent in a way that they could clear…

…the brake's master cylinder…on the left side of the car.

Plenty of negative camber dialed into the front.

The simplicity of it all is what makes this car so special.

Yet another car running on California plates…

…except this Corolla is actually from the States, imported into Japan a few years back. This of course explains why that brake booster in the engine bay was on the left side.

All interior trim remains and is dressed up with subtle details like the Nardi steering wheel…

…and a pair of Bride fixed bucket seats.

A top effort from the guys at Car Peace.

Here is a final look at that insane engine bay! 

Hellaflush Japan coverage on Speedhunters

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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love the cleaned 'bay - very clutter free.. tick box seat choice as well as rims.. its all good! - i spy another set of number plates on the floor too..


Desktop those engine bay shots please. That is an amazing example of an engine bay


Very cool car. Those are 2 piece meister s1's not s1r. S1r only came in 18's.


Wow, that may well be, scratch that, that IS the cleanest engine bay I have ever, ever seen!

But am I the only person disgusted by the "zip ties holding the body together" and "super duper cheap one pass paint job" style that is soo prevalent in the car scene these days? Its especially bad on drift cars, they must knock their bumpers and fenders off every damn day, Idk, it just looks lazy and hella shoddy...



want a paint job too bring up the color. the engine bay is perfect and that must sound really great. this car kinda reminds me of bumblebee in transformers when they first open the bonnet and saw the glorious engine in a beat up car (this car not beat up though)


not to mention that its running USDM GTS bumpers. thas has to be hands down one of my favorite AE86's EVER


i want that cup holder center console.


thats the cleanest bay EVER!! Ive never seen anything cleaner! seriousshit!


S13 brake master cylinder. bwahahahahha

Must have cost a fortune shipping those ironbar bumpers across the Pacific!


Don't know why, but I really love the flat red. The car is clean, still with trace that the car have 20+ years. The engine bay is a oeuvre d'art. Everything is perfect, from the carb setup to the valve covers. Well, my pants are all wet.


I'm liking everything about the car except for the paint.


I think... thats the best looking toyota's engine bay i have seen.


Hey, why is the outline on the "twin cam 16 valve" showing red in some pics and green in others? Is that some pearl/flip paint thats just another small and crazy details or am I tripping balls right now?


Awesome show car !


masterful. Interior is simple yet well made. garage peace know how to do a hachi.


sweet car.. no mention of the USDM bumpers in Japan?

I always loved the look of US Zenki front bumpers, especially in red.. even if he strayed a wee bit from the OE color setup of red/black :)


Great coverage! A few observations:

1. How come those headers are so minty looking? Was this car simply not operated much? Or is the secret simply to never let any finger oils remain prior to operation?

2. Dino mentions that the placement of the brake booster is a result of it being a USDM car. I thought only console/ip, and steering components get mirrored for alternative markets? Brake boosters too? Or is that more or less unique to just AE86's. Still seems like the header proximity risks overheating the nearby brake components..Unless this is just a show car.

3. Should I feel stupid that I thought those were ITB's at first? Or can they still be considered that, even if they are afterall carb'ed. In which case I still feel stupid, lol.


very nice! desktop on picture number 7 pls :D


FCR's <3 <3 <3 <3

Those headers are hot!!


Those headers are SICK!!!! plus who wouldve thought I could sell my old plate and it may end up in Japan.




wonderful engine bay...........and still cable ties on the front fenders.

wonderful engine bay again though


boosterless brakes? yikes! safety trumps clean engine bay anytime, for me.


downdraft FCRs. sweet. mostly see horizontal. you should have asked him where he got the parts to re-rack the carbs.


I want to know what type of master cylinder and adapter/booster delete plate is being used.


Why do people do JDM conversions again? Pointless, especially when you see this USDM-spec car done right. JDM bling = rice, and vice versa in Japan.


Hehe, in Europe it's kind of cool/special to have a RHD car and in Japan it's the other way around. Makes sense (because RHD is normal there), but still funny to see.


the car is perfect


How do people get such clean engine bays?? What steps to take to hide everything??? Please someone answer? ITs like this wouldnt even start....just an engine sitting in a bay with no peripherals!


I'd like me a piece of that car.


very nice !


i love how japanese tuners can tune usdm cars better than us


what can i say... a master pice!!!! nice hachiroku !!!!!


This is one amazing AE86!


LOVE THE LOW=PRO PAINT! also love the subtle stuff like the shaved vents and cupholder center console.awesome work :thumbs up:


Isn't that a formula atlantic valve cover? The raised sections near the pulleys and the flat section. That doesn't look like the 4ag i had.


Rad. I'm feelin this


@ d_Rav

because the U.S is useless...


that plate is off a 95 nissan pickup!


Kia ora! AAMOF, we are drifters in the Kanto area in Japan. Please see "hachi heroes" below website.

The owner of above cool 86 is the driver of yellow 2dr 86. Moreover, the driver of silver 86 attached fluorescent colored wheels was in charge of weld regarding above cool 86.


the only thing nice about this car is the engine and the interior thats it the outside looks like poop


I was also intrigued by the lack of brake booster, but where would you find a place to gat a vacuum with that set-up. Any vac you did achieve would probably be lost after the first touch of the brakes.

Re-the zip ties and body, it’s all about drifting repairs (not that this car actually get used, but who knows), it’s better to break a cable tie than smash off a piece of body kit. Secondly it’s a nice and cheap paint job when you do prang it. So it’s all A++ in my books.


If that was a Formula Atlantic valve cover, I'm guessing it wouldn't have an oil filler cap - seeing as Atlantic engines were drysumped...


I do not see a brake booster. One of the captions says something about importing and it being on the left side. Where's the booster?


i interested to learn more about the 4carb replacing injection there...

is there a lot of gain.. and is it hard to tune?

anyone have information can share with me please?


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