During the Targa Newfoundland Rally, the ZR Auto tuned Ferrari Enzo had an ugly excursion off track. Driver Zahir Rana hit a bump and lost control, plunging the million dollar ride into the water. Ouch.

- Charles Kha

Source: Jalopnik



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That's a mistake anyone could've made. At least he's alright.


Its ok, its not an F40.


its an fxx not an enzo


ment to say it looks like an fxx


Its a ferrari fxx not a enzo


A Ferrari of any kind is a piss poor choice for the Targa Newfoundland IMO. Glad the driver is ok though.


I think it's an Enzo, as Ferrari owns all the FXX and they're not eligible for racing - I think...


It's an FXX not an Enzo. Derp!


it's an enzo with body work. ZR auto is from Calgary Alberta Canada, which is where I live. that tool drives his cars live a retard everywhere. no surprise here. I've seen him thrash that car sooo many times.

glad he's ok though.. could have been a lot worse.


Good for him for pushing the car and using it like it was supposed to be used.

Glad everyone is OK, and even more glad to see they had such good spirits about it.


Its ok, its not an F40.


Good attitude !


I feel sorry for him... I can't stop laughing though. I'm a native of Newfoundland (I live on the mainland now) and I've always enjoyed watching targa nfld. There is almost always a crash that puts a nice car out of the running. I think it was a datsun 240z in last years practice.


Fishing an Enzo out of the water is the closest Newfoundland has gotten to an economic boost since the fish ran out.

Hope everyone is ok.


Oh, don't worry, it's just a 'booboo' lol.


Great video... I really wanted to know how that happened and this makes sense... That old man knows how to have fun...


they modified an enzo to the point where its more of a street legal fxx, did not start out as an fxx


God,the footage of these guys ripping it through the residential areas is mad. I had no idea racing like that went on- it would sure be a treat to sit out on your front lawn and see these guys going past...but I guess not everyone would enjoy that heheh.


I did the same thing on my first track day but luckily it was only dirt. I think this guy took it better than me. Props to him for not crying!!


It's not an FXX, it's an FXX replica on Enzo by EDO Competition ...


Good that there was water. It's first time Ferrari crash without flames...


Edo Competition Enzo XX Evolution


Not the best chose for roadrace but defenetly awesome fast car on the track...

And never hit the brakes when the rear steps out of line, hit the throttle or hit the clutch but never the brake...


Haha Fail! Even monkeys fall from trees. Glad driver is ok.


FXX body kit. It doesn't even look like it crashed.


Glad to see everybody leaving nice comments, i was expecting to see lots of trolling. Bravo to you guys!


pretty sure its an FXX and not an enzo with the kit on. as it has the rear view camera mounted to the dash like the FXX has.

Ether way its expensive..


if its inoperable...i wonder if its for sale =B


Nice to see that it happened the right way. Its so hard to find a video of an F40 hooning or at a hill climb so I'm surprised to see this. Good to see that the driver is alive and has such a great outlook on this.


C'mon man! You don't drive a ferrari in gravel.


Common' speedhunters, how are you always getting cars wrong? And a fxx at that!


I LOL'd so hard when I read this the first time.

........the owner of that car is such a douchebag. I'm glad he's ok......but I hope he learned a lesson.


pretty sure it's a lambo dude


lol. he didnt correct it nicely then did he.


(0.5)Net Worth X Lack of Driving Skill^2 (divided by) Traction Control = This


menos mal... no ha quedado tan mal XD


Just fail. He doesn qualify to drive such a car. Clearly.


Its just a booboo. Just a booboo.


At first you hear Enzo crash you think hahaha. But the dude put some real persepective to it. At least no one was hurt and by the middle of the video your rooting for the guy. Sounds like an awesome guy, what an amazing race! Supercars flying through the suburbs!!!!! If that was in the US those houses would cost over a million dollars since you get to love on a course. Awesome vid.


Is there an Enzo that hasn't been wrecked yet?


The kids saying "It's an FXX not an Enzo." are perfect examples of fools that have no idea what they're talking about, yet, have no idea how to keep from saying something moronic like such. I knew it wasn't an FXX as soon as I saw its nose and normal side mirrors.. As others have said.. Yes, it is an Edo Competition Enzo XX Evolution. Not quite as good as the real FXX (although, street legal and ownable..) but quite something to see no matter.


so much for racing suspension giving better handling...


Doesnt look very safe to me...they were flying through a residential area. You could see the people standing in their front yards. Imagine what would have happened if there were a house in the place where he crashed instead of water...


If he had the money to spend on it, he has the money to fix it. If he dosnt then why buy the car, mod it then race it?


The enzo is one of the closest cars that handles like a F1 car. not a car everyone can handle it and mistakes are bound to happen in an instant. good thing hes fine though, such a shame that it happened though


awesome attitude by the driver.