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With Dino bringing you all the action from the Pro Class, Charles taking care of what goes on Behind The Scenes and Matt covering all the sideways action from the International Drift Challange, it’s left to me to conclude such a big event with the remaining classes: Open and Clubsprint.

While most of the attention was focused on the big guns in Pro Class, the competition in Open and Clubsprint was equally hard fought, and the quality of cars was simply astounding. From the moment we arrived at the track late Wednesday evening, we were completely blown away with what we saw. To be honest, at times it was hard to tell what cars were going to be racing in Pro or Open!

There was definitely something for everyone int erms of variety. From 4WD machines such as EVOs…

…to the FWD Tilton Interiors EG Civic, which was certainly a very impressive car!

…There were also European cars in the mix, such as this E36 which Dino couldn’t get enough of.

Check out its heart transplant!

There were some impressive vehicles in the line-up, like this serious R32 GT-R.

Putting aside the Mitsubishis, Subuarus, Nissans and Hondas for a moment, we couldn’t help but notice this particular car, an Audi TT RS.

Things didn’t run as smoothly as they should have for some drivers.

The car did catch on fire, but luckily the driver managed to exit the vehicle unharmed. It’s a shame to say we can’t say the same thing about the car.

It was great to see some local boys from Queensland who have been attending track days for years finally take their prized possessions down to the ‘Creek.

Simon Podlewski has transformed the ex-Drift Australia S13 into a matte black time attack weapon…

..Finishing in second place in Open with a stunning 1:35.779.

Nik Kalis is the owner/driver of this black Evo IX. Although it’s still street registered…

…He took home a swag of trophies, including first place in Open Class with a 1:34.826.

To conclude, a shot of the Clubsprint Class winner: Marek Tomaszewski with a time of 1:42.4910 in his R35 GT-R.


Photos by Casey Dhnaram, Dino Dalle Carbonare, Matt Malcolm and Charles Kha

Open and Clubsprint Class Results 2011

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Vurry Naaaice /borat


please show me some more of the ex drift australia s13!!!

nice writup as usual tho^^


These are what I was looking forward to!


Feature on the E36 please.


That's a bonafide milf


Nissan R32 beautiful red wallpaper please


I like that Civic for sure


Woman in the last pick looks like Mickey Rourke


great wrap up casey.. a clearer shot of simons 2jz powered s13.5 would be awsome :-) Porn of a car.. one of my faves for the wekend!! who can argue with 550rwkw?


any chance of getting more details or maybe a spotlight on the RB powered E36? :D


love the fact that hioctane hired strippers for the model's...lol.

where are all the auto-salon girls!!!

Some awesome rides on display at this event. The noise of the 26B rx7 was pure sex, i couldnt get enough of it!!!


More on that E36 please!!!


I like the RBE36!! strange people tuners... Putting the M50 in a Skyline & a RB in a 3er


Impressive collection of cars.

That Civic is badass.


The 180sx with the S15 front is not the former CTS car with the S14 front this is the drift car Simon built before he got the drive with CTS. Awesome event


Did any of you guys get any snaps of the red FD3S that ran in one of the lower classes with the big rear spoiler and the RE Amemiya diffuser. It seemed to only do the first session friday morning and then disapear.


Who is the girl on the left in the last pic? Nice.