Love it or hate it, here's another NASCAR entry for our Top 20 Overtakes list. At this year's Sprint Cup race at Auto Club Speedway, Kyle Busch was leading with just a couple laps to go, with five-time champ Jimmie Johnson right on his tail. With Busch and Johnson battling for the lead, Kevin Harvick moved in to challenge from third place, eventually putting his car right on Johnson's rear bumper during the final lap.

What happens next is pretty strange, coming off the back straight Harvick pushes Johnson into the corner, forcing him offline before passing on the outside to take the lead and the race victory. It was a thrilling end to what had been a pretty uneventful race, and one of the great racing moves of the year so far.

-Mike Garrett



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this highlights one of the good parts of nascar, the fact that you can push people around without causing accidents (though more usually with causing accidents).

generally very boring, but i could dig this


Why do they pretend those things are "camry"s or "impala"s. there is absolutley nothing camry about that stock car. Atleast formula d cars look like the ones you can buy (sorry but thats the only comparison i've got right now). Anyway, quite a vid. nice overtake choice.


how about ant davidson unlapping himself at Le Mans last year? The car went squirrelly at 200-odd mph, on a public road......


is all the top 20 over takes gunna be oval track racing.... how many has there been 5 or 6 and only one has been f1 rd coarse


Its insame how they slide in each corner....ive got only one thing to say...balls, lots and lots of balls...


shutup brian


such a booooring racetyp, i go sleep


Not only is bumping one of the things i love about nascar, i love how aero sensitive these cars are, its awesome to watch a skilled driver force someone into a spin into the wall just by taking the downforce off the inside rear... brilliant


I hate Harvick and all of his bullshit he pulls. Caniving little ass.


Haha I like watching Nascar in clips, but watching the whole race just puts me to sleep after 15 laps or so. I recognize it as racing, just not my cup of tea.

And Pat, it's all about advertising.


This one half-lap clip from a Lotus cup race at Bathurst has better overtaking than any Nascar clip in this 'best Nascar overtaking moves' BS.


You tell him Matt


That was just amazing... Nascar requires balls... Doing that high speed corners through the wall isnt' an easy job.

Keep the videos coming, ^^

Great overtake, he came from nowhere.


Now thats what you call motorsports driving! Putting pressure and using techniques to get an advantage

Quit all the bullshit regulations and put everything on the line for the win... this what makes it a mans sport


Face it, NASCAR is boring as hell.


way better than drifting


I literrally yelled wow! I'm not even much of a fan of NASCAR, but I know something impressive when I see it.