News>> Spy Photos Of The Gt3 Spec R35 Gt-r

A Speedhunters reader, who wishes to stay anonymous, has just sent in these spy photos of what appears to be the FIA GT3 spec R35 GT-R. These photos were taken at a private test that was conducted at the Aragon Circuit in Spain.

According to our reader, the GT3 specification GT-R – which is being jointly developed by NISMO and JRM – was testing alongside the GT1 cars and appeared to be very close in speed. Our reader confirmed that the the GT3 version had a markedly different engine note to the GT1 vehicles, suggesting it is likely powered by the VR38 rather than a V8.

More information (but unfortunately no photos) is available in NISMO's press release.

- Charles Kha



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Looks menacing but not the biggest fan of the rear wing! The one on the GT1 GT-R looks better imo!


looks sexy in the corners if you forget about the horrificly ugly wing :)


Looks nice but nothing beats a SuperGT R35.


Not a fan of the park bench rear wing. But other than that it's a stunning looking car!


yet another series the gtr can dominate?! :D


GT3 world wide run benchmark tests against the Porsche GT3. Every car homologated is driven by the ONE test driver. If the car is quicker or slower it's adjusted. All must run the engines that came with the cars, unlike GT1 where they run a naturally aspirated V8. They are generally tuned to about 500 - 600HP. For example the GT3 version of the Mclaren MP4 12C actually makes less HP than the standard road going car. All in all the concept is great. It means close racing and no one make dominates which normally leads to a series collapse...


so nice!!!


This wing seems like one of the largest wings on a Modern day GT3 car i have seen on a LONG time check that Span and Chord Length!!! WOW


test wings...


full of carbon part i see


OMG, this is just GREAT news!

thank you guys so much!


But when the new unified World GT spec comes out (which will probably be next year), will this be rather redundant?


Where did Miki Monster and the Nürburgring go? It was a good piece really reflecting the pre-event buzz that I enjoyed... warts and all.


whale sighting?


Doesn't look different from a souped up R35 you could expect from quite a few private tuner garages. On the outside, that is...


While the wing isnt the prettiest im just glad to hear that they might be running the VR38, always good to see development on the production engine but then again most of they stuff they use will be made of unobtainium, far beyond the reach of us backyard engineers.


looks mint! i wanna hear this thing!


Looks nice except for that rear wing but hey somethings gota hold that sucker down


@Vahu and Floodo1

Really? It's a race car, i think the last thing they cared about was how the wing looked...


Nissan needs to focus on a car that can run at Le Mans (i mean in terms of GT)

The SRO GT1 and GT3 are not where the majority of GT premier competition is.


GT3 is getting more and more interesting!


kstyle....follow the series, no car is dominating!

GT1 and GT3 are simply awesome to watch nowadays, and especially with live streaming for free, and archived races on demand. How can you NOT love it? I'm all for banning the prototypes from ALMS and just making it GT1/GT2/GT3 :):) on Long Beach track!! Or, bring FIA back to America...seeing these cars on the corkscrew at Laguna Seca, or the big turn of Road America would be absolutely amazing.


Think V6....


If its close in speed then im guessing its heading towards the World Endurance Championships new GT class


Months ago I sent you spy shots from Monza about the Peugeot 90X testing for Le Mans and you never replied to my mail... maybe a French LMP1 car was not interesting because it wasn't a "really fashion" Japanese car with people caring about a huge crappy wing on it...? Props to you for these spy shots, it's an interesting news, really, but I think that also a test for Le Mans should be an interesting news for a speed hunter. ;)


will be the ugliest bastard in gt3 for sure. Need to look at some mclaren MP4-12C GT3 lol.

Bretten Scott said:

whale sighting?

- something like that :D


wow! looks mean as hell..


check out the other spy shots a while back

They also confirm the new GT3 is running the VR38 and that its using a Hewland trans and be rear wheel drive.


Got wing? ;)


Damn Tuff!!


Remember the spy photos we ran of appeared to be a GT3-spec R35 GT-R? Well that car, the Nssan GT-R GT3