Event>> Vintage Racing On The Streets Of Portugal

Every two years, the city streets of Oporto in Portugal are shut down to create the Circuito da Boavista. Once used as an F1 circuit, this amazing harbour-front road course is now used by the WTCC as well as the Historic Grand Prix. Photographer Telmo Gil was on hand to bring you the report. 

The Historic Grand Prix featured some amazing vintage cars, old formula racers and even some vintage bikes. 

The people north of Portugal are known for being fanatical when it comes to motorsport, so seeing special cars like this Ford Capri RS 3.1l are major drawcards. What a a beautiful color and livery!

But the main weekend's action was the World Touring Car Championship, where the drivers had to thread the needle through this tight course lined with concrete walls.

Touring car legend Alain Menu was the winner of Race 1.

This year is looking like Chevrolet's season. Their Cruze 1.6 Turbo is supremely quick and they simply smoked the competition in Portugal. 

During the weekend, the Ford Transit Trophy race was also one of the support races. It’s always quite the spectacle to watch; considering their size and weight they are surprisingly fast and agile.

But let's focus on the classic vintage cars. We have some passionate Escort owners here in Portugal, and there's no way they'd miss racing on a street circuit!

Looks at this mint interior, a wonderful work of art.

You might remember this Toyota Starlet from our Speedhunters coverage of the FIA GT weekend at Algarve. Oporto is its home town, so it was great to see it in the field…

…Along with his black and white brother too.

Love the minimalist dash!

However it certainly looks the best on the track where it belongs. 

Just take a look at how happy Alves – the driver of the other Toyota – is as he laps the circuit, soaking up the atmosphere.

This Alfasud Sprint is really a breathtaking and good looking Italian car.

11 Datsuns were present, some of them with plenty of power under the hood.

Another rare car out racing was this beautiful Ford GT40 with the Gulf livery, being hunted down by a wide-body Escort.

I'll finish this report with some awesome moments of the WTCC in Oporto. Spanish driver Oriola was going all out, literally flying through the chicane with all four wheels in the air. 

And lastly, Portuguese driver Tiago Monteiro, finished third in race 2. It was a special moment for him as this was the town he was born in.

Thanks for reading!

Words and photos by Telmo Gil



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What a great weekend it was! The track this year was very good with the new changes!


Could Speedhunters please stop misusing the word Vintage... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vintage_car

These cars would be classics http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classic_car

It just sounds retarded to call an Escort vintage.


Lol at at using a Wikipedia reference to prove a point. FAIL.


It's always good seeing this events around here, despite the controversy (a lot of people weren't happy for the circuit because it's necessary to close the streets). Seeing nice cars in Portugal is getting more and more difficult, because events like these doesn't happen very often, and on the streets all you see is diesel cars, and a big bunch of the modified street cars are just atrocious to look at!


This is one of the best weekends in Oporto, this circuit is absolutely amazing and people are everywhere to watch. We hope that next year we can do it again because the people of North Portugal can't wait so long for something similar.

BTW, P. Alves in the Starlet is a great portuguese comedian.


Another great photojournalism from Telmo, f***ing astonishing first Ford Escort Picture and all another great momments at the track!

All the best from the country of the Classics, Portugal!!!!

My best reggards for all,

David "speedhunter" Ej8


i dont know if i could act right around all those escorts and capris, works of art i must touch!


I waqs there back in 2009 =] the vent was just as awsome this year from what i can see =]


Great cars, hope to see a 2nd and 3rd parts to this great event,@RJC thank you for sharing the video from your in board camera,fantastic race,keep up the good work!!!...By the way this coverage deserves a five star rating,agree??.


Correction the city name is Porto, instead of Oporto

Great Post from my country, great cars and great photos. :)


love the two wheeling


That's right... everyone knows Escorts are veteran cars f'crissake!


I loved the story ... except for the blurry photo of the Cruze. It doesn't look "fast", it just looks bad


stunning photos guys, top job as always.

i WILL get as good at this as you...one day


Please! release desktop`s images with the dashboard`s!! amazing photos! nice work Mr. Telmo Gil!


Great pics,especially the first shot of the two-wheeling Mk1 Escort!


I screwed over two exams to be able to be present at these two weekends. It was definately worth it!


"Ford GT40 ... being hunted down by a wide-body Escort."

yeah, right.