Actor, Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey, got behind the wheel of the recently restored Mazda 787B prototype for a demonstration lap around the Circuit de la Sarthe. He might have not given the car the full beans, but the 26B sounds heavenly regardless.


Speedhunters 2011 24 hours of Le Mans coverage



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This guy is slower than replay in slow motion.

However, the car is amazing.


warning the first in car footage is REALLY LOUD


ohhh man, want! you can see him going to shift when he normally would in the rev range but then remembers what kinda engine it is planted behind him!


shame he didnt DRIVE the car...but that sound did put a smile on my face!!


I think its a damn shame that they let such a guy drive it. It doesnt do the 787B any justice at all. What i wanted to hear, was that 26B at full throttle hitting 9k RPM and spitting flames all over the place.

The car looked stunning, no doubt about that, but the driver didnt fit the picture at all


^^ acting career aside, the dude's an accomplished racer (inc mazdas). He fits the picture pretty well.


Awesome car,too bad the mazda people didn't give this guy the proper training,,,he is lacking confidence and second guessing himself,when time to shift this beast,,,,perhaps is just a publicity stunt,but Dempsey express himself that he is always wanted to drive this car,,,too bad he really didn't enjoy it,to at least half of its potential,,,


Wish they could've let him wring it out a little. Dempsey is an excellent race car driver.


Only car geeks really know about this car and they will not be happy with a video of an average actor driving it at half throttle,

The reason this car is/was loved was the engine note when it was pushed HARD. I really wish they had given it to a driver that would have taken it by the scruff of the neck and given it a proper thrashing.




What a totally wasted opportunity. He pussyfooted the hell outta that beast.


I;'d be scared to drive such a world-renowned race car too if I was him. I think I would be too stunned to be sitting in the driver's seat to actually drive the thing at all!

Dat rotary


5 pounds to the first person to name the bald japanese guy at the end of the video and his significance to the car


You are all talking like he doesnt know how to race a car, im sure he was under instruction to be carefull...

Patrick Dempsey not only acts on a shit tv series, he also co owns indycar team vision dempsey racing, he has competed in the daytona 24 hour, races on occasion one of 2 rx8s in the grand-am series. and in 2009 finished 9th in class at le-mans for TSAE ferrari f430. he also finished 3rd in the gt class at this years daytona 24hr.

he would race more but unfortunatly being on tv and in movies he has insurance clauses that whilst filming is scheduled he is not allowed to compete.


even if d00d was slow as molasses the sound is heavenly. this car is my fav in gt5 because the sound at 9k rpm is mind blowing :)


Any footage of J.Herbert's laps yet, he seemed to go alot faster than McDreamy, an I saw them watching the footage of the Go Pro in the Mazda booth :-)


loud it's nothing compared with this


Absolutely the best sounding car ever... Mazda should bring the rotary back to Sportscar racing. Awesome beast.


Any footage of J.Herbert, as he seemed to go alot faster than McDreamy, and I saw them watching the footage of the Go pro in the Mazda box :-)


So now...everyone hating...

Jump in a fully restored motorsport icon, with a killer reputation and tons of horses ready to annihilate you.

You're in?...good.

Now drive it in Le Mans, the most famous circuit in the world, with the most famous straight in the world.

Got it?...good.

Now think what it's like to push this situation to the limit.

Pretty scary uh?...



787B = Legendary


Possibly the greatest vehicle EVER!!!????


watch some of that then, from about 1:55 onwards, full throttle incar


maybe lindsey lohan would have driven it harder


The Le Mans 24 Hours is about so much more than the 56 cars on track. 24 hours applies to the racecars


The Le Mans 24 Hours is about so much more than the 56 cars on track. 24 hours applies to the racecars


[View:] A while back we saw actor, Patrick "McDreamy"