Guest Blog: Telmo Gil>> Portugal S2k Meet

Greetings from Portugal! My name's Telmo Gil, and you might remember me from my photographer's blog last month. On a recent Sunday, I headed out to a local S2K meet organised by a Portuguese group called the S2000 Team. In spite of the name, their meets often see a variety of other cars, including Maseratis and GT-Rs. This was their first meeting of 2011, and it took place in Coimbra, right in the middle of Portugal. 

As with most meets around the world, there were plenty of hoods popped so people could check out the latest goodies and improvements their friends had done. 

The atmosphere at these meets are great. There are plenty of laughs, and everyone is happy to share their tips and knowledge with one another. 

The Sunday also involved a nice drive through some scenic roads…

Most of the guys at the meet were serious about performance…

…Which was given away by the sheer number of cars with brake conversions and suspension upgrades.

Here's a clean AP1 with OEM lip, black hard top and matching rims.

During our drive, I grabbed this photo of a white S2K with Mugen hardtop. 

I really have a soft spot for Mugen hardtops!

Behind this NSX you can see how picturesque the landscape was. 

Anoother S2000, this one fitted with lightweight Buddyclub rims.

As you may have noticed, most of these cars were quite discrete in the looks department…

…But were packed with plenty of suspension modifications. Many of the S2Ks had additional body reinforcement, such as this ARC titanium strut brace. 

Every gram counts! 

The air intake is always important. This PasswordJDM had many of the other owners drooling. 

Bruno’s S2000 had an AP2 radio cover which was autographed by Chief Designer Shigeru Uehara, Tsukamoto (who worked on S2000 chassis'), and Nakano (who built the powertrains).

Beneath the hood was a Mugen carbon air intake, Fujitsubo exhaust, APR shroud, ARC strut brace…

…And radiator tank by S2CarbonWorks.

Bruno's S2000 is a really good example of keeping things clean. 

His brother Hugo, doesn’t have a S2K; instead he owns a black Honda NSX.

Inside there's an OMP wheel…

…Out back is a Science of Speed exhaust…

…Along with an NSX-R carbon rear wing. 

His NSX now has 310HP. Some of its other mods include Tein coilovers, SoS headers, Procar test pipe and Wedsport TC105N rims.

Breaking up the buzz of the S2000s was the amazing sound of a V8… 

…Which was coming from this pearl white Maserati Gransport.

Although there was a little bit of rain at the end, this was still a great way to spend a Sunday. Some nice cars, great people, and a picturesque backdrop.

- Telmo Gil

Photos by Telmo Gil and Hugo Tiago



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so nice to see quality cars that look like they can be driven hard rather than jus sit stumped at how to get over a speedbump haha. Its so good to see them focus on performance rather than what lip kit they want to put on! You should get more pics of the cars over there please!


Clean, functional and fast cars are the best!


Very nice!

Performance > looks

Makes me proud to be Portuguese

Nice shots as well! Congrats Telmo on the event coverage!


Looks like the guys in Portugal know how to put some nice cars together! Good stuff.


Great Post....greatings from Portugal


Nice report mate. Excellent photos!!!!


Boas fotos, que bom encontro :D

Great photos keep it up ;)


Very nice!!! I had been driving through Serra da Estrela on that weekend taking on a few corners when I was told about this meet and didn't get there in time :/ Great to see another of your publications Telmo! Hope you'll get some good pics of this weekend at the Curcuito de Boavista. It will DEFINATELY be worth it!


LOL, so em portugal é que se esconde a matricula!


Grandes fotos, mais disto a representar aqui no speedhunters!


only in portugal the license plate is hiden

Great pics, keep it coming,

representing portugal here in speedhunters



belas fotos, belo encontro. vou ver se começo a participar mais no forum, tambem gostava de entrar em eventos.

viva a portugal


Wasn't this suppose to be about an s2k meet? I see alot of my friend this and my friend that, feature the post about the meet not feature your friends.

Other than that theres some nice cars here.




Very nice!!! I had been driving through Serra da Estrela on that weekend taking on a few corners when I was told about this meet and didn't get there in time :/ Great to see another of your publications Telmo! Hope you'll get some good pics of this weekend at the Curcuito de Boavista. It will DEFINATELY be worth it!


What an amazing meet with great cars, wich in portugal is very hard to see.... very bad tastes here...

Nice to see that in portugal still have people that like "real" cars

Congratulations from Braga :D


Great post =] awsome cars!


i love Coimbra i wish i could get my evo to Portugal and enjoy the roads there thanks Telmo for the pix


Sweet! Keep up the coverage from the portuguese scene!


yeah.. i remember you, well it seems your still keeping the standard high with another quality write-up and excellent photo's, very informative. seems like the meet itself brought out some real quality and purposeful rides. liking the NSX a lot. can't fault the Maserati Gransport, it has such a subtle front-end, one of the nicer looking Maserati's. - keep on doing what your doing Telmo. Thanks


portugal has still a lot of pearls like those. nice work showing what our people have been doing ;b


Nunca pensei ver fotos de um evento tuga aqui, já tinha visto essas fotos porque um colega meu pertence ao fórum. Mas ver aqui foi um boa surpresa.


Great pica and commentary! Any way to get the black nsx/lanscape shot in desktop size?


Nice cars.


I highly doubt that NSX is making 310 whp with just headers, testpipe, and exhaust. If anything, I would think it would be somewhere around 240-250whp with those modifications + tuning.


Very nice meeting! I didn't know people in Portugal tuned cars in such a clean way, they look awesome; no show, just all performance mods, subtle details and everything is done with a big attention to detail!

Great photos!


Aaaa... the S2K... Wouldn't mind a V8 Masserati though....


Nice one!