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Like I mentioned in my first Wörthersee Tour story I arrived real early on the Monday before the event. I already knew that a friend had arrived on Saturday so when I got their I texted him saying I arrived. But because my hotel room wasn’t finished I told him to meet me at the Shell gas station. I got there first and immediately pulled my camera out and started shooting.

One of the first cars I saw was this white on pink Golf from Austria. I got to talk to the owner, Benjamin Gemperli,  and said I really liked his car and wanted to shoot it for Speedhunters. He told me he had an appointment on that day with a certain Ronald, also for a shoot, and that I could tag along.

I thought to myself what a coincidence because my mate’s name was also Ronald. Then he pulled out a business card and I recognized it as being my friend. It is a small world after all and it seems we both have the same taste in good cars.

At the red light this cyclist passed me and stopped right behind the Golf, I could almost hear him think and saying ‘those damn hipsters!’

We arrived at a soccer stadium that was the perfect venue to shoot this car. Maybe some of you would look at this car and won’t see what has been done besides the drop and wheels. But when you take a closer look and walk around the car a few times you begin to notice a lot of cool touches.

One major attraction are the wheels that I have never seen before on European shores. They are a set of Vossen CV1 painted in a custom pink color. Benjamin ordered the wheels first and actually built the car around it. To make them fit he widened the fenders 6cm in the front and 7cm in the back. He also enlarged the radius by 4cm in order to get the perfect fitment. He even had to shorten the drive shafts in the front to make the wheels fit. But there is no denying that the visual impact is immense.

He did all that work because the car isn’t on airbags; instead he had H&R build a custom system for his application. He’s also replaced all of the bushes in the VW. In this photo you’ll spot a little crack that developed after driving for so many miles. Pure dedication if you’d ask me.

The Vossen CV1 wheels are 20×10.5-inch, with +30 at the front and +15 in the rear. They are wrapped with Hankook S1 265/25/20 tires.

The front bumper came from a newer MKV GTI together with the carbon lip that came from a Edition 30 GTI. In the standard bumper you would see these lights integrated but BenJamin placed them behind the grill inserts. So he had to remake the inserts. It is something I haven’t seen before but it really looks nice.

The guys responsible for building such a great machine: G-Point Performance. The roof has been made in carbon although this is purely for aesthetic reasons because it has been laid on top of the original roof.

The GTI is powered by this 2 liter FSI turbo that has been chip tuned and exhales through a modified exhaust. The plastic cover has been painted black with some pink and white accents.

These supercool seats come from VW Motorsport and have a nice painted white back shell.

The car really stood out at the gas station – not like a sore thumb but more like a oasis of refreshment. There are still people that keep pushing the envelope and this car is a proud testament of that.

– Jeroen Willemsen



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i think you've said it all.. the fog lamps behind the mesh inserts, the seats and the wheels are stand out points of interest for me. i think the owner can be proud. - ‘those damn hipsters!' - Thanks


I really don't see how this car is deserving of a Spotlight. Go to any Dub meet, there will be hundreds like it. Absolutely nothing original or interesting about it at all. Been there, done that, got 1000 T-shirts.


saw this car over at many little details that have been taken into account!


Looks gay to me..


i like all the subtle details, not really liking the pink for the rims, but it stands out! i'd have it but change the colour of the rims! maybe its one for the 'Stance boys'.

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not my style, but incredibly well detailed.


Hideous in so many little details, hideous as a whole car


wicked lookin ride love your seats


so nice!


Would look great without the pink and stickers.


I like this vdub, the fitment and overall look is on point. But there really isn't anything super special going he shaved somethings, placed some things differently and color matched things? Is that almostbevery hardbparker out there.

Nonethless nice dub.


this is one of the most best ones ive seen so far you did a nice job with the rims im looking for some just like that..... thanks for the design idea


"oasis of refreshment"



haters gon hate

beautiful car with obviously a lot of time and effort dedicated to it




More info on the "shortened driveshafts" ? Seems a bit of a waste when he has then just put standard brakes back on.

Its a nice daily, not sure it desrves a spotlight though.


As per my seem to love the blue vein cigar mate.....soooo much hate and negativity


I really dig this style, but I don't think I could own such a car, 'cause I like to drive hard and for me the car has to be an excellent drivable machine! :)


OMG a crack in the fender!!! WTF? Arent you supposed to drive a car? I run all the way down on my TEIN coilovers, and I hit all kinds of stuff under the car. The car is supposed to have dents and dings. Only a fag will build a car for attention.


Fitment is absolutely out of control! So perfect


Fix the color.