Car Spotlight>> Good Luggage Eunos Roadster

I meant to bring you this spotlight much sooner but got bogged down with some other Speedhunters related work. I spotted the car at a recent drift practice day at Mondello Park and following a couple of requests, I got in touch with the owner, Brian Egan, to find out a little bit more about the car.

The car is a 1990 Eunos Roadster imported from Japan and currently rocks a valid road worthiness test and the appropriate road tax. Simply speaking, the car is fully road legal.

The car is currently running around 236BHP thanks to a T25 turbo on a custom manifold with a custom downpipe and a custom straight through exhaust. It’s also running some 550cc RX7 injectors with a Trust intercooler and some custom piping.

The roll cage has been made a permanent feature of the car by RoCo Performance and along with a Cobra Monaco S seat, Luke harness and some other regulatory safety modifications, the car is fully up to specification for compeition use.

The wheels are Bassett Racing Spun steel wheels in 15×8 ET-12 on the rear with 15×8 ET0 on the front. Brian is running 195/50 Toyo R888s up front and whatever he can get his hands on in 205/50 on the rear.

A Garage Fray front spillter with flared front and rear arches painted in primer grey along with a ducktail spoiler are the exterior highlights.

Back on the inside is a Just Jap hydraulic handbrake beside which is a standard 1.6 gearbox with an Exedy ceramic racing clutch.

It’s great to see a competition spec Eunos in Prodrift, a nice break away from the S bodies at the very least !

Paddy McGrath



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This is absolutley brilliant


Can't wait till i get my hands on one :D

But in Grip for myself ... Drifting is much more expensive (Well both are...)

I love the raw look that miata/eunos gets from very little mods !

Going from a girly car to an impressively manly one


duckbill, squat stance, tennis racquet grip on the steering wheel and e-brake, dope splitter, ghetto boosted... this thing rules.


this thing sucks

ghetto as fuck


Awesome wheels.


Incredible. I am inspired any time you see a vehicle like this. Very raw and completely functional(to an extent I guess, lol). It looks like this thing practically begs to be driven hard and I love to all the homemade engineering "solutions" too! Props to Good Luggage on this one fer sure.


love it overall look.. rough & rugged. very functional


Awesome to see Bassett wheels outside of short track racing!!!


love the rough look. and to see the lil roadster tear it up drifting


Dope drift bucket!


That is NOT a ducktail spoiler, it is just a lip spoiler. Awesome car, though. Love the wheels.


This car look all broken :s


why do a spotlight on a piece of garbage?


Agree with loosesocks. These guys should be embarassed car looks like shit. Have at least a little pride in your work. Waste of a feature


This car is all broken


miatas are not girly i have never seen a girl driving one on the street on the track one only there not girly there just small if it was bigger it would look like ooohhh yeah it the rx7 that whats its based off of so any body that hinks that miatas are girly and suck can kiss my ass because they will kill you on the track


Why is this thing featured? Poor build quality and over all just a bucket. They can't even cut the zipties holding the wires in the back?


I have seen drift missiles that have more pride in there work than this thing. Please don't post crap like this any more. Does he even throw down at all?


Great stuff Paddy, pics are epic as always. So much has been done to this car since it was first purchased. So much of a story to this car! Fair play


theyre allowed to use r888s in prodrift?


Its a Garage Vary front lip


Great pics as usual Paddy! This is my brothers car and still being built/finished. The car was just out for a tester in Mondello so the untidy wiring and rough appearance was down to this, not the finished product.


Didn't this car burst into flames at that track day??