Car Spotlight>> 350z On Bmws

I'm going to kick off our spotlights' from the 2011 Japfest show with this pretty good looking 350Z which was on the Fast Car Magazine stand. The car is owned by Ben Hammond and is used as his daily driver. By his own admission the car is pretty simple (so far) but I think this is what the attraction is. 

The exterior has been kept pretty much OEM except for a carbon fibre front lip and a debadged rear.

Inside is again, pretty much standard save for a *** gearknob.  

However, it's the wheels that set this 350Z apart. Running 5×120 PCD adapters on the original 5×114.3 has allowed Ben to run these OEM BMW wheels from an E65 7 Series. 

Ben needed two sets of these wheels to allow him to run a square setup of 19×10 on all four corners of his Z (The E65 wheels come in 19×9 and 19×10, front and rear respectively) 

The rims are wrapped in 235/35/19 Falken rubber and the car is lowered on Driftworks CS2 coilovers with Kinetix adjustable toe and camber arms.

Simple but effective I hope you'll agree.


Paddy McGrath

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like the front lip spolier.. it looks ok - something different!


I agree.But I think he can get similar set of 19" rims with the existing 114.3 x5 i guess.


I reckon it would have looked better if he had de badged the rims and replaced them with maybe a Nissan badge or a blank section or whatever.

And personally i'd make the rims a dark grey/black colour. Overall not too shabby :-)




Leaving BMW badges on the wheels...Fail


Desktop of first and last photo!!! So niceeeeeeeeee


It's just like you said a 350z nothing special, not even worth a spotlight IMO.


love that colour, he needs the newer chrome effect centre caps, not those old plastic ones.

[via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]


definitely agree. sick stance, sick wheels, sick car.


If you don't mind the BMW logo, those wheels are looking great !


Crap. Kitsch. + that those are the uglyest OEM BMW rims.


I think it looks perfect with does wheels!


235/25/19s are supposed to be on a 8-9.5" wide wheel. A 255/35/19 would be for a 10 inch wide wheel, but even then a wider tire would perform better and look better. Stretching is unsafe and large diameter wheels look ridiculous with narrow tires.


looks pretty boss on those wheels, would be cool to see them in white....


Awesome wheel combo, A++ WOULD READ AGAIN


i respect the individuality of it, but style and performance wise, i think its rubbish..

looks very funny, odd, and awkward in every single way i look at it..

i hope speedhunters could keep away from these type of automotive disasters..


Like the rims on the car, but keeping the BMW center caps is nasty.


"235/25/19s are supposed to be on a 8-9.5" wide wheel. A 255/35/19 would be for a 10 inch wide wheel, but even then a wider tire would perform better and look better. Stretching is unsafe and large diameter wheels look ridiculous with narrow tires."

ummmmmm are you lost or something?

i remember when those wheels looked good on my z32 a year ago... way to keep up speedhunters..... look me up next time you want a cool z to shoooooooot.


cars looks sick with those rims...i would have taken the BMW logo of the wheels though...!


thats a jdm seiko clear bubble short shift knob


Sick car!


Where can I download these and other images that appears on speedhunters but with a better resolution.


Waste of time. Try something from the Rays catalog. JDM all the way.


@baladi - if you think those are ugly, then you have no clue...

The Style 95's are one of the good looking ones...big, wide, and concaved.

I don't think it's so bad with the BMW caps on. At least he didn't do it backwards and put some Hyundai wheels on it, IMO


Seriously, what is going on in Europe with all the other-manufacturer-wheels' swaps ? It's f'ing ugly ! Bentley's on Golfs, BMW's on Zs, Merc's on Audis ... Stop the madness people ! There are a lot of aftermarket wheels out here that are a thousand times better.


This craze of using completely unrelated OEM wheels needs to die a swift, painless death, I hope it goes the way of Hellaflush.


"Like the rims on the car, but keeping the BMW center caps is nasty."



Lmfao @ JDM Only Boy and the stretchhater!

Car looks sick, nice match!


Lol, so many hater's. Its a daily, it always will be, it's not supposed to be anything special. The BMW centre caps were left in because they stand out, people always ask about the wheels and it gets people talking, exactly as proved here by most of you keyboard warriors. I knew they would be marmite and that's the beauty of them.

Where's the fun in doing the exact same as every other 350 and hitting it with dish? Been there and done that. Looked good but was exactly like everything else and took shot loads of maintaining.

Whoever it was that said stretch is stupid, grow a pair, if I wanted performance would I sit the car that low for the street? They do the job and that's good enough for me.

Anyway cheers for the comments, good or bad. Xxx


the 745 rims look beautiful on the car and many others stop hating.


I totally agree with Ben. The car is amazing and different from what others do. Lovin it.


the rims are a good start, all its missing is the rest of the BMW then it will be sickkkk


car looks stunning... that smooth round concave on the 7 series wheels fits the round shape of the 350 beautifully...

definitely unique which is difficult to achieve with a car as popular as the z33

although i gotta say a hamburger nissan or maybe z caps on the wheels might look pretty cool too

sweet setup imo...


haters gonna hate, this car looks great. Not the sort of wheel fitment you see every day, so props to that guy.


if you guys like this... you should definitely check this out too...


I think a black body color would have set off the wheels even better. It is a really nice choice of wheel.


This has got to be one of the most simplist cars that have ever been on speedhunters. Not that its a bad thing or anything.


simple? win. add a carbon lip? even more win. add stock euro wheels? epic fail :/

bbs might work, but any other euro-wheel on such lush jdm-machinery is pretty much a fail. hope he notices that some day and goes for decent wheels then


Stop hating respect his new idea of looks..

BMW wheels wouldn't look as 'BMW WHEELS' if the BMW center caps are removed..

there's the uniqueness..I like this car..nice and never seen one doing this before..