Car Spotlight>> Heart Transplanted 240z

Any of you who checked Ross’s BHP Show reports will surely have noticed this blue Datsun 240Z. To be honest I had kind of forgotten about the car until the Z cars took to the track at Caslte Combe last weekend. How both Ross and I discovered this was car strangely coincedental. Watching the car come towards me, nothing really struck me but as it moved away from me, the cogs all clicked into place once I heard that distinctive six cylinder sound.

Beneath the immaculate exterior of this vintage Datsun lies something a little bit out of the ordinary.

Not extraordinary enough to be incomprehendible or nonsensical but just enough to make you think ‘You know what, that was a pretty damn good idea.’

Because under the hood, lies one of Toyota’s finest hours – the 1JZ GTE.

I’m sot sure of the modifications made to the engine (the mad scientist and I didn’t have time to pull the block apart) but even in standard guise, it’s a more than potent combination.

I can hear the Rota haters bashing their keyboards in fury already. If the owner saved money which allowed him to get some seat time on track in his car, then power to him. I’d rather see a set of Rotas used in anger than a set of pristine Works on a show queen. The rims are wrapped in the much respected Michelin Pilot Sport Cups.

I love that with the hood closed, there are no giveaways to what lies beneath. It would be so easy to use a digital dash and a plethora of gauges along with harnesses and a rollcage.

Instead, the owner / creator has showed incredible restraint and built a proper wolf in sheeps clothing.

Paddy McGrath

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awesome machine :D


eff the Rota bashers they look great n they r cheap! Amazing Z and great powerplant what more could you want!


Cams 1jz rx7 is way cooler. More HP, better rims and tires, totally built to be abused, plus Cam is in his 20's.


yeah but you see loads of RX7's about, you dont see many 240z's as most 20 year olds cant afford them :-)


Speedhunters should have a JZ engine month


"Rota haters bashing their keyboards in fury"

hahaa...rotas actually costs alot in UK last I heard

old school Zs are so awesome


When your tires costs more than your rims... winning?


i always had a soft spot for these cars, there used be a Datsun dealership 2 mins away from my house, i was always in there as a young kid. - i think the owner has done a great job of keeping this 'Z' car alive and kicking.- look how small the handbrake lever is compared to todays 'pick-axe handles' in modern cars - this car looks the part, its very under-stated.. or OEM+ - a true Sreet Sleeper.



Who cares, top car anyway!


My god that is stunning. Forget E-Types, 240z's are so much cooler!


Brilliant Car, modified in good taste! An rb25de would've fit in that engine bay just as nicely but props for going down the path of the 1J. Would love to see some videos of this car in action.

Nice write up Paddy. Definitely a car I'd like to know more about. =)


Lots of love for this s30 in general, including the wheels. A less-expensive means to put wider tires on a car wins every day, in my book. As long as they don't crumble and fall apart (as people seem to think they do) I don't see any reason to complain. A very cool build.


Hooo. Interesting see a Toyota engine swapped into a Nissan. Usually goes the other way round for some reason.


love it!


Oh come on... no love for the L-engines :(

the JZ belonges to toyota, not into a datsun, why rouin such a JNC


what's wrong with Rotas ? oO


"I'd rather see a set of Rotas used in anger than a set of pristine Works on a show queen." FACT


Go visit and see just how many 1jz 240z's there are, the hardest part is routing wires and getting a custom driveshaft.


"I'd rather see a set of Rotas used in anger than a set of pristine Works on a show queen."

Huzzah! Agreed!


I like the fast and the furious quote, what is all the hate on the rotas. Those wheels go great with that car.


Love this car, nothing stuck out on the looks on that front shot, but the side and rest of the package works!!! I'm tired of Rota haters....end of story.


"usually goes the other way round"???

1 or 2 JZ > RB anything.

much stronger. can take more power with stock internals...and 1j's are not expensive...

choice is a no brainer. Is the make of the motor important anyway? unless you;re a purist...

Great looking car too!!!


Rotas?!?! Are you fucking serious!? Fuck fake rims!!!

Just kidding, I love Rotas. Nice car.


Same thing here. If you're going to buy Rotas and use them on the track, then that's all right because you save a lot of cash. If you're a trackho, then replacing your rims happens quite often. Once again, saves a lot of money instead of buying Volks etc. and replacing them after several months. The only thing I don't like about Rotas is the biting of designs which hinders the costly R&D of the originals.


Thanks for all the comments on my car. It was built by myself on a budget so you won't find any high value parts. It was built to be driven so that's what I'm doing. Mallory Pk this weekend then off to SPA for four days on Thursday.

PS. It is an easy conversion and a custom prop will only cost £120. The wiring isn't a problem (you're reading about LHD cars on a US forum) and there's only one other 1jzgte 240 in the UK. That was originally built in Australia and was parked just behind me.


This guy has the same ideas as me. Keep the car looking simple, nothing out of the ordinary but the performance.


wheel setup?


it would have been better if he kept in the family ie use a nissan motor?